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  1. Turmeric, Ginseng and extra... good combo!
  2. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›
  3. This guy looks like he has not more boulders-to-give! HA! NICELY DONE.
  4. Look at them toes poking out! Love it! Is this miniature in the store yet?
  5. Nicely done. I could see some zenith highlighting in your future. πŸͺ™
  6. Oh yeah I watch their live stream all the time. That is one of the miniatures on my list to do to go with my Half-Orc Merchant.
  7. When you're at work and you have a piece of valuable information but they seem to want to figure it out themselves... let them. 🀣
  8. I'm planning on a having a good week... even if it kills me.
  9. Hey Bro-tato! Hope you're doing well!Β 

  10. I popped back on the reaper forums here today and the funny thing is I found my self remember the nostalgia of when I first got to the forums. Wish I could go to ReaperCon this year. Might try and plan for it in 2024... I think it's time to get back into painting.Β 

  11. It's all good. We all know the feeling of time slipping away from our painting time. Post when you can. πŸ™‚
  12. Holy mackerel this random post is still going! πŸ‘ Random: You hear about the guy that got a toy horse stuck in his throat? They took him to the doctor he’s in stable condition.
  13. "If everything is awesome then nothing is awesome. Choose better words"

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