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  1. The colour balance is a bit off on the picture but I may do some of he shadow works. I tried the reflection dots on the eyes and it just didn't look right. It made it seem like one giant eye instead of the series of multi-facets I read it as. Any suggestions on how to make it look like that?
  2. I managed to get my second Bones 2 figure done. The wet blending was an attempt at trying to get a good centipede colour. More pics on my blog. Comments appreciated.
  3. All I am thinking with that expression and book at arms length is he has seen a "klatu, verata...<cough, cough>." And is worried about it happening to him.
  4. Looking good. I like how you have built your walls. Hirst Arts are one of my favorite hobbies during a stressful period at work. I can just shut off my mind. Word of advice - you may want to start painting as you build so the painting side doesn't become overwhelming. I normally set aside a few pieces to base coat as glue dries. Then it is small piece-meal painting with giant tubs of mixed paint for my colours.
  5. Very well executed in so many ways. I especially like the natural looking blending on the shirt. A smooth red can be difficult.
  6. The images of him during kickstarter show his left hand raised with holy symbol and right arm lowered. Or, as stated above the Ah-ah-ah-ah staying aaaaallllliiiiiive pose. Your models, feel free to pose them how you want.
  7. Add a bit of highlighting to the rocks and I am sure it will look less flat. Very subtle and light dry-brushing with a grey only a shade lighter should do the trick.
  8. I had a bit of time with brushes and got some colour on the Mind Eater as my first mini. Done more as a test on painting without priming on the Bones, this guy isn't much more than a speed paint. Comments criticism appreciated.
  9. From my experiences with sea-cans, if the latches were on top they would everybody proof.
  10. I got my Bones yesterday, great work Reaper. I am surprised by the variety of plastic types. Some are very rigid and others pretty flimsy. Iverall I am very happy. cinder is just amazing. The best part of reviewing the minis was having my oldest daughter (5) pointing at every second fig and asking "can I have that one" or "can I paint that one" or "can I use that one with my army". I should clarify she doesn't play a game yet but she knows I play games with armies and I told her I would teach her one.
  11. Much better. Nice blendin on the skin and I really like how you did the gemstones on the axe.
  12. The background lighting and reflection makes it difficult to see the figure. Could you try taking pictures with a backdrop? Even a sheet of plain white paper or single colour piece of fabric can do the trick.
  13. Very colourful. That is a 1:1 scale model of a dragon fairy from the days of AD&D.
  14. A razor sharp knife is a must even with the heat tools. Make cuts gradually but several, shallow passes are better than deep ones as the foam won't bind and tear. Sandpaper to finish. After using both heat knives/wire cutters and blades I prefer blades except when making large long crude cuts.
  15. Nice version. I like the spectral look.
  16. I had a similar experience, only worsened by the fact that they had USPS shipping software that gave me the tracking number before the order was even pulled. 3 weeks after I called them direct to find out what was going on. They fed me some line about warehouse problems but it was the last time I took an error with a tracking number as a "oh well, I'm sure it will show up."
  17. That bare patch of sand under the right forelimb could use some seaweed or something green or darker than the sand, it keeps drawing my focus from the wings. Great model as always.
  18. Try finding a picture of a polar bear, arctic fox and arctic hare for inspiration. They seem a uniform white...but they aren't. Between guard hairs, subtle colour shifts and dirt they have 3-4 shades of differing intensity. For example, most hares are brown mixed with the white, foxes grey and brown with the white and all of them get a yellow cast from dirt (and maybe other stuff too) on their bellies and legs.
  19. I'm both excited about and dreading this thread. I have cinder enroute to me...so I will have a very high standard to compare mine too.
  20. In DB* games, the default is bases in metric widths and depths and movement in inches* (with "metric inches" -- 25mm, 50mm, etc. -- as an alternate). There are some evolutions that can be done with inches but not with metric inches. Not directly on point for base sizes (especially for round bases), but sometimes precise measurements actually do matter. * For reasons known only to the authors. Now I am curious...what exactly is a metric inch? Is it anything like a kilo-pound or gallolitre? ;-)
  21. Just amazing blending. I love the transition seams, they do capture the feel of a tropical fish very well.
  22. I have some of the Gladiator minis sitting in my to do pile, these look great and might push my gladiators up in the painting queue.
  23. I had some spare time this weekend and managed to finish Jolie (thanks for the feedback on the WIP) and a few bad guys. The swarms are both Bones, something to bide my time while my Bones 2 ship. I have to apologize for the yellow of Jolie, I cannot seem to get a good photo of her, but this is the best so far, with the least amount of wash-out. More rambling on my blog for those interested. Comments appreciated.
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