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  1. Been a while since I have painted anything. Just got into Shadows of Brimstone, and I have my work cut out for me with assembling and painting these minis. Here are two Slasher minis I painted up from Swamps of Death Revised Edition.
  2. Finally got around to making a quick video on my cathedral build. It’s come a long way but still has a looooot of work left. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NbIF2qgibFM&t=9s
  3. Thanks! It’s hollow in the inside, but there isn’t an interior unfortunately. I wish I could a removable roof and an interior but that’s beyond me at this point ha
  4. It has been a long time since I have done terrain. After completing Gloomholde years ago, I had no space for it and ended up selling it. Decided about a year ago to start over, and start with a big cathedral. She is almost ready to paint and finish off! Just gotta put windows in first. Entirely carved from foam with cardstock roofing shingles.
  5. Hey all! I haven't painted a miniature in years, and so I am pretty rusty. Definitely could use some improvement compared to the talent here. I also haven't posted on these forums in years, not since my foam city build, so it's good to be back! I decided to paint these two recently. I did concept art for Dragon Bait Miniatures a while back, and these are two of my designs. I miss doing concept art for miniatures... I have to say it's a lot of fun to paint your own creations! Also, neither of them are based yet. I got rid of my flock supplies a while ago so once I buy more, I'll finish the bases.
  6. Just found a complete d&d rules set 1 box set!! Dice and all! Got it for $1 at salvation army today! Now I have both the basic rules set 1 and expert rules set 2. I got them both from the same thrift store oddly enough, both $1, but I doubt it was donated by the same person since I found the expert set months ago. I will add the pic to the first post as well
  7. Wow Beagle that's quite the story. I honestly would have probably kept them ha, I am a terrible person.
  8. Hmmm first negative thing I have heard about ico... maybe I'll put that one aside and play the other stuff first ha. I also forgot about my munchkin game, I added that to the first post.
  9. I scored these items at the local thrift stores recently! The D&D box set was not only complete with the two books it was supposed to come with, but someone had also shoved in 4 additional modules, I picked the whole thing up for $2 Earlier today i found a bunch of boxes of D&D Chainmail miniature sets! Each box is complete with all the metal minis, cards, maps, et-cetera, and also, someone put extra minis in these boxes too! I got each box for $1 I got Civilization Board Game 100% complete in box for $1 And all these awesome retro video games ranging from $1 to $5 each! All complete! So I only paid $5 for super smash, $1 for ffvii, et-cetera. I also got a complete munchkin deluxe board/card game for $1. Edit: 1/10/18 - found a complete D&D basic rules 1 box set, dice and all, at the local salvation army for $1.
  10. Ha my wife is a-okay with me keeping it. I did in fact offer a delivery to anyone within 8 hours of where I live. Essentially if it's close enough to deliver on the weekend and be back in time for work, I would be okay with that. I will continue to create, and I will probably do it for commission now.
  11. Not that I know of. I think it may be a tough sell, but as long as it goes to a good home I will be happy at heart.
  12. The way it is made right now, the first part of the city could be parted out, but the second could not, it's all on one large piece of foam and cutting it up would ruin it. I didn't really make it expecting to sell it, but I should have known that at my age with loan debt i can't rely on keeping everything. I am torn too... Cuz I need it to sell, but I don't want it to....
  13. That would be ideal, and I may do that actually, just on a smaller scale ha.
  14. I think I may continue doing and selling one house at a time... It really sucks, but if it does sell, that will help my loans out a ton, if not... I will get to keep it and just find some other way to pay it. I am in no position to not try though... It hurts potentially seeing it go, it really does. Who knows, maybe nobody will have room for it or want it, but it wouldn't make sense financially for me to not try.
  15. Well, I hate to have to post this... I was so excited to start building more, but life has kind of been punching me in the face lately, in the form of student loan payments. Alas, Gloomholde has been put on Ebay in all her glory, and I am afraid I will no longer be making any more for a little while. One day, I may build smaller pieces of terrain...
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