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  1. My bones came in the mail yesterday and they look great! The only thing that is bent to the point where I would need to fix it is the torture table rack thing. I got doubles of most things to be on the safe side, but that was hardly necessary. Now I just have double the minis to try out different things! My box also seemed to have been opened at customs but there was no slip to tell me that had happened :S
  2. Finally got around to finishing this and painting it. not really polished, but i was getting tired of it. I have made a few more models since this, and i should get around to posting them. there is no WIP pictures for them though.
  3. Here's an update on the Mouther. I tried to make it more oozy and attempted to add one of the mouthy grabby things that it shoots out. not too happy with the teeth on that mouth, so I might rip it off. C&C is encouraged! (I know everyone is probably busy at the Con, but I just finished my last exam of my degree, so I'm happily working away over here )
  4. Thanks! I never would have guessed that's what they were, I can see it now though.
  5. I think the back looks great! I see no errors
  6. ReaperCon is just under 20 hours away as I write this, and I'm certainly jealous of all the folks that are on their way there! hope everyone has a blast!!! Here is another piece I've started. Very basic, and a bit oversized, but practice makes perfect! I put a bit of a belly on it, because the bases seem to be covered as far as big muscled men and skinny women go. It's sort of androgynous, I know
  7. I swear I just saw one of those heads blink. Very lifelike and unique!
  8. Exams Exams Exams Exams Exams

  9. where did you get those black ribbed pipes? I love what you've done with the pieces, and would love to see more!
  10. Yeah, I actually have the same reference picture on my desktop. more mouths and eyes, and eyes within mouths are planned. I've only been working on this for a few days, and am in the middle of exams, so time to work on it has been scarce!
  11. Pink and red, quite a fashion statement! Love the paint job, but the eye looks too frowny. could just be the sculpt though? the menacing look still works for this figure though!
  12. Hey all! I'm so happy to have found this great forum and community! I was introduced to the world of miniatures almost 10 years ago and used to love painting up hoards of monsters and soldiers, but eventually fell out of love with it. Recently I have been getting back in to tabletop gaming, and I decided to take a different approach to minis, sculpting my own instead of painting! So here is my first creation, a Gibbering Mouther! I figured this amorphous creature was a good place to start so I could get a feel for sculpting in this scale and material. It is still a work in progress, and I know that I need to add more mouths in order for it to live up to its name! I am sculpting with an epoxy from smooth-on, and am really loving it! The pictures aren't the greatest, I know. And theres a bunch of paint specks that got in the putty from the surface I was working on, but please, comment and critique! How would you paint it when it's done? what would you add/change? do you know any resources or sculptors I should check out? Thanks in advance! - Jonathan
  13. just a note on casting. I know you're probably in the USA, but Sculpture Supply Canada has some great and really affordable casting systems. They ship to the USA! but it might be better off looking for people who carry Smooth-on products and ship from within the US. (Side note: Smooth-on carries high quality two part epoxy putty for a amazing price! I got 3 pounds of it for under 50 dollars, and it's artist quality stuff!) Good luck with casting! **Edit: Just realized I sounded like a salesman in this post... sorry about that!
  14. I LOVE Elizabeth! I would pay anything for a set of these! Have you done any other biblical figures?
  15. Figures hiding in the building, peeking out of the window and doorway at Yephima seems like a wonderful idea! It gives more backstory to the piece. The town could be terrified of the giant, so Anwyn and Liriel step up to entertain the giantess and save the town! Making them heroes instead of mere street performers.
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