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  1. I'm a UK backer wave one and for delivery date of tomorrow I am a happy backer
  2. i hope this is a sign of all going out from kickstarter comments " Christopher Grimwade about 1 hour ago UK backer here (wave 1), and got my delivery email that it's due to be delivered tomorrow (wendesday 28th). :) " so lets hope this is true and we all start getting them soon :) and thanks for the reply Ladystorm
  3. I have also had no notification either and I think it would be via email and not phone number or at least it would be at first.
  4. can I ask if there is an update on the details of the European bound ship? just looking to maybe see if I can keep track of the vessel on vessel finder. just as a thing to do whilst we await them turning up at RHQ zombie for onward move. and I apologise now if this has already been asked or replied to kind regards A 2 time backer and fan of all things reaper
  5. Ty all for suggestions I shall have a look and see what suits my home best from those suggestions
  6. Good day all just looking for some advice I am looking at getting some display shelves or units/cabinet's and am looking for some tips on where to start and what others use to display their minis in their homes so I have a rough idea of what to look for. Atm I have thought of using a CD shelves unit for them but I am unsure any idea/pics of what you guys use or suggest will be greatly appreciated thanks
  7. I just managed to find a almost mint copy of HQ at local charity story for £10. No prices missing only few scuffs to the box, was well pleased. Also your minis look ace
  8. Gonna try and base him at weekend also
  9. Sorry phone being a bit of a pain hope it looks OK please c+c
  10. My 1st Mr bones finished
  11. ikea storage shelves they came in 3 sizes. 3x3 2x3 and 1x3 they are stable and Easy to assemble. and big enough to store khan jira the world beaker in one of them.
  12. ok so been off for a while with house move and surgery. but finial set back up and able to start painting again so here is a few of my collection thus far and some of my favourite new paints and also works in progress would love comments and ideas people have about these also :) my display shelves and each section on its own my favourites so far
  13. Sorry for sideways pic it off my phone
  14. Thank you, Don't know why i started with silver just sort of called out to me. will have a look at then next time im home and painting. just started a green one before i came back to base also which ive not posted on here yet only got the tail done so far. the silver was a mix of non alchol metalic silver and then mixed a drop of blue flame from last ks2 then i did a black wash over it
  15. It's always 12 o'clock some where so pretend your their I do
  16. Can't be that gor you as it goes by time on main website countdown timer
  17. I have a request for a mini that I would love to see just as I am running the Age Of Worms adventure path, would like a bones bad guy that could be a representation for Kyuss with all his green worms and spawns of kyuss
  18. But I do like the idea of glowing eyes myself ty for the idea I'll think it over
  19. This one is without flash but in better day light
  20. They are painted that colour but flash makes it show more
  21. My first real dragon almost finished but bits left to do. Please offer tips and critique. One with flash on And sorry fir sideways post I can't post off my pc atm
  22. Which royal navy? I'm in British royal navy and yes we get lied to lots. In the sense we get told dates for things then it gets changed about a hundred times lol
  23. Just wondering when or if their is already an official preveiw of some of the minis that will be included in this kickstarter? Would be great full if some one can point me in right place if there is already one. Thanks in advance
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