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  1. Iron Bristle Studios will be making a live appears in the realm of Twitch in 2021. Look out for links and tune in for more. If you would like to join my discord the link is in my signature. The discord is Arc of Fire Gaming (me) and Iron Bristle Studios (also me). I cater to the enthusiast in us all! 

  2. It's a little rough compared to my other stuff but It was a free commission piece for my old DM. :)
  3. SHADOW DRAGON 77108 --------------------------------
  4. Snapple crack pop. I made Affiliate on my Arc of Fire Twitch channel! Heck yea
  5. Clear blue wash (09097) brown wash (09254) browb ink (09209) I’ll be going back over the wings with Terran khaki(09122) the wash’s are to deepen the creases in the wings.
  6. Thank you, I kind of procrastinated doing it but when I finally sat down the paint job has just appeared in my head... LOL Trying to get it down as soon as possible.
  7. Tropical blue (09419) Terran Khaki (09122) Space Wolve Grey Flow Improver (09106) blocking, highlight 1 on upper sections, highlight 2 on only top sections, wash in Tropical blue. next I am going to wash it down to lower sections using Ritterlich blue
  8. I took a heat gun to it and adjusted him. He still has lean but not nearly as much. I then adjusted his wings. He more appears to be about to attack---pose... so to speak. I'll have a different angle shot today.
  9. I am going to go with a blue dragon on this guy. :)
  10. Its been a while since I have put up any WIP on Reaper but I figure I should for this guy. Commission paint job for an old DnD GM. :) Shadow Dragon Custom base and designed to fit in an index card box. I even grooved out the bottom to fit so it would not move. More pictures on that later.
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