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    I love crafts in general, like painting, knitting and drawing. I'm a big fan of cosplaying! Reading also takes up a lot of my time. Currently in university.

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  1. Those are some seriously awesome colours! O_o The contrasts make these some seriously stunning miniatures. *bows* Hmm, I'll have to try that glaze technique...
  2. Ooh red hair is just so hard to paint... but you totally nailed it, this looks awesome! Love the color scheme, it all fits perfectly.
  3. Wow! I especially like the skin and the base, the lava looks so real. I couldn't find any decent tutorials for lava, so I think I'll just use one of your pics as inspiration.
  4. Wow, the inking came out so nice... I'm very impressed! Congrats!
  5. Oh thanks! It really was a useful read, and you've saved me from wondering what could have gone wrong on my "frosted" mini... :P Then I think I'll go invest in a can of Dullcote and keep the anti-shine for the washes.
  6. Thank you so much everyone! I have to admit, I had read a lot of blogs and stuff before buying BONES figures, and I really had a hard time deciding whether or not this would be a good idea. But seeing how I've already done 3 minis in metal, I thought I could risk the plastic, now that I know how to work my craft paints. And I was actually impressed by the quality of the minis, considering the price they cost! It'll be perfectly fine for me, as I have no intention of becoming a real professional like some of you. I love the forums, you're all so great. I mean, you can't get jealous of anyone because you're all too nice and you share your secrets. Sooo awesome. :P And now the big reveal: my barbarian girl! She's model #02476, and it was love at first sight in my local game store. Had big projects for her, and I love the result! The varnish came out shinier than I wanted though, but I'm reaaaaally happy with the teeny tiny details I got on her! For the base, I used some metal glue and brown paint to simulate mud, glued some black sand on there and a bit of lichen-thingy for the dying bushes. Oh, and I used a drop of nail polish top coat to make the jewel on her belt really shiny! Just bought some Reaper Anti-Shine additive today (I'm so newb, I actually had no idea something like that existed lol) to correct the gloss in my matte varnish for next time. Or maybe I'll just re-coat that one later. ;)
  7. Oi everyone! My fiancé has given me the BESTEST (yes, bestest!) birthday gift EVER: over 30 miniatures which arrived just yesterday, along with a sample bottle of MSP paint (thank you Reaper packaging team)! :D I finally feel like I'm getting serious about this hobby. This, and I've watched easily over 5 hours of YouTube vids just about painting techniques... Let's be honest, I'm no professional, and I'm not using professional tools (except for my brushes). But this is fun! I'll be posting my work here, and if you have some tips especially for the scenery, I'll be glad to read it. I just bought a bit of stuff to glue to my bases so they don't look dull, and I'll take any advice I can! For the time being, here is a dire boar (#02527) I finished not too long ago. I did glue on some lichen-grass thingies on the base to try it. I'm pretty happy about the contrasts on this one, I finally managed to make a wash that looked good. Oh and sorry about the lighting, I don't have a lightbox or anything, so it's my cell phone and a light bulb doing the job. ;) I'll be posting pictures of my barbarian girl soon, just finished her two days ago! Feel free to give honest feedback! And for those of you interested, here's what I use for all my minis: - Rosemary & Co. brushes Series 33, sizes 2, 0 and 3/0 (along with old brushes for drybrushing) - Americana craft acrylic paints - Delta Creative gloss & matte varnish - Krylon grey primer - my brand new set of jewelers' magnifying LED eyeglasses (eBay $7!)
  8. Finishing a mini gives such a boost of energy! I'm super excited to show it to everyone! ^_^

  9. Hello everyone! After publishing a post about my first mini here, I listened to your precious advice and started gearing up for a new mini: the Mermaid (03554). It took me so long from the first mini to this one because I tried a few things on it... I first added a little starfish on the rock beside the crab, just because. And I felt her mermaid tail was a little boring, so I added little fins on it! Took me ages to manage to stick those tiny things on there, and it was my first time with green stuff. Yeah, lots of first times on this mini! Later I added some sand behind the rocks to give them more texture. And here is the finished product! More pictures of the primed and finished mini on this page, but WARNING!! She's a topless mermaid, you will see nudity! I played around with UV gel (yeah, for nails) and a nail polish top coat to add some real gloss to the water and fins, and I used matte on the rocks and a bit on the parts of her body that would have "dried" while she posed like that. I really tried to add depth and shine to this mini (compared to the other), so I used washes this time along with the dry-brushing method. Thanks to all of you who gave me tips! I used my brand new size 3/0, size 0 and size 2 Series 33 Pure Kolinsky Pointed paintbrushes for this one and I loooove them! :D Next mini: a simple dire boar, to take a rest from this adventure... Feel free to leave your comments/encouragements/tips, because it really helped me improve last time!
  10. Wow, thanks so much everyone for your encouragements and tips! I'm very happy I became a member of the Reaper forums. In perfect lighting I know I see some of my shading, but yeah in the pictures and most lighting I realize it isn't enough. I'll work on that! For those wondering, yes, I have painted other things before, mostly wooden figurines and stuff (usually between 5-10"), like nutcrackers and nesting dolls. I've become pretty used to working with my craft paint, and so I'm a bit reluctant to try other brands... Oh well, I may buy one here or there, at least to give them a chance. I read everywhere that Reaper products rock! As for my paintbrushes, the handle is so worn out on most of them that I can't read the brand or size anymore...! I know I have one natural and relatively small for detailing (I think it's a size 1), and the others are various sizes and synthetic for drybrushing and mixing my colors. I just bought the Mermaid mini, which has less of those little nooks and crannies, so I'll be able to practice the shading and highlighting more. Thanks for those who suggested using washes, the idea never occurred to me. O_o To Kharsin, thanks for the idea! I certainly will post WIP pics of my Mermaid when I start it. I'll be trying my hand at some mods too, we'll see how that turns out. Reaper Forums is now my favorite place to be! Thank you all! <3
  11. Hey everyone! This is my first try ever at painting a miniature, and also my very first post. I can't believe the talent some of you guys have, and I'll practice hard to hone my skills and share some more miniatures. This is turning out to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to paint again! Please give me your opinion, and if you have tips on how to improve, don't be shy. I used basic craft acrylics plus matte and gloss sealers, no airbrush (can't afford it, meh).
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