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  1. Has a lot of character to it! :)
  2. I cant wait to see the progress on this! Brilliant idea, Flippen Brilliant
  3. This is a great piece! It's nice to see a different take on a dragon! Thank you.
  4. For the longest time, I painted without them, but when I re-created my kit, I decided to spend the 9 bucks to buy them. Here is a direct link to purchase from Amazon. Before I began using them, I always figured "good enough." Now that I have them, I honestly cannot see how I ever managed to paint without them. I have found that when using them, if it looks good under the glass, it's going to look great on the table. For 9 bucks, you can't go wrong. Hope this helps! THANK YOU SIR!!! Man i didnt realize how cheap those are! Yes, after I started using my Magnifier lamp, I cant paint without magnification. Again, thank you!
  5. Galladril, how do you like using those magnifier glasses? I use a magnifier lamp and have been thinking of switching.
  6. The color coordination is pretty decent! I am particularly fond of the green river on the base! nice touch!
  7. I WANT THOSE SKELETON: Please post a link to those! Looks good!!!
  8. If it is coffee, I drink it! But You give me some Jamaican Blend, DONE.
  9. Their is a great deal of pain in my heart for you'll. Go out and get it, download it, something, it will be highly entertaining and it's even fun to watch people play it! I HAVE SPOKEN!
  10. Man Alive that BLue/white skin is awesome!
  11. I have built a few broken down builds, etc. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching those videos, thank you for sharing.
  12. I think I just need to realize that every once in a while, I need to re-stir, and that just comes with the territory. Castus, Continued. First, I got the pelt blocked in. [...] [...] As always, I am running into a slight dilemma: The majority of this figure is brown and silver. There is a part of me that wants to do the pelt on his back in grey, but I have a feeling that it will look out of place. At the same time, if I do "tan/brown" fur, it might blend into what I have already. Suggestions are appreciated, as always. This, so far, has been a fun, and challenging figure, and I'm happy with him. Until next time, Happy Painting, All! Hello! I am by no means super skilled as I am just really re-introducing myself to painting. BUT: I recently painted 02164: Marda Of the Blade: Primed it black - once I painted the rest of the model I attacked the hair. Black ink wash, followed by a black+dark red ink wash, then after it all dried, i began to stroke the hair from top to bottom with my finger until it started to - subtly - remove the ink(s) and primer and revealed the pewter. VERY subtle, but it was an AWESOME way of highlighting! turned out... really good. The metallic shine has a simple eloquence. SO, I was thinking about your dilemma and thought: a wash in a light color, (ink for the gloss), then maybe try the same technique I did to show just a little of the silver pewter, so you can get a little bit of shine... Say from a... i dunno... Dire Raccoon pelt.
  13. Looks REALLY good! I particularly like the moss and other green-age growing up the side of the walls. Very nice!
  14. Wraith Mouslings, The Mousling equivalent of The 03424: DHL Classics: Wraiths.
  15. AWW! I leave in Birmingham, AL. I travel to Nashville, every once in a while for work! I think I will plan a trip in the future though!
  16. WOW! Thank you for sharing!! CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE!
  17. OK, he is not making the coffee, EVER AGAIN!

    1. Last Knight

      Last Knight

      ...there's a story here, I'm guessing...

    2. Arc 724

      Arc 724

      MY BOSS makes the Worst Coffee ever! I'm talking horrible!

  18. Willen Sir, Question: The Dremel brush head you use, is that the Brass Brush? Additionally, here is the link to the Polishing Brushes section. Also, Very cool paint rack!
  19. WOW! Well done Sir, I'm excite to see the next photos!
  20. In the land of Baconaria there was a fellow that was a Sugar Cane farmer. He had a dream of combining the much loved national food/desert/drink?/fragrance with his third love, Sugar - Bacon being the first and his wife the second. But in the land of Baconaria the people were very cautious of taking away from the time honored tradition of bacon grilling. "What is a sugar cane farmer to do," said the farmer to his wife. And like all great men with great idea's, his wife pushed him to make it happen! The weeks pasted and the farmer and his wife would stay up late thinking of ways to make bacon BETTER... Failure after failure: Injecting the bacon, feeding the pigs a diet of ONLY sugar, dipping the bacon in a vat of liquid sugar... Nothing. Til one day the farmer and his wife were taking a walk around their farmer and noticed a bee hive. The idea struck them, HONEY. They gather some honey and that night tried the honey on the bacon. It was amazing, yet kept the tasteful integrity of the bacon. They where so excited they began a whole new style of farming! The Land was forever changed by the combination of honey on bacon! THE END
  21. My memory is reluctantly void for most of my childhood – due to hospitalization – but I recall requesting a Reaper Mini’s catalog to be sent to my house: That time in my life my brother and I were in a race to be “the guy with the awesome skill,†we both decided to paint miniatures. The local hobby store (The Excalibur – Jonesboro, GA) had a wide variety of miniatures and I just happened to pick up a few. With a half a dozen pewter miniatures in tow, I was ready to paint. Upon getting home and removing them from the respective packing I finally noticed the brand, REAPER. After a brief investigation on my fathers dial up connection I found their website and requested a paper catalog sent to my house. I think the figures that stuck out in my mind the most where at the end of the catalog: DOOM, from the popular video game. I never ordered them and always regretted it… From then on I was hooked. After several years (middle school, high school, College) I am finally returning to this once loved hobby, and back to REAPER I came. I just received my newest batch and am currently working on them for a new table top game a friend of mine is developing! Thanks Reaper.
  22. I would like to see an "Animal Adventures" style miniature series: Turtle Warrior, K9 Paladin, Fox Mage, etc. I would be nice to see archetypes for each species: Warrior, Mage, Thief, ArcherSo everyone has something to chose from in their preferred animal.To be honest I was inspired from Dark Sword Miniatures,
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