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  1. Welcome to the addiction...err Fun
  2. I was afraid of that. That Mastadon also comes out as he is attached by magnets to the display. Might also need to rebend some of those trees. Hope you like it. MiniAddict aka The Dragon
  3. miniaddict

    Metal Cavs

    The Dragon needs MOAR METAL
  4. I think you already know @CAVBOSS but the www.cav-con.com site is showing last years dates
  5. BTW if you haven't seen this The DFW CAV Group can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2148680188719926/
  6. Me (along with my son) and @Savage Coyote play in Carrollton at Texas Toy Soldier. What shop is there in Euless?
  7. So what part of the world are you playing?
  8. So would the Ritterlich doctrine allow you to bury a card during this round?
  9. So to further the discussion on Recon units.. Page 46 Recon Models and Deployment: "Any models with the recon task may choose to conduct a single move action before the beginning of the first turn once all of the model from both sides that are available for pregame deployment are on the board" So after deployment and before we reshuffle the deck to start turn one "ALL" models with the task of recon(regardless of squad) could move their base move. So you and I deploy all of our units within 6" of the board. We are now done deploying. It's time for us to send out the Recon Units before turn 1...who goes first and what is the order ?
  10. I do have to admit that the Auto-Cannon one shot to my Cougar was devastating. We all couldn't believe what was happening when it did. So like what @CAVBOSS said.. "dont count out the little guy"
  11. I have been on the receiving end of a list like this and honestly not sure what to do about it. The Electronic Warfare (EW) is crucial. Having those extra bonuses will help, even the soft targets. Being able to stop target locks (No Advance Targeting computer bonus) easily changes the game. But I must confess, the most Annoying and Detrimental thing is the Hunters Edge. Although my death is usually inevitable, this doctrine just makes it happen that much faster. Having more sections helps curb the pain a little, but not when you loose a section .
  12. It didn't help that my dice decided to leave me at the moment of need The Mastadons helped some (I think) applying a -2 to rolls but with all the APA out there it simply canceled it out. I think more MRAC's and heavier Indirect Fire would made a difference. (Tiamat like Savage Says)
  13. It was fun to watch. First time ever seeing @Savage Coyote actually sweat a battle. I think I saw some fear in his eyes . With that said this was more of an attack battle then anything else. Only electronics involved was the ECM which made dice rolls a little hard. Adding an APA (Active Phase Array) in the mix would have made it a little more bloody I think. All in all great game and I believe the new players had a great time.
  14. I believe for the most part the Hex base is merely for designating a true "front" position to ease the "turning" position. For tournament play it states the following: All models used in a First Strike tournament must be Talon Games (plastic or metal) miniatures and must use the same base type (size and shape) for every model and are limited to a maximum size of 40mm (flat to flat for hex and square bases, diameter for circle bases) with the following exceptions: ▴ Quad CAV models may use a larger base with a maximum size of 50mm. ▴ Aircraft models may use the 72254 50mm Slotted Round Base, regardless of other basing sizes or shapes. ▴ All miniatures must be assembled and mounted in such a way that the model’s front facing is clearly understood. Players are encouraged to have a fully painted force group on the table, providing for a more interesting and exciting game experience for all. Unpainted miniatures are allowed but will receive an automatic score of zero for the tournament painting competition.
  15. Just announced on the CAV Kickstarter
  16. This was a lot of fun and like you said a lot of lessons learned. My advancement was slown because I couldn't get my electronic warfare out there. Tried a couple of times to counter but the dice where never in my favor. Took my Six guns (Duelist) and opened up on a couple of targets and managed to to do nothing more then annoy (missed on almost every shot 1 out of 6 maybe hit). I think I calculated I did a total of 54 damage to their entire force taking only 3 units down. The PBG and LBG's I feel would have had better performance if I had the electronic warfare going (APA). but I will say that the only time my dice ever worked in my favor was pilot checks. Lesson learned Get the electronic warfare going early and often. If possible get the big guns out there quick Have dice that work
  17. Is there someplace that holds the information on when it is time to buy tickets and other important scheduling information?
  18. So I registered for some classes and told that I still need to by the class tickets but there is no checkout for the tickets. What am I doing wrong?
  19. Did I miss it somewhere or are the classes posted yet?
  20. Did I miss the announcement of the online store?
  21. CAV Tournement Tickets still says sold out
  22. A question about tickets: I am buying 3 tickets for me and my family. We each are taking different classes. In the past they each had to have their own account to get a ticket and sign up for classes. Is that still the case?
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