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    I was introduced to Reaper in 2013 and attended my first ReaperCon in 2014.

    Outside of miniature and board gaming, I love soccer, entrepreneurial business, scotch, running, and food adventures.

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  1. Hey there, I'm Dan, the guy behind Miniature Central. It's great to see the word spreading through the awesome Reaper family! If you have any questions I'm down to answer them. To answer Adrift, there is a cash element in trading you can use, but we're likely to expand to full selling before too long!
  2. I just realized that the TV show LOST is 10 years old. I feel old being able to remember adult thoughts from that long ago.
  3. Yarg...time to request a vacation change.
  4. But if you do that, this thread will be neigh impossible to catch up on. *sobs*
  5. Well, congratulations, Reaper forum members. You've successfully entered my dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was on a tour of the Amazon/Philippines (?). My guide was a small little goblin who kept a purple cat as a pet. I kid you not, our boat was attacked by people with watermelon heads. I don't remember the details of exactly what happened, but I do remember that in the end a fire sorcerer saved us. Can you name all 4 people who appeared in my dream? I think I need to take a day off from the forums...
  6. Deciding between painting up a hellknight unit or a big old golem. Hm...

  7. Hymn


    I just added the "?????" ribbon to my order.
  8. Liking the new avatar, Kay. It made me smile... I figured it could make others smile too! Probably not the arachnophobes though. I want to pet ALL the spiders! Though it's a great choice I have to be honest that if everyone changed their avatars I'd be totally lost.
  9. Hymn


    I meant, is there a way to incorporate artists into the earning of ribbons by attendees (e.g. a random person can get Airbursher from Aaron Lovejoy if they have a two second convo with him about airbrushing). I think you can see why it might be just another thing for them to manage. But I didn't consider the artists wanting them as well. Hm...ribbon idea number 7.
  10. My FLGS just started selling Bones but only on a single rack. I make a point to buy one every week and ask whoever is at the counter to expand their selection. I agree...seems really easy to push.
  11. Hymn


    Teehee. Can arnyone think of a way to get the artists involved in ribboning without being annoying to them?
  12. Yes! I might be brave enought to enter something into the contest because of these. Just as long as there weren't so many that everyone got an award (for purposes of them meaning something), this would be cool.
  13. I had a fun morning as well sleeping past my alarm, missing Mass, forgetting to shave, and getting coffee spilled on me. Mutual pity high five, Bonwirn!
  14. Hymn


    Sorry, didn't mean to derail the thread no worries, when it became 3+pages of off topic, I moved it. back on topic... so, um ribbons... The birth of the "DERAILED" ribbon, if it hadn't already been suggested. One note about ribbons from this year...I love the idea of secret ribbons, but it would be nice to know that they exist in some formal way. I think that publishing extremely unclear hints in the program would drum up even more interest. For example, the clue for the "Derailed" ribbon might look like this: Secret Ribbon 1 Clue - MST3K? Those guys are hilarious a... [MODDED].
  15. Hymn


    As a local person, I am able to take a quick trip over to the factory for any kind of training you may want to do on down times of the year. If you train people like me to be able to train others, you've just offloaded some solid work! Just my two cents.
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