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  1. I know this is not a likely option, but to throw the idea out there, how would people feel if it were possible to get most of the backers together and strike a deal where we are compensated for our loss by a share in the company equal to the percentage we gave to the Kickstarters? If I'm not going to get anything anyway, I'd rather have my little piece of a miniature company, full access to the books, and the possibility to work with a bunch of people in the same boat to try to get these things finished and get the artists paid. I'd much rather pay my own company for my minis than pay some other company for my minis that I already bought.
  2. Again, burnt out with work. Sorry Marvin and Teskal, minor brain fart. :P
  3. Thanks Master and Godlike. I am also looking forward to Mars Attacks. I wish I had time to be burnt out on painting... more like burnt out on work.
  4. Someone's gotta play the yellow team. As far as yellow goes, that's a great one.
  5. Looooong time no paint (been working a lot). This is my third paint attempt and my first sculpting attempt (I'm relatively happy with the nest but the chimney kind of sucks, not broken and gritty enough on the bricks). The Griffling (pigeon-cat... like a very small griffin) is from ArcWorlde, nest is green stuff and wire, chimney is green stuff and a sacrificial d6. Photos were taken by my wife with dramatic lighting.
  6. The Gibbermouth approves. Great color on the tongues and within its bilious orifices. It conjured up the word bilious from somewhere deep in my psyche, I'm not even sure I've ever heard that word before, but Google says it's real.
  7. Nope. Run the other way. Nice perspective shot. I love the autumn leaves, but I'd like to see an overhead shot of those and maybe some tips? Or are those just things you can buy that come like that (leaf flock?)
  8. Wicked little critta. I love the colors, and man does he look fierce.
  9. My second paint attempt, modeled after one of the characters in the D&D game I'm running, a new and young roleplayer playing a blonde female human fighter with plate armor, longsword, and a "gigantic shield", and "pink gloves", that he voices using that sort of exaggerated Monty Python/Margaret Thatcher voice. And she collects wolves. Her name was originally Jonah, as in Jonah Arc, but when he was informed Jonah is actually not generally considered to be a female name and that Jonah Arc doesn't exist, he changed it to Jenna and I wept for our youth. Yeah. (Podcast of this is going up later today, btw.) Note that I went for a design "reminiscent" of plaid... if plaid were gigantic and clearly painted on by a clumsy ogre. The shield design is loosely based on Scottish clan crests, and a Reaper paint bottlecap helped me make the circle. My basing stuff is still a continent away... but that's the beauty of using Bones, right? By the way, how hard are faces? Yikes. She looks a lot better from three feet away than on camera, to be fair.
  10. Mad Jack: Yes! Feed me your hatred! Peithetairos: Wow, putting mine to shame. Question, did you use a copper metallic and a rusting agent or just mix up a copper rust color? I was thinking about trying to get my hands on a copper metallic and a rusting agent for when my Cthulhu Wars stuff comes in, do up Cthulhu as a statue. Thanks for the much-needed encouragement and warm welcome, all. I'm about to post some more work.
  11. Thanks for all the kind words and advice. I'll definitely pay a little more attention to my brushes and start sticking the mini on something. As for the base, I was going for moss? which was my wife's idea. I was going to just go with brown and a cooler tone of grey. I don't have basing stuff (well, I do have some lovely stamps and bases and all sorts of things, but they're in the U.S. and I'm in Argentina with an import restriction in the way... which also means I have a limited number of paints and no metallics). No fine arts background... the last time I did any art was in high school over a decade ago. I was going for rust, I'm glad you can tell it's meant to be rusty. Go big or go home, right?
  12. Yeah, he'll need a little touching up before I seal him (the shield arm is a mess). Actually I did wash it with dish soap beforehand, and made sure to do a base coat without using any water (though I might've been a bit afraid to lay it on too thick). I used my tiniest little Reaper brush to do the freehand, but I'm thinking maybe a razor or a pin would be better? Or does that not work?
  13. Hey, it's time for me to post my n00b pics. Pointing and laughing is OK, but advice is better. One big lesson from my first time: sealing is pretty urgent, apparently. Bare spots show up in the closeups on the first day. I'm a perfectionist, so I wished my freehand shield was better, but at the same time I was fairly proud of it... until I came here and looked around a bit and saw some of the awesome work other people are doing.
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