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  1. Hey Bro-tato! Hope you're doing well! 

  2. I popped back on the reaper forums here today and the funny thing is I found my self remember the nostalgia of when I first got to the forums. Wish I could go to ReaperCon this year. Might try and plan for it in 2024... I think it's time to get back into painting. 

  3. "If everything is awesome then nothing is awesome. Choose better words"

  4. Well alright, another raise and promotion. 

  5. Can't teach ole dogs new tricks. Hahahah! Ya'll gunna learn today! 

  6. The one that says the thing(s) that reveals the most is always the one that gets broccoli on. Only the wise will recognize.

  7. In role-play you can tell a good role-player verses an inexperienced one and/or a bad one. You can tell the same thing in debates, discussions and conversational skills. All that being said, don't sweat their reaction. Normally it's from information that doesn't exist. People will insert speculation and/or an appeal-to-authority in an attempt to make themselves feel better about a conversation/rp/dicussion/debate that they can't contribute to but want to.

    Only response to those that seem to measure up to your skill. 

  8. Iron Bristle Studios will be making a live appears in the realm of Twitch in 2021. Look out for links and tune in for more. If you would like to join my discord the link is in my signature. The discord is Arc of Fire Gaming (me) and Iron Bristle Studios (also me). I cater to the enthusiast in us all! 

  9. I have just become one of the in-house painters for a pub called Vahalla Board Game Cafe in Birmingham, AL.:) 

  10. Avoid the Kickstarter page if you want to save money. I know it's hard but trust me. :P 

  11. So many miniatures to photograph... so little time. LOL

  12. How quickly they jump...

  13. Some times it doesn't help to be friendly. Oh this pixelated age...

  14. After a large promotion at work I am finally stabilizing in my time and can get back to painting more often. 

  15. I should do another WIP here on the forums. I haven't done one in a while. :) 

  16. Happy New year to all! I hope and pray we all have a fantastic 2019 with loads of creative endeavors and upgrades in skill.  

  17. I think I am going to have to sculpt my own anchor for a pirate themed diorama. I can't seem to find one online I like.

  18. I own a handful of Infinity Miniatures. Never got around to painting any of them til now. I have to say, they are some of the most precise sculpts I've ever had the pleasure to paint; deep lines and defined armor panels. I think this may reignite my painting passion.

  19. Sometimes it's good to take a break, reminds me of why I enjoy it so much. 

  20. Sketching out a few Dioramas and new Framed diorama! Oh what Lives we artist live! ::):

  21. I think I'm about to step into learning how to draw. I've always want to be better at it and I think the Jake Parker stuff is the right direction.

  22. New Office space set up for painting. Check out the thread, tell me what you think. ::):



  23. Is fall and winter back yet?

  24. OK, It's official I need more light on my desk... AHHH! 

  25. I need to back drops for photos... Time to research and upgrade.

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      Arc 724

      THAT's the name! I was thinking of something like that but could not remember the name. Thank you my friend.

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      No problem! There's also another one. The name escapes me right now.

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