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  1. you mean you will be doing allo those factions too well I will just have to preorder them
  2. I can see it now demons massive army stepping out of there dark caves to kill but wait before they have a chance to leave arrows flying in spell-casters killing what they cannot see (dramatic music starts playing)before long a massive battle starts you can hear the clash of swords the screams of fallen men and then they see a bright light and eagles, lions and giffons start raining in from all over killing at free will the aftermath is a field with dust storms blood red and blue neither side won both retreated Now wouldn't that be cool if at reaper-con or some thing like that they have a huge battle like that! heh anyone who works at reaper think about it thanks!
  3. thats why I will have 6 elf grunts (and probobaly some proxies) in my group shoot em down then when they finally get to you beat em up with other sweet grunts from;crusaders,reptus & nefsocar stuff best from each faction & all very good at melee!
  4. heh for the dragons will you guys at reraper be coming out any time soon with a smaller dragon 200-300 points I would like that!
  5. okay for now I am almost positive I will do a freelance because that soots my fighting style best "get the best thing possible no matter how many points" I had been leaning tward elves until the guy who demo-ed showed me the book and there dv sucks!!
  6. okay for looks my favorite guy by far is prince ----------- (I forget his name, leader of the elves) he looks so neat second in line for that would be Ratzic (forget how to spell his name ) for [email protected]@-kicking I would have to say ummmmmm? oh duh the lupin lord he has blouthrough +6!!! and his mav+4 not so good but who cares 4 damage tracks! dv is ok 11, mov is above average and since he is fearless and tough 3 this guy can kick major [email protected]@! 2nd in line the death seekers there great for taking out your enemy's first heavy line and damaging the second and well thats what they do. 3rd is going to sound wierd but Artemis the huntress heres the deal, okay I know she sucks for a sgt. but she is less points than alot of grunts! and if you keep her back there is no stopping you wich in turn letys you have more grunts to flood your enemy too bad she is unq. or I would have her be my only sgt !
  7. the orcs from dark heaven and the elves (orcs because the warlord ones look realy stuped{in my opinion}the newer elves because they look awesome oh and the goblin skeeters are santas little elves) P.S.I would like to say no harm is ment to the sculpters or people who like the new models (if anyone has a problem with this post P.M. me and I will edit it right away)
  8. Another place to check for availability is Michtoy: Michtoy
  9. this regards when you change a weapon a)when you change it does your charecter get the same stats? b)should I just not do that regarding Special Abilities c)for trencher if 1 of your guys has it the guy behind does the guy in front get the bonus?does the guy in front have to have it and the guy behind not?or do they both need to have it? d)yoeman=volley right? P.S.-I would like some ideas for a color scheme,there elfs (good ones), not green please,thanks.
  10. I think for a slip of paper (no harm ment to reaper) they are nice
  11. I think im actually going to make an elf army then later do a merc one. tom skip I am almost posative you buy them in sets on the online store.
  12. this is what I ment if my original message came off wrong
  13. I think you all know what I am talking about oh well its not Reapers fault I still can't wait.
  14. okay you all confuse me I am doing a merc force so a)what special abilities do I get for using the merc warlord? b)if I use other people besides mercs do I get there stats or the freelance ones(I use vail archers do I get there stats or generic ones) c)( this is overall) can I have a captain in charge of different types of grunts(lupin lord in charge of 3 vail archers, 3 reptus breakers...)
  15. I'm not sure if reaper still has this up but in the main page they have something you can download (it gives a short discription of every faction if you cant wait for the rulebook I cant either so no harm ment in my statement)
  16. realy nice the body is too shiny for my liking but what the heck do I know anyways it looks realy nice
  17. your work on the ax seemed to pay off thats awsome
  18. my gosh I love the way you did the swords!!!
  19. I was wondering if anyone would be mad if I used figures from darkheaven instead of only Warlord? I was also wondering if I was going to an official tournement would it be ok to use 1or2 figures from dark heaven? and last but not least will it be ok for now but once reaper comes out with more warlord stuff it wont? -thanks
  20. rhino-tamer


    for infintry (squishes) what types do you use -thanks
  21. I am doing a merc. group and I'm probobaly going to use an awsome elf hero anyhoo if I was doing another group it would be elves
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