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  1. Even if you don't like it, I find the filth beast very well done. I should also say that your refuse pile painting is just sh**y...but I mean that in a good way. It truly evokes what you intend it to.
  2. I am currently sculpting a model from one of their dollies. I am intending to sculpt the hands and head separately. I will amputate and reattach once sculpted. I personally am going that route as the featureless head is the right size for a head...but the recessed details (eyes) will be too far out if I don't. Likewise the hand balls are a bit out of scale.
  3. Fantastic freehand and a very quick paint, I have following your WIP. I really like the transition from blue to white you did.
  4. I was a little confused when I clicked on this, I was expecting hobgoblins with drums and guitars. Very nice progression over the years.
  5. Well I have a miniature that could pass for Professor X, which would not be a bad choice. Storm would be a fun miniature to paint, but would not fit the game because of the nature of her powers. I think Nightcrawler would be a good choice and fun to play. So I dont know really. Is there an Xman you would like to suggest? buckyball Anytime people mention X Men, Wolverine jumps out as the go to. He is also easy enough to convert: find a guy in modern clothing, sculpt on his hair, and hammer some brass rod flat for claws. Cyclops is an easy head swap and a good shooty type proxy. Rogue and Psylocke are two of my favorite ladies. Rogue would be easy to find a girl in a similar jacket, Psylocke would be tough outside of using a dolly as a start point. I'm not familiar with the game, so forgive me if my suggestions don't work in the game.
  6. I had a bit of time today so I added a pouch to the left side of the belt and blocked out the top of the boots. I will need to go back and blend them in better as I am not happy with how the blending was going so I just trimmed them back as thin as I could to build up to smooth down. More rambling on my blog, mostly about the problems with trying to sculpt when you don't have time to photograph and adjust.
  7. Ahem, on goes academic hat. Warpaint embodies symbolism for the warrior depicting themes and symbols part of his culture. Spiral motifs are common to depict life and death in some cultures while lines depict the same in others. The ritual painting on of the symbols bears as much signifigance as the symbols themselves. Some cultures go so far as to have death personified at the ritual to be driven out from the ceremony and to lead the charge (actually bringing death to the enemy). All that is to say, figure out the cultural signifigance and the rest will fall in place. Is the paint a mystical set of armour (or at least believed to be). Is it to depict the terrifying beasts within? Or is your warrior the personification of death? I like to think these things through before I paint and then it just flows.
  8. Call him Winter. Now there realy is a reason to be afraid that "Winter is coming"
  9. I really like the OSL from the gems and how you incorporated all 5 colours into her armour.
  10. A bit of sculpting time and I managed to add on the back yoke and the pouches on the right side of his belt. It is tough to get good pics between the small scale and glare from the greenstuff. I might just try over exposing the mini to light to see if that helps. I do put him under my desk lamp to speed up curing and the details are visible from more than arms-length away. Anybody have advice on taking better pics of greens? As I use the pics to find my errors and fix them the better the pics the better my sculpt will turn out. It seems like the one-handed push-up position seems to be the best one for pictures.
  11. This weekend I managed to call my Crosswire conversion complete. For those interested, the WIP is under this forum (but my computer doesn't like the link adding function on the forum). I am happy with how my NMM is coming along. I could have brought this to the next level with more time but as he will be used as a game piece, I am happy to call him done. More pics and rambling on my blog. As a teaser, here is Whiplash vs Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.
  12. If you want to tinker more, look up assault trucks from Korea and Vietnam. They jury rigged fighting compartments like you have.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have been looking at the various costumes in the movies as I sculpt as well as tactical gear and the various types of armour/padding out there.
  14. A bit more work to show. Not shown are the pictures I snapped, saw my mistakes and quickly corrected. I opted for abdomen armour like a baseball catcher pad and added in the ubiquitous suspenders. That (and the mask and shield) needed to be included to keep the theme of Captain America. Oh sure, you can call it web gear...but I think suspenders is funny. Yes I know there is a gap in the back. I will be sculpting the buckles (including the centre yoke) once the straps are cured. Next I think I will go onto his pants and filling the gouges on his legs. I can't decide if I want fabric pants or spandex pants. I am leaning toward spandex but then I can't do pockets on his legs. On the other hand if I don't do spandex for his legs, his arms will look a bit silly as spandex. Any suggestions?
  15. I did a bit of work on this guy last night. As the weird angle pic shows, I did the elbow pads and belt. I am intending to tie the elbow pads into his suit directly. There are some shirts out there that do include built in elbow pads so it is in the realm of reality. I also converted a spare shield I had lying around. Not attached yet just checking the size. More pics and rambling on my blog.
  16. No real time lag here, but I wanted to make the posts smaller for the pics. Here is after the first stage, his chest and back armour with shoulder pads. Once fully cured I will sculpt in the connection to the front/back and move onto the other stages of armour. These are a bit rough and I enjoy the big pictures to touch up my mistakes. Any comments/criticisms appreciated. The part I am dreading is the face...I have always had trouble with faces. I might decapitate another figure to save myself that trouble and sculpt the mask/helmet onto the new head. Then again, if I keep skipping faces I will never get better.
  17. To go with my superhero project, I decided I was going to sculpt my own Captain America. My blog has my rambling reasons, but basically I wanted an up-armoured more modern version. Yes there is a nice model by Knight Miniatures, but it is more in line with the classic comic version. Anyhow, to save some effort on sculpting muscles, I started from a non-heroic dolly. I have pics of how I reshaped mine and also Deano (a Hasslefree Miniature, 28mm figure) for scale. I have put these in since I had no comparison of the dollies to go by, I am sure somebody would enjoy this. From the bare metal stage, I do have to fix some gouges I made when my padding slipped and I still need to file down a lot of metal from the soles of the feet.
  18. Had a bit more time to paint Whiplash last night. I added in the wires although I notice my random selection of wires at the hand didn't quite match up with the ones running down his arm. Oh well, it is still visually interesting. What is left is the highlights on the metal parts and the pants, boots and hair.
  19. Had a chance to throw some paint around again today and have the skin and armour plates done. I intend to do the round discs as a bare metal effect. Torn on if I want the wires running down his arm in a bare metal too or doing colour coded insulated wires (red/white/blue/green/yellow).
  20. I found a bit of brush time, and put together a new Avenger. A couple more pics and rambling on my blog. And a bit of a pic with my Avengers thus far.
  21. He look gud, I garantee. Aside from my bad cajun, very bice. Have you considered doing up more if the X-Men?
  22. "Paint covers a multitude of sins" I forget the original writer but I have lived by it since I started sculpting and converting.
  23. Looks good. Only change I might suggest is adding the same wire on posts out from the machine gun area. Look up the. Sdkfz 222 for pics where the chickenwire was added by crews to protect against grenades.
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