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  1. In the land of Baconaria there was a fellow that was a Sugar Cane farmer. He had a dream of combining the much loved national food/desert/drink?/fragrance with his third love, Sugar - Bacon being the first and his wife the second. But in the land of Baconaria the people were very cautious of taking away from the time honored tradition of bacon grilling. "What is a sugar cane farmer to do," said the farmer to his wife. And like all great men with great idea's, his wife pushed him to make it happen!


    The weeks pasted and the farmer and his wife would stay up late thinking of ways to make bacon BETTER... Failure after failure: Injecting the bacon, feeding the pigs a diet of ONLY sugar, dipping the bacon in a vat of liquid sugar... Nothing.


    Til one day the farmer and his wife were taking a walk around their farmer and noticed a bee hive. The idea struck them, HONEY. They gather some honey and that night tried the honey on the bacon. It was amazing, yet kept the tasteful integrity of the bacon. They where so excited they began a whole new style of farming!


    The Land was forever changed by the combination of honey on bacon!



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  2. My memory is reluctantly void for most of my childhood – due to hospitalization – but I recall requesting a Reaper Mini’s catalog to be sent to my house:

    That time in my life my brother and I were in a race to be “the guy with the awesome skill,†we both decided to paint miniatures. The local hobby store (The Excalibur – Jonesboro, GA) had a wide variety of miniatures and I just happened to pick up a few. With a half a dozen pewter miniatures in tow, I was ready to paint. Upon getting home and removing them from the respective packing I finally noticed the brand, REAPER. After a brief investigation on my fathers dial up connection I found their website and requested a paper catalog sent to my house. I think the figures that stuck out in my mind the most where at the end of the catalog: DOOM, from the popular video game. I never ordered them and always regretted it… From then on I was hooked.

    After several years (middle school, high school, College) I am finally returning to this once loved hobby, and back to REAPER I came. I just received my newest batch and am currently working on them for a new table top game a friend of mine is developing! Thanks Reaper.

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