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  1. Amazing work. It was enjoyable watching this come together.
  2. Very nice blending on the cloak. The highlighting on the tentacles is very good.
  3. I realy like the lizardman. In my minds eye that is how I always pictured them, like an old and fade iguana colour.
  4. As always...thank you malefactus for your comment(s) and feedback...I think that I have covered the basic essentials for the outpost...I have provided it with (a vehicle fueling piece, a drinking water tank, a coal bin for their stoves, a gun shop shanty and a house of joy)...as with most such places...they have to scavenge for their food (so there is no general food store)...What am I missing? Paul (Catdancer) Repair shop/junk repurposer. Tradesman of some sort (mechanic would give options for a cluttered side yard) Merchants...although I use this term loosely. In small towns in the middle east through to India "merchants" display all sorts of odds and sods outside their stores. Animal pen. Even if it isn't communal, it would be close to town (although hopefully on the down-wind side).
  5. Very nicely executed. But, and this is an important concern, you didn't make one for me. Amazing work.
  6. Ced, don't consider me much more than a noob either. The easiest way to get into is just the walls and floors. I only own 5 molds myself and am kicking myself for not buying more of the walls and floor molds to make twice as much. I just followed the tips online an made sure I painted after a couple of batches of modules were done.
  7. I like the lantern. Nice take on a shadowy angel.
  8. I have been a bit busy the past few weeks and sadly got side-tracked from getting a project in for Starship Superstar. I have been playing with plaster Lego aka Hirst Arts. The plus side is my Reaper Minis have a new home to play in. Well home isn't the right word...let's call it a domicile. More pictures on my blog for those interested.
  9. I might be dating myself here. Woodland scenics makes (hopefully still do) clear plastic pellets you melt and pour. It dries hard and can be easily smoothed with a heatgun. It works best for small areas like you are talking about. I had the misadventure of trying to make a swamp over a 2' table section and just made a mess as retained heat melted the board section (foam on MDF base). Important thing I forgot to mention - cheap. It was only $10 a package of about 1-2lbs.
  10. I would recommend using white glue (watered with a bit of water) or carpenter/wood glue. The key is to flock in layers. It not only looks better but helps it to stay put. Sand (1 or 2 layers) Flock (1 or 2 layers) Seal with hair spray or very watered down white glue.
  11. It is a bit of work, but Hirstarts makes molds for bits. So while their links will show you finished products, theit molds let you make walls etc. There are a few companies that sell both cast blocks and finished pieces. Dungeontone and Dragonstone come to mind.
  12. Wow, I love the blue wash on green. Amazing work so far.
  13. I really like the contrast between the black and blue. Very crisp definition.
  14. The axe head is very nicely done and shows a certain amount of character.
  15. Looking good. I can't help but notice the lamp being wired in the background. Looks like you are going fully detailed on the exterior. I'm impressed my first impressions were of a detailed interior and plain exterior.
  16. You did an excellent job in painting. The disproportionate features threw me for a loop at first. The flesh tones are amazing and the shadows and natural darker pigments very subtle but well executed. Did you wet blend for those transitions?
  17. Very nicely done. I really like the subdued natural colours you used.
  18. If you feel ambitious try doing some greenstuff tabards with icons hanging from the weapons and front. A few plastic spikes (cocktail sticks etc) with skulls (any good bits box has at least a few) on the top does a good deal to sell it. The last suggestion is to carve blades from sheet styrene/plasticard to add as bayonets to weapons and to extend the powerfist into something vicious.
  19. It's been a while since I have been able to update but I do have a couple of figs to show. First is Tara the Silent...painted as Wonder Woman I realized half way through. Next we have a Games Workshop Dunedain Ranger. Finally we have Hayden by Hassle Free Miniatures. Not 100% sure what Hayden needs to be finished. Besides delinting of her hair and pupils. Any suggestions? This model will be used by my wife quite often I am sure so I want it to really pop...just not out of her top. I do have that sculpt too Any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Looks fantastic. I like the models you have tied together and look forward to the army developing.
  21. I know the mini looks great but I only see Rackham. Damn you and your reminder of my hordes of unpainted French goodness.
  22. Beautiful hydra. I love the mottled scale work you did with very nice wear and tear painted in.
  23. Both are very well done. I would suggest coming back to them when you have more experience and try a few highlights on the gnome and a wash on the skeleton. Keep up the good work. Welcome to the addiction.
  24. Very nice. I have one sitting on my painting desk waiting for a shot at the brush too.
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