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  1. jeese I was just thinking about that if you look at the orc archers compared to the ivy-crown compared to the elves

    {ivy crown archers

    a) the ivy crown are adepts

    b)they have 1rav and 24 rng!

    c)dv of 8

    d)42 points

    {vale archers

    a)are grunts

    b)3 rav 30 rng!

    c)dv of 7

    d)44 points

    {bull orc archers

    a)are grunts

    b)2 rav 30 rng

    c)dv of 9!

    d)30 points!


    okay elfs realy good 44 points, ivy crown suck for 42, orcs very good considering they are 30 points and have the highest archer dv only 30 points!. and if you say that the ivy crown have ranger and that makes them good think about this they move up 6 inches orcs deploy ok the orc can cover the same amount of field now if there in woods sure they have some advantage but come on!

  2. well one of the best things of volley is it enables you to fire where you cannot see I sugjest you use a hero for your blazer. direct volley is good like you said for taking out more than you could normally.it all depends on your style of play if you would rather dodge and shoot over buildings or would you rather have the enemy have a larger opurtunity of killing you but be more affective?

  3. that is correct I am sure of it but of course what you can do is have a freelance group then have the crusader lightbringer sgt's with a couple of crappy elf grunts for each solo (you would also need to find some cpt. thats low in points like that might I suggest that you use a cleric or mage cpt )

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