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  1. FYI, the box did arrive! It's wonderful! Thanks again @Kangaroorex
  2. Arc 724

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Can't wait to see more! I'm really enjoying the reaper Kickstarters. Their miniatures are better MO-Betta! lol
  3. Arc 724

    Brush Issue

    I'll be completely upfront about this. I will not be buying W&N7 brushes for a while. I bought mine the same why you did after having a 4 months battle with replacement brushes they kept sending me cause mine would split after 3 uses and probably care I just gave up. I email the rep. that was helping me and told her I could not afford to wait time on this issue any more. There are to many other brush companies out there making decent brushes. I now have 3 or 4 of these brushes and all of them are split. I've even tired to condition them and it doesn't work. Something has changed in their manufacturing in the past year or two and it's hot garbage. I've had two previous to this incident that where wonderful and then it all went downhill from there. ---- That is good advise. I need to check that out as well. Thanks Little -------------- And that Jackson Art sounds amazing. I will have to go give them a gander. :)
  4. Oooo, I didn't know there was a discord! I joined that! :)
  5. Thanks a Millions @Kangaroorex I'll send you a PM now. Formnites are the best!
  6. Arc 724

    Names and Faces

  7. Arc 724

    Happy Birthday Arc 724

    Thank you Sister Mary Thanks Dish Pit!
  8. Arc 724

    Happy Birthday Arc 724

    Thanks y'all! Thank you TripleH
  9. Arc 724

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Good afternoon my fellow forumnites! I purposely have made it a goal to avoid the Kickstarter section of the forums... So far I have not purchased a miniature this year that was not directly painted for commission. :) My goal is the entire year without a purchase - that would be stored for later painting.
  10. Arc 724

    Female Owlfolk Fighter by Stonehaven Miniatures

    Thanks Glitter! Thank you for commenting. :) Yeah it's under "Avian" on stone haven. The client uses it for DND, her Arakkoa Druid. Appreciate it! The client wanted a green blade that was not glowing. Thanks everyone for the likes. I'm glad you all like it. :)
  11. Female Owlfolk Fighter by Stonehaven Miniatures Finished this commission the other day. Part commission part engagement gift for one of the ladies that I play D&D with. She was so stink'n excited to get it. :) This is the tabletop quality {Tt}, quick paint job done in a couple of hours. Hope you enjoy! I used reaper brush on sealer before taking the photo's. I will not do that again. I don't like the shine it gave off. Made it look odd.
  12. Arc 724

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Home things heal up fast @Paradoxical Mouse! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My new gaming PC comes in today. I'm so flippen excited. I've been re-designing my home office to accommodate both Gaming and painting. (There will be video/slideshow to show the progress of my office since I started painting). So I can paint during load screens. LOL. I can tell you this, this has been a long project and I have not been about to sit down at my desk and just paint and waste time in a while. BLAH! No commission work during that time but I just took one sooooooo Kind of have to get it up and running. :P Going to be editing and producing content for both Iron Bristle and Arc of Fire Oh, and my new glasses are in... after 8 years I think it was time to update the prescription.
  13. Arc 724

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    It's been a while since I was able to get on these forums. A lot has happened; Got promoted twice, working a lot more and took on a side job after work to make a little more money. As well as doing commission work and editing video's... well learning to edit. Finally got another commission to do and one more in the pipeline for later and continuing to batch paint for the Core Space board game and my Saber Series of miniatures. Hope you all are doing well. I'm going to try and get on here more. :)