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  1. I like the contrast between the cloak and robes. Nice choice of colours.
  2. I pulled out the camera to day so I have some pics on a different background. Once I took these I realized the paint rubbed off the tips of the scales on one side.
  3. Hirst Arts molds. I cast a ton of blocks and built quite the dungeon. Feel free to check out my blog for review of molds and in progress pics.
  4. The only criticism is the lack of an antropomorphic leader with some sort of trademark item. Great work as always.
  5. Thanks for the compliments. I think what sells the cute is the eyes. I was trying one effect but hey came out chibi. I can see if I can take some other pictures with a different background. My finished minis sit in a drawer. Downside to Bones: I know throwing them in a drawer won't damage them so that is where they live.
  6. Very nicely done. I like the wings, but the underbelly scales are what makes it pop: it looks so natural it is tough to notice.
  7. Very nicely done. Just a few hundred more for the full tribe.
  8. Small update with the head-dress blocked out. Hair still needs to be done (especially her bangs which I brushed over). I was thinking of using a very light grey wash to highlight the different texture of the head-dress to the cloth. Anyone have any experience in doing something similar? I want to avoid having to do stripping on this fig. The head-dress detailing and her jewelry will be gold.
  9. Two minis got painted today, this being the second. As I mentioned in the other post, there was an unintentional study of light and dark with these two minis. I wanted dark and somber, but this is very tough to photograph as a result. More pictures on my blog, but no more clear: such dreary colour schemes don't shine in pictures. Comments appreciated.
  10. I picked up the brush and in about an hour I had this guy finished. In a strange twist of fate, my painting today was a play on light and dark. Obviously aiming for table top with that kind of speed painting. This guy is the light, and I was aiming to copy the yellow-brown of a rattle snake. Comments appreciated.
  11. Very well done. I am wondering how it would look with a light up base.
  12. I meant adorable in the fiercest sense of the word. :-p Little known fact: Ewoks are considered a weapon of mass destruction. Not governed by treaties either, unlike photoshopped kittens.
  13. I managed to find a bit of time to do some painting today to celebrate Canada Day. Miserable weather for most of the day, but a bit of paint got thrown around before we went to the park with the kids. Basing not finished, it will have the same style base as Jolie when I break out my greenstuff next. I am not sure what the scheme for a vrock is supposed to be, but I was inspired by GW in having a Technicolor demon. I included Jolie for scale since I didn't realize the size until I started painting this demon. More pics on my blog. Comments appreciated.
  14. Nicely done. Now you can throw them in the required groups: lots. That is metric lots, not the slightly smaller imperial lots.
  15. I'm nursing a hurt finger right now but still have the urge to paint so I managed to rush through the larger of the bugs shown. Mostly done with my middle finger filling in for my cut-up index finger. The smaller guys were just there for colour. I have close-ups of the spider abdomens so the patterns are visible. The dark brown one does have a Brown Recluse fiddle...but that was before I impulsively glued them to the plain black bases. Next problem is figuring out how to pop them off to sculpt on stones and paint them. Comments appreciated.
  16. That is a great "book" and an excellent showcase of the diversity of Bones. I would suggest submitting these painted with their unchanged versions to the inspiration gallery.
  17. Great background and very characterful critters. Look like a nice contrast to the Silmn, although no less dangerous.
  18. Thanks for the advice Inarah. I looked at a few pics and did a bit of brush work, paint mixing and blending to do the effect below. Hopefully it reads as more cat-like, even if the exact type is still vague.
  19. It may have even inspired me subconsciously as I watched that series not too long ago.
  20. I really like the leopard hide.
  21. I am not normally one for WIP threads but I have been taking my time on this one and actually taking pictures too so I figured I should get some feedback. Plus, it will be my second attempt at OSL so some feedback from the experts might help me get it right instead of turning the air blue. Anyways, the figure is alright, but as others have commented she is dangerously close to joining the Bones no nose club. Actually my biggest concern are her hands. The right hand is missing a finger do to an injection point and her left hand had quite a bit of flash/mold line that I couldn't manage to clean up. For that hand though, I decided to turn it into an effect. Rather than having webbed fingers, I decided I would try turning it into a spell effect with OSL from her hand. Here are a couple pics of progress thus far. The first is basic blocking out while the second shows the flesh and purple robe more or less done. A few details and sashes need to be picked out and then I will work on blending the robes more. The jewelry, hair and head-dress will be the final stages. Any comments criticism appreciated.
  22. Again, another picture. Table-top quality, just a quick bit of paint and pattern. Comments appreciated.
  23. Been quite a while since I have posted anything meaningful so I will spam the board with figures. First up we have a table-top level Bronzeheart Minotaur. A bit washed out from the lighting. Still not used to taking pictures during the day. Comments appreciated.
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