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  1. Metalchaos, your Cinder was part of the reason I chose this dragon in Bones 2.  I really like the subtle blending you did that has the colour gradually change through-out the dragon.  I won't pretend I can get such a polished result.


    I did find a bit of brush time this evening and I have started the first blending of the wings.  Or rather, gradual glazing to a blend to be honest.  I took this picture of the second wing as it shows the paint still wet in one part (to see the pigment I am using while wet) and the dry result.  Already it has a subtle transitional shift in light that I am happy with.  Only 28 or so more sessions to get to a pale purple.  :blink:



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  2. Something I haven't done on the forum before is actually do a WIP that shows me working through the stages on a model.  So, to hopefully get my advice and motivation, I will document my progress on Cinder.


    As I am normally focused mostly on table-top quality, and rushing through things, this will be a big change for me.


    Any advice or criticism appreciated.


    Today I have the first layers done.  I am going more for a black and purple dragon (think Disney's Sleeping Beauty).  The scales will be highlighted with dark purples to still read black but be unified, while the belly and wing membranes will be purple.  The first base coat of black/purple has been laid down but my poor photography and really subtle transition are lost in the photos.




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  3. For a first mini I think it is great.


    There are a few things to work on:


    1. Your self confidence. You have successfully done some difficult brush work including the eyes and a wash. Chin up, stand proud.


    2. Thin your paints. Most paints come a bit thick, craft paint especially. I paint with craft paints so they are fine, as long as you thin them a bit. The kilt shows a bit of thick paint in a few spots.


    3. Highlighting. Just a slightly lighter shade on edges does wonders. Easiest way with craft paints is to mix your own by adding a small amount of white (or yellow for brown/greens) to get a slightly lighter shade.


    Again, great work.

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  4. It has been a while since I have posted any of my work, and sadly that is because I haven't had much chance to do work.  Nothing fancy, mostly just quick tabletop.


    Recently I managed to get a few bugbears and rats done up for a DnD 4th campaign I am running.  The players have bitten off a bit more than they can chew, with a goblin army chasing them through the woods after they freed a dozen prisoners.


    Rogg is the charismatic (is that the right word for a bugbear?) warlord that the players will likely face if they stay to defend the village that will now have an angry horde of goblinoids coming their way.


    More rambling and pics on my blog.





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  5. I'm not sure if you have heard of the steel wool painting technique but it would give wood grain texture with minimal work. There are a couple ways to do it (one uses alcohol) but basically you scrub the model the strip paint in grain shapes. I have had some reasonable results dragging a file along in one direction and painting the scratched surface like wood grain.

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  6. I think over-estimating timelines is dangerous.


    The factory may have clients shopping around who will pay hefty premiums to finish production. Meanwhile, the factory can see the posted deadline is 6 months later than the deadline they received. Plenty of time to insert a project. Add in the Chinese cultural tendancy to be late and only give good news and Reaper would still be late...possibly the very scenario this time.

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  7. After a long absence of posting (still lurking for good measure), I managed to find some hobby time and got some paint thrown on a Rach Soldier.


    I have always loved the aesthetics of this figure and when I decided I was going to do a crew of roguish space adventurers, he seemed a good fit.  I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, so kind of let my fancy lead me.  The garish contrast seemed to evoke the old 3 colour scheme of Marvel comics so I kept it and just added in subtle blending and highlights.


    And to show he stands out in a garish fashion I have included Ms Marvel (converted from Incredible Woman) and Nomad (by Hassle Free Miniatures).


    More pictures on my blog for those interested.





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