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    Irondale, AL
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    Miniature Painting, XBOX ONE, Reading, Coffee, creative problem solving, Cigars/pipes and good scotch, Sarcasm- I'm fluent in it!

    Supporter: CAV: Strike Operations, Bones III, Bones IV

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Georgian by birth I now live in the Iron city next to Birmingham, AL. I positively love the imagination, creativity and the possibly that the miniature craft allows. Typically I'm always looking for the most efficient route to do most anything I endeavor. That means having a clean and organized office to not owning a bazillion miniatures. I'm a minimalist and a planner by nature.

I've been painting since 2013 when I moved to bham and got my own place and that childhood memory of painting miniatures came back as a point of failure so I endeavored to try again. I have made painting into a profitable hobby that sustains it's self and my skill has grown ever since. After branching out into the computer gaming world I started Arc of Fire Gaming network. It has consumed my time but I'm find a good balance of me-time with everything else. 

I work a full time job and have a second job at a cigar shop. Okay it's not really a second job cause I stand around, smoke cigars and drink libations that customers offer me... They do pay me but who cares right?! Managing multiple platforms and multiple twitch channels has it's difficulties but It's very rewarding. I'm finding "my tribe" as I slowly branch out into the internet-world and others find me. It's been very nice to know that my brand of Truth, honesty and integrity is actually valued still. 

I'm not one for being pushed around by pseudo intellectuals that question nothing and follow along like sheep. One of my life long goals is to find others that have broken away from the NPC life and together we build "something" amazing. My closest friends I can count on my hand! That being said, if I seem a bit harsh to you it's because I will not 'PC' my words to cater to others insecurities. #freeSpeechMatters

Linkage for the entire network
Arc of Fire Gaming Network

Iron Bristle Studios



I decided I wanted to keep a brief record of my progress as a painter. This is a rough outline. Anything Not in a bullet point is a predicted event.

  • Pre-era: Painting base colors only, as a child.
  • Era 1: Painting, washing, and dry brushing
  • Era 2: Ink blending, Glazing, and Color theory 101.
  • Era 3: Freehand, Blending with different shades of the same paint(color blending)
  • Era 4: Mastworks classes (q4-2016)
  • Era 5: Advanced Blending, Color Theory 201, Intermediate free hand. (2017)

Era 6: Beginner Competition Quality, Color theory 301, "Active" free hand. (2018)




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