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  1. My New London group that Dad and I play with was today, but dad couldn't come because of work. We found the tiefling we were looking for and she gave us a ring that gave the wearer resistance to ice magic, and because I was the only warlock in the party I got 7 scrolls and 3 spellbooks! We went into the white dragon's cave to kill it, and since what happed next was all my plan I wore the ring. I used hex to give the dragon disadvantage on charisma saving throws, but the DM said that the dragon's stats said if it was hit with hex it would get disadvantage on ALL saving throws. I cast polymorph and suceeded but the dragon had 3 uses of legendary saving! I had my party members burn spells with saving throws until it used the other 2 legendary savings, then used polymorph on it again, and turned it into a fish! We dropped it down a bottomless chasm, but the top of it's so small when the dragon morphs back it won't be able to get out. The DM gave everyone in our party a magic item, but chose them by randomly rolling from 1-100, and ended up getting a 100! Because the whole thing was my plan, I was the one who got to keep the Wings of Flying! We each got 140g, 200s, and 4 precious stones worth 800g each. We also got up to level 9, so I'm gaining a spell, my slots are changing to level 5, and I'm getting another eldrich invocation! I can't wait to tell my dad when he gets home from work tonight. I'm really proud that I've proved I can game on my own and still make awsome decisions. Vanquishing a dragon is a much better achievement than getting your entire party killed. And to think I almost didn't go today because mom was worried about leaving my sisters home alone.
  2. I spent HOURS orginizing those, even if you do reorganize them I have still prevailed! You no longer have an excuse not to paint! Did I mention I cleaned the painting table last week and have started orginanizing your minies? I will get you to paint yet oh overlord who paints even less than me!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I've been swamped with school work, contests, and concerts. I have started working on a dragon turtle though, it's going to be awesome! -DD
  4. I have brought my D&D club back from the dead! There was only 5 serious players (including me) last year and three of them graduated, including our GM. The other one switched schools so I thought we were done for. But I have prevailed! The costume shop teacher is willing to be GM for us afterschool on Thursdays!!!! Alot of the freshman are interested too. Our D&D club shall live!!!
  5. and how is that different from any other time you see her? Because her head hasn't exploded yet. are you prepared to clean up the mess? As if Pat would let you make a mess in his store.
  6. thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!
  7. You may begin the ridiculing. I am now three mini's ahead of Dad for 'mini's painted in 2015.' Maybe this will encourage him to paint more.
  8. I want to give a big shout-out to Mad Jack for sending me the tiniest hedgehog mini i have ever seen. For those of you who joined us at the last paint-day, you know that the little mini enticed a squeak out of me at its adorableness. I just think it's so sweet that he painted and sent me the finished hedgehog. Thank you so muck Mad Jack.
  9. Valentines day. The day I sit on my butt and do nothing... Not this year! I've decided I'm going to take the entire day to paint miniatures, and see if I can beat Dilvish for number of miniatures painted in 2015. (I finally have a computer that can hook up to a camera, so I can post pictures!!!) If I'm lucky I might be able to finish that town I've been building. Wish me luck!
  10. This looks really cool. It would be perfect to put in the town I'm building!
  11. I had such a fun time at todays paint day. I managed to finish the village blacksmith for my GM. I'll post a pick of it later... I wish we could do this all the time.
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