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  1. A bit late, but I would like to see packaged multiples like the last kickstarter.
  2. I've had only two problems with spray primer. Once I didn't wash the model first (grabbed an extra one by accident) and the primer flaked off in patches with the first coat of paint. The second time I used an almost empty can of paint that had started clumping. It would have clumped on anything, so it isn't a bones thing.
  3. Nicely painted. Those are resin castings of Hirst Arts blocks. Too bad to hear they were miscast.
  4. That is a cool model but unfortunate turn of supply and demand.
  5. Look up fake blood effects for movies. I think making some of their "blood" and sealing with caulk might work.
  6. I like the style. It seems familiar but my hazy brain can't figure out from where. Great work as always.
  7. Great work as always. I will kindly ask that you refrain from posting anymore as you are making it tough to stay out of 15mm. I really like the conversions.
  8. Well at least it's the good Baldwin. Nicely done, and if you want more background some of the radio plays are in the corners of the internet, good background for painting.
  9. I would say the rust is good for two reasons: 1. I have seen rust in those weird places, probably from improper under-coating or damage. 2. It "reads" as rusty and impressions and stylized effects sometimes go further than the realistic look.
  10. Looks nice, although a bit more horizontal than I would have painted him.
  11. Like an ogre. No, ogres are like onions. End of story.
  12. I would try one of two things (or both): Dry-brushing. Sometimes dry brushing can find details a wash doesn't. Paint in the imperfections. Use black/dark grey to add small pits and cracks. If you want to go all out if you are freehanding, you could try doing granite or marble too.
  13. Try adding white and or black details to the armour and you will be channelling the Monarch. The wings draw the eye a bit but I think it is a good thing.
  14. Very nicely done. I'm sure if you shelf it for a while and come back you will be more satisfied. I know that's how it is for me.
  15. I agree the terrain is amazing. Models are great but I am distracted by the buildings. Can we get pics of the buildings?
  16. Amazing work. This entire scene looks great, and everything seems part of one greater whole.
  17. Very nice work with the folds of cloth. I like this blue wizard.
  18. Keeping with the background you could do cobblestones. But, your colours do already set your figure as different from the sombre concept art for this guy. Maybe make him on a dirt road or highway as a theme. Maybe put a picnic basket for a well armed scarecrow companion. Of course that would need a little girl, lion, and knight.
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