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    Seattle, WA
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    Music, especially Metal, good coffee, premium cigars, reading (especially SF/Fantasy), web & graphic design, crafting, camping, medieval weaponry, fantasy weaponry, modern weaponry, firearms, blades (OK, FINE - weapons of all kinds), gaming (Card/board games & text based MUORPGs, mostly), Doctor Who, road trips, cooking, photography, the order of nature, a bunch of other stuff, combining 2 or more of the things on this list, etc...

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About Me

I appear to have contracted a new hobby. It was completely unplanned. I really thought I could just do it the one time without protection, but that turned out not to be the case...


I attended a "Paint & Take" panel at Norwescon 37, and painted ONE mini! Just one!


All symptoms indicate that the infection has fully taken hold.




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