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  1. No offense, but that is the ugliest pinecone I have ever seen.
  2. I would try patterning the arms like they would be stretched back while swimming. I think of how fin patterns replicate the body (sometimes) and use that as the start point. It would nicely balance visually as the top colours are present on the bottom of the arms (as the mini is posed).
  3. I love the striations you did on the tentacles. Very well executed.
  4. Very nice way to play it out. I can't wait to see some more action, especially with the non-combatant characters.
  5. I like the looks of this (like most of your battle reports). Just curious what you did for artillery rules.
  6. Thog like his coffee like his men: disembowelled. Following this proclamation 37 different bistro owners committed suicide after attempting this impossible task. The successful product had little to do with graphic torturing of beans and instead clever use of hallucingenic drugs mixed into the coffee.
  7. I can't say for sure. I have read posts in the Bones section where people have mentioned reshaping painted figures with no damage, but I personally have not done it. I would slap paint on a spare figure and test just to be sure.
  8. Have you thought about heating the mounted version to straddle the lizard better? It should reshape like Bones...
  9. I think that looks great. Personally with an anchor, the knife now fits the "theme" in my mind. He is fully nautical and thus like every good pirate he has his trusty shiv for boarding actions. Granted, I think most ships would likely capsize when he boards so the knife ends up superfluous.
  10. It has been a while since I managed to find painting time but I got a few minis done this weekend. I really enjoyed the Pathfinder Goblins. The skin was a simple series of layering and a choice of muted drab colours. The torches are from wet blending on the models from dark red up to yellow. I have to say the Faceless Horror really caught my attention. This guy is just fantastic. In total, I spent about 2 hours on him. I am tempted to grab another one to try a few different ideas out. Plus, if one of these is horrifying in an RPG...well two is just plain evil. More pictures on my blog, comments and critiques appreciated.
  11. I agree with the others, that coffin is amazing. Although subtle, the veridgres is very well done. I think it doesn't scream out, but that tells me you did it well.
  12. Nicely done. The green looks very much like a healhy plant.
  13. I use water to stop my tools from sticking. A bit tedious at times since you only get a few movements before it's time to dip again. As for tools. I have tried a few but I use simple things: a pin (actually two - one for the pointy end, the other uses the flat end) and my scalpel. The scalpel is what I use to press flat surfaces. No WIP shots, but here are a few minis I churned out in about two weeks time. These are forest spirits my wife wanted for an army in Horde of the Things. Something about what she was saying made me think of Jim Henson...something I think I captured pretty well. I know the painting is rough and the flock is looking ragged (both on base and minis) as I cut a few corners in getting them done.
  14. How did you get a picture of my parents fighting? I echo the sentiments of most folks here, I wonder if it would work on a mini. Maybe a vehicle with large flat areas and the ability to rest it on it's side. I think the armies that live in your head could benefit from a 1980s panel van.
  15. Work in stages or layers. When I work on a hard or flat surface I add the flat pieces to an underlying structure. I personally build up the armature to muscle then clothes then armour. If it will be tight cloth or exposed skin those areas look really silu since they end up fully sculpted while the rest is still WIP.
  16. And his death justifies the fear of the sky falling on their heads. Nicely painted and I agree he looks very youthful.
  17. Yes you can see him pointing twice ;-) I didn't realize he was in it. But I agree with your commentary about the little known Second City Actor. Rick Moranis was excellent. And that William Murray fellow was a good supporting actor.
  18. R'lyeh, phtang Cthlulhu. I mean nice use of washes to do an excellent work on depth.
  19. Very nicely painted beast. I don't know what it is or how to describe it but I know lovecraft could spend pages not describing it but instilling the unnerving feeling it evokes. Well done.
  20. Very nicely done. I don't remember the jean jacket in Bard's Tale myself, but it was 30 years ago.
  21. The title and the black background just made me think of Rainbow in the Dark by Dio. Good work. I like they style and technique, very abstract but evocative. I'd be interested to see you keep developing this style.
  22. Instant buttresses for a castle. Attach to outside of foam core walls with the bottom of the "u" either at the base of the wall or submerged underground.
  23. I have quite a bit of experience in making terrain (although no where near the museum quality of others on this site) and recently started with hirst arts. Hirst is good flexibility and sturdy pieces. I can attest that the right materials can survive drops with only minor damage. I can't say the same for some foam core pieces I've built. It is a bit pricey for initial set-up (compared to foam for example) but subsequent supply purchases are very small. My blog is chaulk full of hirst arts images and commentary for more info.
  24. Between my obsession with stacking little plaster blocks, I managed to finish a new Bones miniature. I notice there are a couple mold lines I actually missed. I noticed some were right on the teeth so I made that the new gum line. I like the irregular look of the teeth. I likely will go back and rust wash the metallic and I may do some more blending on the red transition. And of course the base needs to be done. Whew, maybe it isn't done. Enough chatter:
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