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  1. I think it might be more stable if you keep the connectors permanently attached. Have 2 per piece like a puzzle. Good idea, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  2. I love what you have done with those wings. Was that glazing and blending? The testing opacity comment has me wondering...
  3. Look good. You could also mail the minis. After a few games to test them out I can mail them on.
  4. That camp looks great. Very effective results with found materials. I am waiting on the aforementioned Kickstarter and my games are on hiatus due to work but I may blatantaly steal some of your work here.
  5. I like the new length. Much longer might be too long.
  6. A tip that worked for me to improve my hands is two fold: 1. Find artist sketching tips. they show hands from 360 degree and explain proportions and ratios. 2. Spend a few nights doing nothing but hands. Tedious, but I managed to get my hands 100x better in just a week. 3. (ok I lied about two fold) there is a technique I picked up somewhere (I forget where) that has you sculpt hands flat on a piece of plastic. Basic rectangle, add fingers, joints, positioning, thumbs...good practice and easy to pop off and attach: since they are only half the depth you attach it to a pin and add the back.
  7. Is there something you know that you aren’t telling us? Back under the bed with a flashlight and broom for me. Great work as always, I like how you created the mottled skin look.
  8. I second a few ideas presented already: 1. People in suits/contemporary clothing. I would argue for unarmed as Reaper already provides the sprues to arm them. This provides figures for many games ranging in genre and style. 2. Dwarven bear cavalry. Ursula was done but a few more would be great. 3. More cavalry overall. A suggestion that has come up numerous times is to try making riders/mounts separate. This opens up many more options including exotic mounts. 4. More beasts of burden (including wagons). To repeat above, removeable cargo adds to options. 5. More hobgoblins. Bones 3 was good, but more is always better.
  9. I can tell you why the Testors wasn't working well: that is a plastic cement. It is intended to melt plastic together. That it is holding at all is a miracle to the hobby gods. I normally suggest using carpenter's glue (think thicker white glue) or a Tacky glue for gluing wood together. I use super-glue when I am attaching wood to something else with a small area and epoxy to attach wood to something else with a larger area.
  10. The other option for the visor is to try adding the angle of light shinig through the slots...something beyond my skills but maybe you might pull it off.
  11. That looks great. I’ve never heard of a toothpaste squeezer...where would you get one and how did you get the corrugated effect with it?
  12. Another option, although anbit more tedious is to print out letters on card and cut them out with a scapel.
  13. Thanks that was very helpful. I am sure I will fill a fair amount of my hobby time trying to figure out how to get things working properly when I printer arrives.
  14. Do you print your cars solid or hollow? I have a 3D printer arriving in a few months and I know very little on how to use it...
  15. Very nicely done. But you made it a couple years too late. We were supposed to have flying cars in 2015. I am follwoing your vehicle sculpts with a lot of interest, keep up the good work.
  16. Very nice transitions drawing attention both down then up to see the details. I can’t wait to see this finished.
  17. That Cthlulu shrine is amazing. Reminds me of the oneback home in Rhley.
  18. Not the end of the world with the washes. A bit of flock/statuc grass to cover it will look natural and give a bit of colour/focus on the signs.
  19. what about a compromise? I think a broken mast would look good without storage or height inconvenience. As an added perk, a bit of sail and boom could be put on the deck as the remnants of the mast and rigging.
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