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  1. than-you very much for the advice that helps alot if anyone else has some more dont hesitate to answer
  2. hellow I am getting into cav and and like I said would like some advice and I have looked through alot of the pages and didnt find anything. Okay I have a couple Ideas my first one was Im pretty sure I want the starter set. Now 1 one my questions is do I need more than that. Okay that leads to the second thing If I do need more I have a couple things I have selected 1)scorpian 07010* 2)a set of dragonflys 07094* 3)sovereign 07018* 4)mastodon 07039* 5)spider 07038 6)duelest 07054 7)wryven 07036 8)conqueror 07023 9)morters 07032 & 07033* and the Hedgehog07026 or Badger07058 wich is better these are the thing I might get all the ones with stars I have tried out and loved. the others I have questions about. Is the spider similar to the scorpian? how good are the duelests guns? does the wryven have good movement and guns? is the conqueror like the sovereign? my last question is should I just get jor1&2 before getting anything else P.S. thankyou very much If you dont have time Please come back.
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