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  1. I have a couple of better pics, I realized the lighting was terrible in what I first posted, the yellow wasn't quite as washed out. I have: Ink washed the hair. Added subtle shadows to the robe. Did a flesh wash and wet blending to get the raised portions of her face a bit lighter shades. Dirt to the bottom of the dress. Finished the belt and boots. Sculpted the base. I wanted a pattern to match the modular dungeon I am building and she had bricks for her integral base so I just expanded that. Eyes - I kept screwing it up and when I had a bit too much water on my brush for a black dot it gave a nice eye-liner effect with a mottled looking eye. I think it looks pretty cool for a wizard so I'll keep it. Thoughts or comments?
  2. I would say release the kraken is no longer an epic and inspiring threat. Instead, I would be terrified to hear "Unleash the Siri, bringer of the Kraken, Coraldrax, and many other unspeakable horrors."
  3. On the Warlord vein, what about a good cole selection of always useful figs for both RPG and warlord. This could include generic human/monsters for RPG that are also mercenary or choices available to all (most) armies. Paired with that would be the nice to have figs that could be objectives in warlord (or other games) and window dressing for RPG. Think livestock, peasants, wagon, and dungeon/town dressing like sign posts, tables, chairs, a well etc. I think bases would be a given too considering it would be intended to support a game relaunch. The add ons could be army starters. I suggest a generic core to expand the market beyond the game and also from my experience years ago at a FLGS where plaers would skip GW box sets if they didn't want the models. Just my two cents to keep the KS as wide as possible while still supporting the game.
  4. Very nice dryad, I love the autumn red you used for hair. Out of curiosity what keeps falling off?
  5. It has been a long while since I have posted any work here and I am hoping for some advice on finishing Jolie. I intend to do the following: Ink wash the hair. Add pupils to the creepy, creepy eyes. Highlight and fade the boots. Fade the belt to a pale blue. Add some dirt/dust the edge of her dress. Base the mini. Seeing the large scale pictures it looks like her robe laces need some touch-ups too. Any other suggestions that others can give me? I apologize for the poor quality pictures.
  6. I don't get it...so I peel it before I eat it? Very cute little guy. If I did something similar I would be tempted to have at least some bloody wings tied on to him. Then again, I am more than a little crazy.
  7. Justin Bieber - Appology not accepted until you take him back and prevent him from leaving again. ;) Remember the Olympic gold medal game? Loser got Bieber and Celine Dion. We Canadians had a lot to lose and even worse, terrible things to take back if we lost :-)
  8. This. Great paint job, it really evokes the otherworldly nature.
  9. Well good to know. Definitely a not-wolfen.
  10. I might be posting something already put up, but there are pics of the Bones minis in the Previews section of the Reaper site: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Previews I had a quick browse and have see a couple that look great, a few pretty much what expected, and a few that have gone the Alien Cowboy route of a few (discontinued) figs from the last Kickstarter. I could be wrong, as the Bones don't photograph well unpainted.
  11. Althought he didn't name manufacturer this looks like a Rackham (now bankrupt) wolfen. As I don't recognize the sculpt I could be wrong though, just lookin at the face and clothing. They made amazing miniatures that you can find in the dark corners of some gamestores or online for ridiculous prices. Good paint job.
  12. Astounding work as always. I am very impressed by your creativity and diversity. I can't wait to see The Worlds in My (Your) Head in this scale.
  13. Very nicely done. I especially like the smooth transitions on the skin and NMM.
  14. Anyone else find it a bit scary that a search for "mounted female" includes skeletal cavalry?! Not really. I once had somebody tell me most of the skeleton miniatures she saw were female - wide pelvis I guess. Oh, and runway models in the fantasy era really achieved that impossible thin look.
  15. It's a matter of doing the same painting steps to all models at the same time. Normally I end up hating life afterwards, but this project wasn't so bad. To save yourself some headache, try doing just a unit at a time. The slight variation from unit to unit it less noticable. Also, aside from parade squares I have never seen identical soldiers. Fading, dirt, different kit issuance/manufacturing lines all lead to subtle variations. Then again, some variations have been less than subtle.
  16. Very well done. It reminds me of a lizard skeleton I found in an apartment I used to live in.
  17. I think they look great. I can't wait to see the whole team.
  18. Looks good so far. Will you do legs or stay with the ghostly hovering look?
  19. I have limited experience with resin but pestered some friends who have more experience relentlessly. Anyways, for flay smooth surfaces they always use superfine sandpaper or an emery board to lightly add texture for the paint to stick to. Use a mask in a ventilated area as the resin dust is highly toxic. FYI that process and advice (especially the safety) was why I didn't pursue doing resin.
  20. Very nicely executed.
  21. It would be bad form to attend with both husband and boyfriend. Akward.
  22. With the eye-shadow maybe David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust...
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