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  1. I have an OttLite L139AB Task Lamp for travel painting that is amazing. On my desk I have reduced down to a Phive LED Desk Lamp, Architect Task Lamp but I am starting to get annoyed with it. It's just not bright enough for streaming. I'm now looking at those Daylight Company Lamp that @K2h2m3 recommended. But Geesh they are not cheep. The one I think will work for me is Luminos-U35600 and that puppy is $415 🤯 Although, that U35600 would work great and I'm thinking of mounting it to my existing wall mount I have for a boom arm. Might look for alternatives that are cheaper priced. $415 se
  2. Week 2 of the new working-out-every-day program. I'm feeling way better mentally/emotionally/physically than I thought I would.
  3. Thanks ttuckerman! Most appreciated!
  4. Noice! That cowboy figure is really nice! I need's to find it!
  5. This model is wonderful, all the bits and bobs on it. I really like how you are making each sector of of the model it's own environment. Draws my eye to investigate and find new things.
  6. That stone work it the grass/moss between is really selling it for me! Looking good!
  7. Noice, Can't say I've ever seen a bee keeper miniature like this. Excellent little diorama.
  8. Iron Bristle Studios will be making a live appears in the realm of Twitch in 2021. Look out for links and tune in for more. If you would like to join my discord the link is in my signature. The discord is Arc of Fire Gaming (me) and Iron Bristle Studios (also me). I cater to the enthusiast in us all! 

  9. It's a little rough compared to my other stuff but It was a free commission piece for my old DM. :)
  10. SHADOW DRAGON 77108 --------------------------------
  11. Snapple crack pop. I made Affiliate on my Arc of Fire Twitch channel! Heck yea
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