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  1. Thanks y'all! Thank you TripleH
  2. Good afternoon my fellow forumnites! I purposely have made it a goal to avoid the Kickstarter section of the forums... So far I have not purchased a miniature this year that was not directly painted for commission. :) My goal is the entire year without a purchase - that would be stored for later painting.
  3. Thanks Glitter! Thank you for commenting. :) Yeah it's under "Avian" on stone haven. The client uses it for DND, her Arakkoa Druid. Appreciate it! The client wanted a green blade that was not glowing. Thanks everyone for the likes. I'm glad you all like it. :)
  4. Female Owlfolk Fighter by Stonehaven Miniatures Finished this commission the other day. Part commission part engagement gift for one of the ladies that I play D&D with. She was so stink'n excited to get it. :) This is the tabletop quality {Tt}, quick paint job done in a couple of hours. Hope you enjoy! I used reaper brush on sealer before taking the photo's. I will not do that again. I don't like the shine it gave off. Made it look odd.
  5. Home things heal up fast @Paradoxical Mouse! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My new gaming PC comes in today. I'm so flippen excited. I've been re-designing my home office to accommodate both Gaming and painting. (There will be video/slideshow to show the progress of my office since I started painting). So I can paint during load screens. LOL. I can tell you this, this has been a long project and I have not been about to sit down at my desk and just paint and waste time in a while. BLAH! No commission work during that time but I just took one sooooooo Kind of have to get it up and running. :P Going to be editing and producing content for both Iron Bristle and Arc of Fire Oh, and my new glasses are in... after 8 years I think it was time to update the prescription.
  6. It's been a while since I was able to get on these forums. A lot has happened; Got promoted twice, working a lot more and took on a side job after work to make a little more money. As well as doing commission work and editing video's... well learning to edit. Finally got another commission to do and one more in the pipeline for later and continuing to batch paint for the Core Space board game and my Saber Series of miniatures. Hope you all are doing well. I'm going to try and get on here more. :)
  7. May your move day(s) be swift and easy with no sore parts after. :)
  8. Interesting. I wonder if there is a method... Hmmmm To google i go!
  9. Question: How long after painting did you apply the Brush-on?
  10. I'm hoping my friend can fix up my HVAC unit at home... It was blowing out cool-not-cold air last night. :( I really don't want to buy a new unit.
  11. Yep, I was going to put on there genet models. Such a great resource.
  12. Haha, I just found out that is what we are playing is a Scramble. Yeah that should make it better. Gives me more time for a beer. LOL :P
  13. After a large promotion at work I am finally stabilizing in my time and can get back to painting more often. 

  14. You see those pip marks on the right of the picture? They are called "Byangles" Pingo: "Those triangles (or “Bryangles”) are 1/2 inch and one inch off the ground,;half an inch apart." And the B & M are "Bones" and "Metal" and are 1/4inch (6.25mm) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80395-how-tall-is-that-mini/
  15. Every bottle I bought yellowed and yellowed my miniatures. The first one was fine for a year then yellowed, the second one yellowed within a month so I went looking and even asked the shop owner when this was delivered and he said it was "new last week" and that yellowed a month later too. I figure I've got a rotten run of it and/or some factor I can't figure out or solve is causing this. But I don't like their paints either, they all cloud up after only a short time on the palette. I use a modified jigsaw to shake my paint so they are thoroughly mixed but VJ stuff still does it. I've never had that issue with Reaper stuff, even older paints. On the third try of VJ sealant I just decided that Reaper makes ones and there are other companies and I'll just go with them. Life's to short to keep trying.
  16. I agree with Doug on this one. I've had good luck with Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Aerosol, 11.5 ounce, Satin. I found the recommendation on facebook - somewhere - and I've tried it a few times. It seems to be pretty clean. I really only use it for batch paints. Individual ones I hand prime with Reaper brush on. But I learned a long time ago that the photo's I take for Iron Bristle I take without sealant on it. Even matte has a small chance of distorting the coloring and/or lighting. It's happened so many times I just stop putting it on until after the photo's. And I don't recommend Vallejo Brush on.
  17. Company golf trip in Huntsville on Friday. I'm indifferent about it. Only payed golf twice. I think I'm going to need a few beers. I'm cross between wanting to play well enough to enjoy it and not wanting to play it at all. And now the new ear of my painting is beginning as I got my Kickstarter pledge in for Core Space. I'm already in the beginning of the saber series of painting and this just adds to it. It will be nice to get back to sitting at my desk... although I think I need to purchase a new chair. I'm seriously considering a SecretLabs gaming chair as I am in the process of saving up to build a gaming PC. Jumping off the console gaming wagon and stepping back into the PC realm. 2019 has been a good year thus far. Lots of changes all for the better.
  18. Got my Titan pledge in the other day! I'm really looking forward to unpacking this beast and painting all the miniatures. Videos to come.
  19. I should do another WIP here on the forums. I haven't done one in a while. :) 

  20. Hasslefree miniatures has a trump one.
  21. So this is completely random: Does any one still play Ultima Online anymore? I decided to look it up and it's free to play and there are still people working on the game and playing it. The server I use to be on WAY back when is still around too. I was thinking of getting an account started back up for my gaming channel, just for kicks.
  22. So I went in on the Titan pledge for this and we are SUPER close to getting the game in! More to come! I'm so excited. WHO IS READY FOR THIS GAME?!?!?!?
  23. So I don't know the answer but I tried to find it and could not. After looking at them I would conclude they are 1/54 (30mm). But again I'm guessing. I use this website (link below) to determine that. http://theminiaturespage.com/ref/scales.html
  24. Ooooooo Don't think I've ever seen this list before. I really like it. Thanks!
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