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  1. yoo, im kinda confused about these products. both of these are liquitex slow dri blending medium and liquitex slow dri fluid retarder, arent these the same thing? anybody want to explain to me whats the difference of these 2?
  2. i was looking around for vallejo paints then i came across on vallejo 3 types of varnishes which was Gloss, Satin and Matte. anybody can tell me which individual what they do?
  3. hello people, i dont know, about anything when it comes to art stuff for miniatures. i lived in seattle, if that helps or not. 1. what kind of paint brushes do you guys use to paint your miniatures? (i dont mind of the cost of the paint brushes.) 2. after you painted the miniature, do you guys washed the whole of your miniature to get the shadow depth or some parts of it? 3. what kind of washed paints do you guys recommend for beginners? any tips/tricks will do.
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