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  1. If you are looking for cheaper and less labour intensive try foam core with bits and bobs. Raid old electrical appliances (find them at garage sales or by the curb) and get all sorts of gears and bobbins. From there you build box shapes, attach your gubbins and use thin card or paper to do details like corner trim and windows. The final effect is to brush on plaster for a rough concrete look. My blog shows a few examples of a template I tried for a quick template to allow my local gaming club to hammer out a city during a terrain day.
  2. More nonhuman civilians. Merchants. Arbalest (carried or on tripod) Cavalry (not knights but light horse) Barbarian Cavalry Exotic mount cavalry (giant cat, lizard, griffin, wolf) Monster cavalry (orc, goblin, hobgoblin, lizardmen riders on exotic mounts)
  3. If anything screams americana than those trolls, I haven't seen it yet.
  4. I will also mention her hair and armour are just blocked out right now. The armour will get weathering and the hair depth from washes and highlights.
  5. I have recently started slopping paint on Vanja and there are a few pieces of feedback I am hoping for plus any critiques along the way would be useful. I opted for the Frost Giant scheme to make her match the Frost Giants from Bones 3. Now, this was before I saw the scale comparison and realized she is a might bit too short for them. Oh well, maybe she can be Napoleonetta. Anyhow, this is the first non-fleshy type skin I have done so I am looking for feedback on her skin tones. I know the pic in profile shows the stark line on the side of her face. I didn't notice it was that bad until photographed. I am thinking I will go back and soften the edge a bit. I do like how it thins her face down quite a bit so I will keep some of that darkness. Also, for her cloak, I feel like it could use a bit more something. I am considering a couple of options for washes. Right now I am on the fence between a dark purple or a chestnut brown. My end state is to have the scales better defined and I know a wash will do this. So far I have put on a dark green wash. I am not sure if I feel like tackling a pattern on the scales or not at this time. Anyhow, other feedback appreciated too.
  6. Great job. This is what makes me not worry about my daughters finding out there are fairy minis and wanting a painted one.
  7. I would say it was long enough. In fact, I think the shorter Kickstarter increased the sense of urgency (a key marketing principle) and had more $ per day than others. True, fewer items were unlocked as the total was less but I see that as a positive: less overhead cost in production; shorter product list should equal faster fulfillment; and it already has created hype for both metal products and the next Kickstarter. I don't know how many comments I have seen for "I guess I will buy that in metal now" or "Hopefully it is on the next one" Always leave on a high note keep them wanting more.
  8. Very nice transition from skin to stone. I think you captured the emotion perfectly.
  9. Wow, looks like cinder had a few too many. I think pinninng through the ankle might help. I'd need to see the other leg too but the first joint might have bent a bit too. If that is the case either extensive leg surgery is needed (ie bent wire run through the joint to reinforce it) or finding a third point of contact. Maybe a tree in the right foreclaw might disrupt the effect the least. Flock the base o the tree to show dirt and roots and viola, giants aren't the only tree-throwers. I will ponder this some more and look at mine for other suggestions.
  10. Cue the base intro. Nice little flash mob you have there. I like how each zombie is unique but they don't stand out from each other.
  11. I think he meant the wings were pulling the whole dragon down. I have seen others on the forum mention using thick wire through the legs. Years ago I remember doing somethin similar with a pewter miniature. I used coat hangar wire...no problems. I haven't started work on my Cinder so I would like to see some pics so I know what to expect/plan for.
  12. I too started with enamels and there are techniques that cannot be achieed with acrylics. The metallics are vastly inferior in acrylics for example. Blending is so much easier, but depending on brand and mixture not all enamels will properly blend (ie yellow and red will make grey or purple instead of orange - the purple still gets to me). That said, I have switched to acrylics and am still learning. It took me about 6 months to a year to get to my old standard of painting as I relearned it. However, the price is much less, the ease of blending, and the survival of my brushes are all good points.
  13. Nice to see the whole army complete. I don't know why but it reminds me of the little frog-like thing from the European cellphone ring tone ads from the early 2000.
  14. I have been on a bit of a painting binge so I have a few things to show off. The last to be posted today is the Desert Thing. I really like this baby sarlac and wanted to put him together for use in various games. As my pictures show, I though even shooting out from a wall would be a nice change of pace. I used primarily washes and wet-blending for this guy to get the three unique colours without jarring transitions. Comments appreciated, more pics on my blog.
  15. I finally picked up this very characterful troll land quickly slapped some paint on him. I am pretty happy with the wet blending on the belly. I painted the warts yellow with a light green wash to make them dull down. Comments appreciated. More pics on my blog.
  16. I managed to finally get Elia Shadowfeet finished. Unfortunately my poor photography strikes again and some of the details are washed out. Comments appreciated. More pics on my blog for those interested.
  17. Yo Joe. I don't think it is too bad. The cloak is very nice.
  18. Very nicely done. The natural poses interrupted by broken bodies is very gruesome.
  19. Without a word of a lie this is the second best painted version of this sculpt I have seen. ;-) Seriously great work. You have done excellent highlighting on the feathers and I am seeing a progression with your work. Keep it up.
  20. People have tried assuaging my worries by pointing this out already. I'm just too stubborn to be comforted Thanks for the kind words, all. The other consideration is the Bride. If you aren't familiar - Uma Thurman from Kill Bill. Nothing quite so menacing as Black Mamba.
  21. Nicely done buckskin. If you want to raise this fig to the next level, try blending some highlights. Looks at a photo of a buckskin jacket to see how it looks in sunlight...cause this guy hasn't been inside since aught 3.
  22. Amazing work. What sells it the most for me are the strings of glue or resin for the slime. Amazing.
  23. I think the easiest way to get the shadows everyone is suggesting is a simple wash. Due to the varied colours it would need to be different washes. A flesh wash for hands/face and either a black wash or darker shades done for each piece of clothing.
  24. I think I remember hearing white is the colour of mourning in some cultures...maybe she is just ready for your funeral. Sharp looking mini.
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