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  1. Totally agree with this. I set aside time as well!
  2. Just finished basing my new Warlord unit. Onyx Phalanx FTW!

  3. Thank you, benevolent friend computer.
  4. *whoosh* <- the sound of all but the first two points going over my head. Time for coffee.
  5. No joke? That's really cool! I've had similar experiences with running into co-workers and neighbors who I never would have guessed were into the hobby. I feel like miniature hobbyists are some secret organization that finally snatched me up - we're everywhere now!
  6. Ooo, what's the purpose of this rule? And is your list (minus 1 and 2 - hehe) official?
  7. Hymn

    2014 Feedback

    Yes, yes, yes. Yes. I'm in on this.
  8. As a Dallasite, I can confirm. We aren't the best at civil engineering or city planning. Alternatively, you can hop in my car and not have ot worry about stressful driving!
  9. Hymn

    2014 Feedback

    Understood. I like this for sure. Good idea.
  10. My goal is to finish my first post-formal-instruction mini. Wet blending and other source lighting are the priority.
  11. Once you know how many unique ribbons and copies of each you'll need, send me a message so I can work on negotiating a deal with the printer. It could save us some monies! Of course, you don't need my permission to go ahead and order on your own, especially for any ribbon you want to keep secret.
  12. Forgot to add a line issued by ReaperBryan to [name withheld to protect the ... guilty]: "Yea, you got kicked out of our gaming group for naming him Manaconda."
  13. As a related aside, some have been discussing an early arrival so that they can acclimate and relax before the Con. It many also help with transportation timing issues, should you have them. I'm local in Dallas and have no problem hosting house guests, so if you have any need to factor this into your travel plans, don't hesitate to reach out to me.
  14. Hymn

    2014 Feedback

    Or what about some conversion to Boneyard ounces? Something like 250 bucks to the ounce.
  15. Gorgeous! Did you use any airbrush?
  16. Hymn

    2014 Feedback

    Well, don't take free lodging off the table. If it helps get you here I'd be more than willing to have a guest room set aside for you.
  17. I found a limited edition Sophie body and matching wings but couldn't find the hands bearing the present. Gah! Glad you could save something.
  18. I think I'll be going as Pike from the Original Star Trek. A little face makeup, blurred contacts, and a wheelchair with a black casing over it and I'd be in business. Lame? Alternatives are Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still), Gorn (Star Trek), Sleestak (Land of the Lost), RoboCop, and Boba Fett. Also lame?
  19. Awesome, I think I will. Do most people arrive at noon and stay all the way until 4?
  20. Rabble Rouser title, woohoo! Who came up with these?

  21. As a point of interest, should anybody be planning to show up early, if I do go next year I will be showing up a couple of days before the con and leaving a couple of days after. I'm not a big fan of travelling, and if it's all too crammed together and hectic it just ruins me. I like to get in, situate, decompress, chillax a while, so that by the time the con actually starts I feel like I live there (also gives me time to explore the ventilation system) The con is 4 days, my trip covers 8. Much nicer. So if people will be kicking around before and after the con dates, and I'm confirmed as going, I can totally tell people when I'll be in town beforehand. Please (and this goes for anyone else as well) do let me know if you would like to come a few days early. I'm local, should be moved into a house by then, and would be more than willing to host some early birds.
  22. Are you nuts? I would never ansALL GLORY TO HYPNOJACKMANN! ... What've you done to me? Agreed. The trouble seems to be with the Columbo-like "just one more thing" posts. Ladystorm has been very patient with me, and she's awesome and I hate making her unhappy, so I've been trying to remember to amend my posts rather than add new ones. Good to know. I was already nabbed for "trade" post (which really wasn't my intention though I could see how it might be taken that way), so I need as many points like this as possible to redeem myself. And some of us are surprisingly not. Hey, you changed your avatALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! Not you, too, Buglips!
  23. Are there one or two big culprits I should note, though?
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