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  1. Very bright. I haven't seen this fig before.
  2. Great improvement in one year. I can't wait to see your work this year.
  3. Instead of Velcro, I would suggest building a frame from foamcore (or thick cardboard) that you wrap in your printouts. For the internal floors and the roof you need to add minor buttresses in the walls for the floor to rest on at the corners and middle of wall. The roof will have the buttresses on the top of the roof itself so it stops it from sliding around when it hits the walls. Hopefully this makes sense, it is a simple design I have used before for multi-floor bunkers and would help keep your buildings sturdy enough to game with.
  4. I found a bit of brush time last night for Whiplash, and managed to block our his basic colours. I have chosen a brownish-purple for his armour to reflect the scheme in the comic version of the movie Whiplash. Any comments appreciated, but this is the crude slap paint on it stage so I doubt there is much to say.
  5. I really like the scales and pattern work you did.
  6. Today I did the final washes and the metal parts. I thought I did all the battle damage. And I sealed it. Of course after I took the pics below I see the I missed doing the battle damage on his knee. Anyhow, other than basing (and the damage to be finished) any comments or suggestions? I'm ready to call him done.
  7. My villain has just handed back his hair club for men card as I added a flowing mullet to him. Rambling on my blog as usual, and a couple of hair close-ups from other angles. I did a bit of tidying up after this pic, especially to the right side of his hair and the left power cables which I see got some greenstuff on it. Word of advice: take pics of sculpting and conversion and look at them before the greenstuff cures. Just started that recently (with Dr. Doom) and it saves A LOT of frustration later.
  8. I am doing a terrible update on the project. I took two pics at the early stages already shown, and then I sat down and all but finished him. I am going to add a few minor details like straps holding the wires on his left arm and some hair coming out of his helmet, but I think I am more or less done. Any great ideas or advice is appreciated, more pics and rambling on my blog.
  9. I decided to post an update even though I think I need to fix some mistakes. I brought the yellow up too light now, so I will need to do some washes and/or glazes to bring it down a few shades. To show off how bright it is, I have him beside my Black Widow proxy (Hasslefree Miniature Ekaterina). I will add the battle damage first, then decide how much I need to tone it down. Anyhow, comments and any relevant advice appreciated.
  10. Very nicely done on both. The freehand on the ice wizard is especially good.
  11. As part of my ongoing super hero project, I have been converting a few minis to represent some of the better known heroes and villains from the pages of comics and movies. I picked up Crosswire as a start for Whiplash, not realizing just how big he is. I ramble on it extensively on my blog, these couple of pics show how he scales with 28mm truescale figs as shown by Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures. In short, he is giant. I started by sculpting the Arc Reactor on his chest yesterday and today I added on the straps and power cables. As I see the bottom wires attached I need to go in and clean up the edge where I have a gap on the Arc Reactor base plate. Comments and advice appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback and likes. To show off my process a bit, the first pic shows before mid tone above the waist and after below the waist. Today I managed to do some more brush-work and have now brought the main panels into the mid tone. Still highlighting and battle damage yet to do. I also intend to have some chrome bits that will be shades of grey (boosters in feet and blaster rings in palm). I am wondering about battle damage. I intend to add a bit (not end of every movie scale, just a few scrapes and gouges). I also intend to use a gloss sealer to make him shine. When would be the best time to do the damage: before or after sealing? I don't have a lot of experience in using sealers so I am hoping for some advice. More pics and rambling on my blog.
  13. Don't forget the extra tools, spare parts, and the crew's personal kit that makes most tanks (even in the early wars) look like a gypsy caravan. Remember these are designed by ivory tower folks so putting spare parts in awkward spots is even more realistic.
  14. At this size the kimono looks great. I bet it looks fantastic IRL.
  15. I appreciate the step by step. I have never come across a painting technique for crystals before. Thanks.
  16. I grabbed a brush while I had a bit of spare time today and here is where Dr. Doom ended up. I did my base colour for the cloak with a couple of shades wetblending for highlights. I also added in a couple of shades of highlights to the armour. I tried leaving the shadowed areas darker (including his face). I think I did a pretty good job on the face as I kept turning it to get it in the light before realizing it was under direct light. Good enough to fool me, but I was rushed. I think the gold chain and brooches are done. I added in the brighter and darker shading to accentuate the chain effect. I should mention I am avoiding metallic for this entire project. Not necessarily going NMM, but giving the impression of it much like in comics. I am not sure where else I should try working on him, but he doesn't just feel finished yet. None of heroes (villains) will be based until I decide on the concept. Any other suggestions?
  17. Although a little different than the one I set-up in my backyard, it still looks functional. I mean, looks great. I like the scattered heads especially. The only point I have is the gnarly tree is a bit glossy. I would suggest either a powder or light drybrush to knock that sheen down.
  18. Today saw me finding a bit of time to paint. I hand primed Dr. Doom to look for mold lines. I saw only one, but it is too minor and difficult to take off with my billowy cape. I painted his eyes, which was the most fiddly and did the basic blocking out of colours. I tend to go darker than my final shade by about two shades. I also see the chain will need some creative brush work. I missed a few minor details where the links join so I will have to paint them in instead of just relying on a wash. Although tough to see, his cloak and tabard are actually a dark shade of green. Surrounded by grey it just blends into it.
  19. Managed to find a bit of brush time today. I have included my primed pic as I think the black shows off the details best. I have done out the basic block colours. For his eyes, and pulse areas (and power) I will do that before I add in final colours as I want a bit of bleed-over for a lazy OSL. I always start with a couple shades darker than I intend to finish with as my base coat. Gives me natural shadows and recessed shades without using washes. I also lied before, this morning I had to carve out the piece of his helmet that is red on the face.
  20. I own incredible woman but she is about 8-9 feet tall. I have considered the Fantastic Four but Dr Doom has fought all the heroes. I am considering either She hulk or Ms Marvel for incredible woman.
  21. The dumpser colour normally matches the company. Waste Disposal (actual company name) uses dark green but I have seen everything from black, dark blue, tan, and around here a new company uses neon green. The big name garbage bags are normally black but the old non-biodegradeable were a dark green (would read as black at that scale). There are other colours but they are normally seasonal or more expensive. If you look at my bags I make them using actual garbage bags so I would grab a black one and go to town.
  22. After the putty somewhat cured, I did the detailed work of slicing down some plastic rod and pressing it into the putty. I secured it by putting a dab of superglue on top. I did a bit of trimming and filing on the edges of the hood to taper it down some more. Once the glue has dried and the putty set completely I will fill in the holes in his brooches. I also did putty in his foot as it looked a bit miscast after all. Again, thanks to the pics I noticed my mistake on the foot and touched it up afterwards. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the final conversion. I will go back over the fig with a file and blade, but it is pretty much onto painting from here. I will also post my other conversions on here too, although some are less involved than others.
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