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  1. I will recommend wood filler for the bad joins. Cut first, then apply. It even sands roughly like the foam. I used it on my bigger projects to blend in joins and cedar wood chip rocks. As price is a factor, it is also very cheap. Just make sure you get the non-shrinking kind...or it will dry smaller and pop out. As for gluing together I used hot glue and PVA for my hills. Works well with plenty of weight (much more than you put on - 50 lbs plus normally.
  2. Excellent 3rd mini. I would say keep practicing and it will come even more naturally for you.
  3. If you have ever seen Disney's Sword in the Stone, I think a small tower screams Wizard's Tower. Merlin's tower was very small outside, and even smaller inside due to the stacks of books, over-laden book-shelves and assorted doo-dads. Now, to keep this a playable piece you don't want to lose all the floor space, so I would recommend a bit of clutter and/or shelf on only one wall section per floor. You lose minimal space but it evokes a cluttered and full tower. As an example of some quick and dirty shelf dressing here are a few examples I did on my library module from my modular dungeon. The scrolls are rolled strips of paper, the books wood with paper folded over to create a cover. Splash on some paint and done.
  4. Very nicely done so far. I agree that it looks like sunlight filtered through water.
  5. Trick to help keep flock on the tiles: hairspray. Yes, hairspray. Obviously not aerosol (as it may dissolve the Styrofoam). I find a good "strong hold" or "bold" or other silly adjective meaning it keeps hair in place really good works the best. Wait until the glue is dry, gently tap off the excess then mist with hairspray until it is damp.
  6. I would add a rolled up tarp or half secured tarp...how else does the stuff stay dry in the rain?
  7. The candelabras turned out very well. The attention to detail there is your strength, as fiddly as some parts can be, try the techniques you used there on some of the people. Great start overall, looking forward to seeing you progress.
  8. What I used to use for my armatures was a ratio I found from an anatomy site (sorry no link, it was on an old computer). This meant I measured each "bone" according the the ratio. So my limbs were the right proportions...most of the time. There were a couple figs I got so wrapped up in doing the knee muscles for instance that half the calf was lost.
  9. I would suggest adding some thin green washes to the rocks in a few places. Very fine patches of algae form on river rocks except in the fastest rivers. It will give a bit of contrast and add realism when viewed both under the water and above.
  10. Interesting looking model. Curious to see how this progresses.
  11. Nice variety but not an encounter I would want to face.
  12. Cheaper and easier option is to go old school: balsa wood. Even Canadian Tire sells balsa in strips so it is a matter of measure and cut. Michaels does delivery too, and doesn't charge too much. As a former city slicker I too know the pains of rural living.
  13. I was considering picking this up, but your paint job nudged me into the gotta get it. Nicely done. I really like the contrast you did with the reds and yellows.
  14. Very nicely done. I really miss that manufacturer.
  15. I mix my own colours. I do a lighter brown base the blend shades of yellow with brown to build up. The transparency of yellow gives subtle details of the brown and transition shades. I normally do a final light yellow highlight to finish it.
  16. Looking good but I think there is a far more terrifying modern bird. Native to New York...yellow...very memorable song...and measures close to 9' tall...the genus and species escapes me right now.
  17. One other reminder: heatgun. Nice tool can help blend layers of resin together and smooth the surface.
  18. You want to use a sheet of plastic and make sure you have some epoxy and tape to attach it. If you go to the Hirst Arts site, they have a good tutorial on how to add water to some of their tiles (including a modular sewer system). Very simple step-by-step process. Works better than how I fumbled through it years ago. Big lesson I learned is to pour in stages, and very thin. If you pour too much it stays hot in the middle and eventually melts the foam. I had a complex swamp tile I did where I go lazy and poured the main water body all at once...and the ground started sagging and pink pits opened up near the shoreline. Pretty much unsalvageable at that point.
  19. I like Skeletor, I don't know why but my mind keeps filling in OSL on the spear. Very well captured the essence of a magic-wielding warrior.
  20. A bit more colourful than I would choose but it evokes a quote from the old Steve Jackson OGRE: (paraphrased): In the day of advanced sensors and optics, camouflage is about electronic signature and less about colour. So if a 1000 ton AI warmachine decides it wants to be pink, you just decide on the right shade.
  21. I agree the shape isn't quite right but I will see how it plays out. It is too big for the short guys but too short for the big guys. So Juggernaut and Wolverine are both out. I have considered a short Sabretooth. I know the face will require quite a bit of work. The chin/jawline needs more work than the brow as the shape of the head cuts down to neck too sharply. On the otherhand, I will use this as an attempt at a new face technique. I have 8 heads WIP right now and several donors if I feel lazy.
  22. I agree it is out of scale. As it identifies who he is more than the other details, I am fine with the exaggeration. At least now. I may ho back and redo it.
  23. If you wan some more pipes and freedom to go crazy, Ishtar is a distributor of Hirst Arts pieces. What piece was missing from the building?
  24. I notice it has been a while since I last posted on Thor, so there are a few updates since last time. Boots roughly shaped out, first stage of his left hand is done, and the first stage of his face. I am trying to do Chris Hemsworth, although the nose is way off I think the eyes are nearly there. Anyhow, comments appreciated. More rambling and pics on my blog, as usual...including the WIP for Mjolnir if you are interested in that.
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