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  1. I took a heat gun to it and adjusted him. He still has lean but not nearly as much. I then adjusted his wings. He more appears to be about to attack---pose... so to speak. I'll have a different angle shot today.
  2. I am going to go with a blue dragon on this guy. :)
  3. Its been a while since I have put up any WIP on Reaper but I figure I should for this guy. Commission paint job for an old DnD GM. :) Shadow Dragon Custom base and designed to fit in an index card box. I even grooved out the bottom to fit so it would not move. More pictures on that later.
  4. Thank you everyone for the bday wishes! It was a good day. Took off from work and got a few things done at home. Over all a good day. Got a few phone calls from family. :) Good day. THANK YOU.
  5. How is everyone on this fine day?! Ahhhh, I only got like 3 hours sleep last night... You when you're playing a tabletop game with friends after you've wrapped up you have a deep conversation about everything.... SO YEah.....
  6. I have just become one of the in-house painters for a pub called Vahalla Board Game Cafe in Birmingham, AL.:) 

  7. Your purple(s) transitions are really nice! Well done.
  8. Hmmm, I'd be down for a sci-fi version of frostgrave.
  9. Avoid the Kickstarter page if you want to save money. I know it's hard but trust me. :P 

  10. So many miniatures to photograph... so little time. LOL

  11. NICE! Really like those bases and those barrel shatter terrain!
  12. I always love these boxes. I am a big sci-fi miniatures fan and it seems to be the ones people don't take.
  13. Inventory of the box seems a bit over kill. I know I would not bother with it.
  14. OH Snapple! Chatter thread! MY teeth shutter at it? LOL
  15. Count me In! Birmingham, AL No international No box starter.
  16. They absolutely look like Skeksis. Like the image they would have gotten painted of themselves as gods. Well done.
  17. I wonder... I could print these on a transparent adhesive sheet... twice. One set with black lettering and one with white. Hmmmmm. is it worth it though? Hmmmm. Investigation time. :)
  18. Mmmmm I love me some good star Wars miniatures*. Can't wait to see the progress! You plan on doing any OSL? :) *I am super bias toward anything SW :P
  19. How quickly they jump...

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