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  1. I received my package yesterday and did a quick check today...looks like I have everything.


    While I was going through them I couldn’t help but think that they seemed bigger.


    Sure enough when I got one of my usual scale figures I noticed everybody was at least a head taller.  Was there a scaling issue like with Kaladrax or are some of them just bigger?

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  2. How can I ignore the giant cat hair?


    The development of mechanical armoured battlesuits can be traced to the meme wars of 2525, also called the Zager feuds.  In ever increasing attempts to create online followers of cat pictures several bloggers resorted to using genetically modified cats until the 1:300 cat photos became a trend in “Birdnoise” social media.  In the end, humanity was forced to resort to mechanical bipedal fighting suits as the loss of cotton fields and sheep flocks prevented the UN yarn ball development to pacify the monstrous felines.

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  3. If you paint on colours do a very heavy drybrush if the colours over a concrete colour and it will achieve the effect if faded and peeling paint on concrete at that scale.


    Otherwise, newer paint tends to be bright and crisp and most modern buildings tend to be in two tones (main colour and highlight colour on accents).

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