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  1. I would prefer Truescale all around. A large, well-painted futuristic A-10 would bring HORDES to a gaming table. Then throw in giant robots........wow....couldn't make figs fast enough.
  2. I would like a true scale air fleet. 3 or 4 inch planes would not distract too much, we're all intelligent beings here.
  3. DSModels: Yes, most of the playerbase at the store........if not all..........were disappointed with the rules that came out. A couple of them voiced their displeasure at the game rules being based on a fantasy skirmish game. Most of them played two or three games, and they went back 'home', so to speak. We had a Black Lightning officer run a demo of the new rules, but it just did not stick. 40K resumed being the best-selling line in the store at that time.
  4. Anyway, thank you for the good idea of including House and Merc forces in the new fluff for the new game. We are very excited for it. I have several of the old players foaming at the mouth to get back in. When the new rules are launched, we'll support and carry the line. I don't care which one you want to use, the Iron Vipers merc force, or the Dire Wolves, a House Adon force. I will be playing the Dire Wolves. I hope you guys enjoyed these pics, I did not know what exactly to post so I did this. :)
  5. I also won our 2003 Warmaster Tourney. Since I won, I had the other 35 players at the Tourney that Saturday each roll a d10. After we re-rolled the ties, we had a winner, who got to pick whatever CAV he wanted off of the wall. Was fun. CAV used to outsell 40K in my store, until the rules change.
  6. Unfortunately, I sold most of my Iron Vipers when the rules switched over to the new second ed rules, and I lost 45 CAV players overnight. This is the force I'm going with for the new CAV:SO universe. The Dire Wolves. They are Reaper Slate with Reaper blue 'racing stripes.' Here is a Knight in Dire Wolves Warmaster colors. I have a custom wolf's head that I paid Fighting Piranha to design ( just a wolf head in profile, there's only a million of them but I have many sheets of decals with this one ). My Tourney force was all blue. Note the Heavy Gear yellow / black decals on the hull.
  7. Some Iron Vipers heavy armor assets. Love these tanks.
  8. Dragon Squadron. If memory serves, those are old High Elves decals.
  9. Wolf Squadron, the Iron Vipers. GW Space Wolves decals.
  10. the Scorpions are not HM but I occasionally used them anyway, just because I liked them.
  11. When I owned my first game store, we would have huge CAV tournaments. It was grand. We also had a big CAV campaign that lasted quite a while. Here are some pics of my army that I used for years, the Iron Vipers. They were a mercenary force that usually contracted with the Adonese government. The decal is from a battletech universe thing, I got almost all my decals ( and still do ) from Fighting Piranha Graphics. A few are GW decals. That snake design would have to be changed to avoid any problems, possibly. But anyway, here are a few pics. Main paint scheme was a simple two-tone gray, using Reaper paints. I later added a nice reddish-maroon to it, and that is the new official scheme. We'll see if this pic works. I usually used Hughes-Marietta CAVs, with only a few exceptions. I was quite Gladiator II heavy. Plus a lot of Warlords.
  12. Wow, most excellent. Can't wait ! Count me in big on the Kickstarter.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I've been wondering, I would like to purchase some more minis but I want to wait until I know there is a supported game.
  14. I can't find much out there about the reboot of CAV. I am a Heavy Gear player, but I've played CAV a ton, back in the day. Still have a large amount of painted minis. Can anyone enlighten me as to when we'll get new books, or where we are on this? Thanks. C.
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