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  1. Me too! Thank you all for being so supportive! I'll post pics of the completed dragon shortly. (after I take and upload said pics) Hooray for lazy science! LOL. I think there should be a section called "Stand back! I'm going to try SCIENCE!!" It could be where all the crazy experiments and the results thereof get posted! Seems like it could be quite useful.
  2. I've heard really bad things about using sprays of any sort on the Bones minis, so, luckily, I haven't done that!
  3. YES!! And it worked like a champ! GOOOO Pingo!!! (How awesome is it that that rhymes!? LOL)
  4. Yup! I have, indeed! It's frosted like a Pop Tart! If it were Nyan Dragon, that might be ok, but I have specific, non frosted plans for this one. (CRAP! No! I am not, under any circumstances, going to make a Nyan Dragon! Dammit! Noooooooooo! Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!) Ohhh bless you!!!
  5. Now my dragon's wings and a couple other spots are basically whitewashed! Is there ANYTHING I can do that isn't repainting it to get rid of the coating? Otherwise, I just completely ruined hours of work! Thanks much guys, and thanks even MORE if someone actually has a fix!!
  6. Yes.. I think that is the sort of foam I didn't get, but that looks AWESOME for concrete! I am going for more of cave walls/rock face.. In other words, natural rock formations, rather than concrete, stones, or bricks, but your walls definitely give me the general idea. I think that sort of foam actually will work for some of the rock, if I use a sharp knife to carve out planes and such, and use a combo of foam types. And NOW I want to try doing some bricks and stone too, which means more elaborate bases! LOL. Where the hell am I going to put all these guys!? Ahh well. It keeps me off the streets. (though not out of the craft store/internet craft stuff buying places) If white glue worked, then I'm pretty sure the modpodge will too. I guess I'll find out! The foam's pretty cheap, so if any get "eaten" by paints, I'll just try something else. I'll experiment on a small amount first. Thanks so much for your pics and info. You can hijack my threads any time if that's the way you do it! ;)
  7. Wow! That's a long time to be away from paints and stuff! Are you being deployed or something?
  8. No no.. Please do post the pic! I'd totally love to see it. I picked up some floral foam that's NOT the super fine textured, crumbly, water retaining sort at the $ store Monday, and also found an AWESOME tile for the base at the hardware store! I'll post a pic of that once I remember to bring it in from my van. What do you think of using Modpodge for the sealant on the foam? Think that should work. I just bought some finally, after hearing about it for various craft stuff forEVER, and it seems like it might work. Also, I got several 8 oz "sample size" containers of custom mixed latex paints from the hardware store for a little under $3 each! They may not be ideal for doing any painting on the minis themselves, but should be GREAT for terrain and scenery, especially at that price! Also, a friend just happened to be about to throw out a bunch of old spices a couple days ago, and so now I've got ALL kinds of sand, blacktop, turf, fallen leaves, foliage, etc! W00T!! Now I'm gonna have to make MORE elaborate bases! And buy more minis! Err.. No. I didn't just say that. And I also totally didn't just buy a sack o skulls and 8 more minis (even though I still have 9 unpainted ones). Nope.. Nothing to see here. Move along...
  9. That's my favourite one out of the lot! :D
  10. AAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! *wipes tear* aheh. Ha. Won't spend as much on minis, indeed. Heh. I'm already painting a whole bunch faster and only on my 2nd mini. I fear your fateful prediction was on the mark. I'm..umm.. kid of adding things to my cart on the Reaper store right now. I was actually looking through this thread to find the list of ones I want that I posted. Ahh well. At least it keeps me off the streets or something.
  11. I just happened on this thread searching for some ideas for a cave interior or stone ruins sort of base, and would like to thank everyone for some really great ideas!! I especially like the Gorilla Glue for building up rocks idea. I totally hadn't thought of that, and it's one of the things I always have on hand!
  12. Hey, right on!! You started a bit before I did. I painted my first on April 18th, and working on my second now. Your skeleton looks REALLY awesome! I love it! It's inspired me to try one sometime in the foreseeable future. (Greeeaaaat... Yet another that I need to buy! LOL) As for your pics, if you'll send me either the images or the direct link to them, I'll fix them for you and put them in a directory you can link to them from from or just download them. BTW.. That goes for anyone who's having photo editing problems or needs a place to host the pics without any BS. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  13. Thanks lots you guys!! As for the tip on the glowing eyes effect, I'll definitely keep that in mind for a future piece. For Mr. Bones, I wanted a kind of smouldering, cavernous look. I've got a bit of the glowing eyes effect going on with my dragon though. I just sort of went by instinct/hunch, and it worked just like I hoped it would. I LOVE it when that happens!!
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