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  1. office Life:

    The waste cartridge is full and no one ordered a new one. I order a new one but no on can print anything. I take the cartridge out and figure out how to open it and empty it, clean it and put it back in. VIOLA! It's working again. 

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  2. On 3/2/2023 at 9:10 PM, Auberon said:

    I hadn't planned on stopping this WIP there, but February turned into a really bad month. I wasn't even home for most of it. There's another figure ready to go if I can ever get back to painting.

    It's all good. We all know the feeling of time slipping away from our painting time. Post when you can. 🙂

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  3. 16 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

    Saturday we played our December Stargrave campaign game, which we combined with a Christmas party. We had 4 players on a 5'x3' table. The scenario was "Santa's Overgrown Toy Factory", adapting the "The Overgrown Factory" scenario from the rulebook. For the central treasures we had a Red Ryder BB Gun, and a Cymbal Monkey, and the Warbots were Santa Clause robots. All the wandering monsters were replaced with Christmas themed proxies. The players all brought two $5-$10 gifts, and at the end of the game players could exchange their loot tokens for picking presents from the gift pile.


        I didn't do too great, only getting one Data Loot off the table, and getting my Hacker killed. All my plans fell apart when two subsequent Unwanted Attention rolls resulted in 4 Pirates appearing on my flank, which, combined with the roving Warbot, made my position untenable.


    I've been wanting to play this game for a while. Had a not-so-great experience with Frostgrave but the idea of a sci-fi one really makes me smile. Your theme on this is wonderful. LIKE the idea of tokens for gifts. 

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  4. Discord is a 100% real time activity data as compared to a forum which has a delay in it's metrics. Not much delay but the elements of discord, especially at the community level and discoverability that Reapers is at, allow you to have an almost pin point vibe of the community and it's activity level. I don't see much changing in there media as this forum and discord are outlets that help the entire brand. The only way any element of their brand gets changed, delete, transform is if the it has little to no activity and does not contribute to the whole that is Reaper. But I'm sure we all understand that. 

    I personally have enjoyed these forums since I started painting in 2013. As the past 3 years I have become less and less (significantly less) active but I have encouraged painters I know to touch the forums. I'm a member of their discord and I will stay a member but I don't really pay attention to it. The activity level is to high for me to pay attention with all the other discords I own, manage or am a staff member of, but I am not your average discord user. 

    Discord's metric's, at Reapers level, is freakin sick! Not to mention user friendly to both the users and the managers. As well as allowing members to pay-to-play for more personality in their experience. To be honest that element alone brings people in. I didn't believe it myself cause why would you by $5, 10$, etc a month for gif emoji's, wall papers, and gif avatars? I haven't bought on to that train yet but I certainly will once my gaming/painting outlets gain more steam and I can use emoji's of my own making on others discords. 

    And lets remember this forum topic is a discussion so the topic of them potentially closing the forum down is a aspect of said discussion. Any one that reads this, panics and starts a rumor mill of that sort is just plain silly. I would hate to know this community has turned into a place where discussions of all sort can't happen. And a person or group are shut down in a discussion forum about a subject simply because "[reaper didn't say that]". 

    I truly do not believe that is even a possibility in the minds of reaper. I typed that but that would be wrong. A business owner would consider it as I've detailed above about metrics. I Certainly would eliminate any of my outlets if they are not performing. Loyalty be damned.

    Marketing is going the way of the Tiktok/Reel/shorts... snap snap snap to attention spans that last less than 10 seconds. You can see by the amount I've typed here that the average person might read the first sentence of this post then stop. Whereas you all, forumnite veterans, will read the whole thing. To that end, please type bamboozled in your reply to let me know you read this far. 😉 

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  5. Running my own Discord for Arc of Fire Gaming Network I can tell that at some point in our Literate Role-play we will be getting a forums to go along side the discord. I think reaper would be doing a massive disservice getting rid of the forums. To speak more frankly I don't seem them doing that. They have an active discord to cater to the community that would not touch a forum. Reaper doesn't strike me as company that is going to slap it's users in the face like other companies. *cough cit cough* 

    Managing a discord can get chaotic but if you keep and eye on it it's not really that bad. I've found, just like these forums, if you navigate the discord you want to be in enough you learn the channel and where to go. It's been a major asset for me as I do recordings and interviews in the my channel and the sound quality through their network is pretty smooth. 

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