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  1. Nice color tone on these fella's. Clean and to the point. I'd have these on my table. I also really like he color coding on them. ;)


    Having to scroll through a lot of pictures BUGs me but I can Bear it... Get it bugbear. AHHH I'll see myself out. (it doesn't bug me at all, fyi)

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  2. (I will be referring to my DnD-friends by their DnD names)


    [email protected]!!!!!!!


    Story time:


    I've had a really hard week; with the news of @Jasonator and other things super SUPER similar things I will not go in to... this as been a S&*(&*&* week."::: Sunday night was amazing then the tide turned. I was truly looking forward to DnD Wednesday night. I walk up to the door and knocked in my very rhythmic  fashion: Billy Yum Yum answers the door with her trade mark happy grin and I responded with a happy dutch accent.... I don't know why... but apparently I have not used that accent in front of them before - the entire DnD group being their already because "a wizard arrives precisely when he means too" - THEY LOVE IT. Eostin, Ruby, Erso, and the rest greeted my dutch-vocals with glee! Back story to that; we are all planning for the new new campaign are DM is planning... something around a sink hole, base on an anime i have not seen. Anywhoo, I start talking like this and everyone's face lights up. So now my Goblin Arcane Trickster is now a dutch accented goblin partially raised by gnomes. The miniature being a Rebel Mini from their villager line. Who was adopted by gnomish parents that are killed and the boy is brought into the goblin culture a little late but adapts... still maintain his dutch-ish accent... and to add to that their is a half-giant following me around recording his stories... a stenographer. ( I don't know why but the joke came up organically so I went with it. And I might play that as something he only sees. LOL.)


    The week has been cray-cray! I wanted to added that my adventure on Sunday night at The City Winery In Atlanta. I saw a live show of, Hello From The Magic Tavern, and it was amazing (Photo below!). You should all start Listening to this podcast! YOU WOULD LOVE IT!



    Thank you for reading this far. I'm typing this at a late hour for me... RANDOM! Like i have mentioned, it's been a hard week and even though  I am not on here as much as I use to I still think of all of you and check up regularly. I wish life would allow me to come to reaperCon one year to meet as many as I can. 2020 is going to be a crazy year... It has been thus far! 




    Also, here is something that brought even more joy to my face!

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