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  1. Gondren

    Advice for Choosing a Detail Airbrush

    The nice thing about the Sotar 20/20 is it has an adjustable dial to control paint flow. (You set your max flow, and it wont let you go past that point pulling back the trigger). Sotar 20/20 comes with either a .21 or a .3 nozzle, so make sure you get the size you want. (IMHO the .21 is too small for most miniature paints). Badger is running a crazy sale right now on their airbrushes btw. I am not for ceartain, but I think the Iwata Neo's are their budget line and sourced from China, rather than the normal factory. If you do get a non badger Airbrush, they make Quick disconnect adapters that fit pretty much any brand.
  2. Gondren

    Army Painter Strong Tone

    The paint cans are polyurethane. Think Min Wax. They do go a long way, and completely submersing a mini in them is a valid way to use them (even suggested on the can). Keep in mind you will need turpentine for cleaning, and it will play hell on any brush you use. One can suggests that is enough for 200+ miniatures. I have heard of people using MinWax, but the tone of the stains is a bit stronger, so some research on how much to dilute them would be needed. They dry super gloss, so you need to dull cote after. Being that its essentially floor varnish, there isn't going to be a more durable sealer you are going to find. IF you are happy with the results of dip shading, you could save yourself countless hours of work. As far as cost - when you add sealer and wash together its probably a similar price.
  3. Gondren

    Anyone use Stynlrez?

    I am a bit of a fanboy of the product, but can attest to its excellence. I have used it on metal, bones, resin and mdf, even some 3d printed plastic stuff. It has worked very well on all of them. The name is actually a sort of acronym. Stynylrez = styrofoam, nylon and resin. I have had the pleasure of talking to Ken (owner of Badger) at a few conventions. He said their goal was to have one primer work on any medium people use their brushes/paints on. One of its characteristics is its self leveling, so even if applied too thick, it doesn't obscure details. That also means it shrinks as it cures some ( not as much as gesso ) The bottle recommends at least a .5 mm nozzle. It is acrylic based, so it can and will dry in the cup if not covered. This can cause drytip and clogs. The plastisizers in it that give it such good tooth can work fast. Only saying this as a warning, as I had a couple bottles go to crap since I didnt keep the lid on as well as I should have. I had a buddy use it through a .4 undiluted, but it did cause him to so some maintenance sooner that usual. I would not recommend the white, because it has the normal issues with large pigment particles that all whites have. To your actual question, I spray it out of a patriot 105 with a .5 needle around 30 psi. I also spray it out of a syphon feed airbrush with a .7 needle for very large projects at 15 to 20 psi. If you are spraying the white, you will need to up the psi slightly. Your humidity level can affect this as well, since it affects how stuff atomizes. I apologize for over answering lol.
  4. I will melt or drill and glue a paperclip or stronger steel rod into the foot, or or other open joint that is not getting painted, and then stab the other end into cork sometimes. Also depending on the size, gator clips can work.
  5. Gondren

    Need help!

    Do you really get to choose how Cthulu gets painted? I always assumed when you pick up the brush to paint him he corrupts your soul and you enter a trance like state doing his bidding till he is finished :P
  6. Gondren

    77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    Here is how a spent my Tuesday evening this week. Nice quick and enjoyable figure to paint.
  7. Gondren

    03780: Spirit of Spring

    If you only knew how much I cheated on the flowers. All I did was base coat white, and then dabbed colored Ink on them individually! Thanks for all the editing tips too every one.
  8. Gondren

    03780: Spirit of Spring

    Here is my first 28mm figure in a while. I've been painting way to many blisters worth of Dropzone/Dropfleet stuff. Felt good to get back to a larger scale again. Sorry for them being rotated, no amount of editing seems to stand them up /shrugs Gondren
  9. Gondren

    Brown Liner Substitute

    I've had some luck with Badger Stynelrez. Seems to adhere very well through my airbrush. I haven't tried brushing it on though.
  10. Gondren

    2015 Reapercon Sophie

    Hehe. Wrong color for the color scheme I am going to use on my PHR. My buddies army is that red, so of course I have to make mine blue :)
  11. Gondren

    2015 Reapercon Sophie

    Haven't painted much of my Reaper stuff lately, been gung ho about getting my Dropzone Resisitance Army painted up, but Sophie has been temping me the whole time. Worked on her here and there a few nights. Painted to tabletop standard (cause I am too Impatient lol)
  12. Gondren

    Oh REALLY LITTLE town of Bethlehem...

    Yep, Galeforce 9 parched straw If I remember right is its official name. The base is a 7" x 9" oval plaque - Got it from Joannes for a couple bucks. It comes unstained, and may require sanding in some spots.
  13. Gondren

    Oh REALLY LITTLE town of Bethlehem...

    Here is mine. I've since added some stone piles and tiny patches of grass/weeds.
  14. Gondren

    2 Heroic Ladies

    I don't personally like big eye's, so I tend to just dot a color onto the white. While my Lumia phone has an amazing camera, it cant focus that well for miniatures and I think that blurs it out. I added some rear photos to the original post as requested :)
  15. Gondren

    2 Heroic Ladies

    I can't take too much credit. Its just Flesh tone washed with Army Painter soft tone ink