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  1. Just wondering if there is going to be a Bones Monthly Assortment for February? I have purchased the previous monthly assortments and have enjoyed the assortment. I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I missed it.
  2. Looking back, I have averaged over $500 per Bones KS. My wife doesn't even ask and just says, "You know what you are doing."
  3. Why not a whole new race of centaur-like Elephants?! I understand they're all the rage these days. I am thinking a combination of Elephants and Ogres. Ogrephants.....?
  4. I could see maybe 20-50 people not being locked in tops but 900-1,000, just blows my mind. I was sad to see UPS switch my delivery date change from tomorrow to Monday. I couldn't imagine why someone isn't locked in by now.
  5. As a Wave 2 domestic also, I am happy to hear things will be getting back on track. I wasn't bothered by having to wait a bit longer but I would be lying if I didn't admit that my order could be shipping tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep up the good work, Reaper Bryan and all the other Reaper employees!
  6. Besides all of my Bones that I have to paint including CAV, I have two 40K armies, I need to finish my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves and numerous other minis that I have from various other companies. I bet I have around 1,000 minis I need to put a brush to. With that, I would still support a third bones KS.
  7. I believe I remember Reaper Bryan saying the same thing. I would fine with that but would hope that they do regular New Bones releases within the next year.
  8. Looking forward to getting them soon! My fellow CAV KS backer and I were thinking the same thing, with using some monsters as kaiju.
  9. I would support Bones III, but I would like a full year plus off. Maybe near the end of 2016 before they do another. I would love more larger figures, more than anything else. Dragons, Giants, etc... I would also love more Sci-Fi and CAV to be included in a future KS, as add-ons. I backed the CAV KS and would like to see more BIG STOMPY ROBOTS...
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