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  1. Another Thursday... My weeks fly by like days lately. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I need to do more art and less youtube watching...
  2. The best method I've found for myself is to look at miniature and try and do some of the boring bits or quick stuff after work throughout the week then the more difficult stuff I dedicate to the weekend. During the week it's more about, "Hey you need to paint even if you don't feel like it. Just an hour, get this done." Making it a mandatory minimum of 2 days during the work week has helped keep motivated and spring boards into more. The weekend is pretty free flow; stopping to snack and what not.
  3. I've been saying my Office phone number at the beginning of Voice Mails I leave on customers phones. I wonder if anyone ever appreciates that? I know it gets a little annoying to have to listen to an entire message over again just for the phone number.
  4. OKAY! So, I have not read through the whole just scrolled through and caught some highlights. I like to do that one on long post i'm interested in as it helps me get familiar with the text and therefore I remember it better. Anyway, I'm typing this cause I'm super excited to read through it and really dig in. I've been struggling with this very subject ever since I stepped up my game. I've notice a good uptick in my skill but I still don't have it to a comfortable point where I make a plan of action and do it. I just wing it - pulling from my mental tool box each tool i think will work until it's done - and it has become taxing. :):):) Thanks, in advance, @Wren
  5. My God! Our service manager said his Saturday appointment was a no show at 9am... GPS shows he didn't even get to the mans house before turning around. So I thought, benefit of the doubt maybe the GPS didn't track it right, but the two time stamps showing him going and turning around are only a minute apart. Someone is lying here. But nothing will be done once I report it, as usual... (rant over) I thought the same. I watched SPLIT last night. Now I really want to see GLASS.
  6. wow, scrolling through this was wonderful. The professor looks great. Well done.
  7. My job is technically called Traffic and Logistics Coordinator but they call it Customer Care Rep. I receive a problem then delegate it to the correct project manager then double check they took hold of it. After that I process Services for the service manager and do measurement checks on all orders. What I'm saying is my job is very small projects in quick order. My skill comes in how quickly I handle it and let me tell you, the previous guy could not handle it. LOL. I rather enjoy it. Monday being the most busy of all days. It tappers off by Friday... most of the time.
  8. I tell you what, I'm learning SO MUCH teaching someone how to paint. I'm seeing just how much I dont know. Cheese-n-crackers. On another note. It's 4:26pm and I get off at 5... I've finished everything and I'm bored. LOL.
  9. EVERY TIME there is a cold snap (reverse) here in Alabama I start coughing... EVERY TIME! I'm getting sick of this...
  10. Work on about 5 or 6 projects at onces... two that I think are complete (and/or I don't want to do anymore on them). And then there is painting silk like fabric and over thinking the process...
  11. I did not use bacon no, but that is because I don't eat pork. I used Irish butter stick and rubbed it all of the pan. :) Super good! Yes indeed... I think I have new addiction. In a bowl with some almond milk. :)
  12. So I made Jiffy cornbread the other day in my new castiron... WOAH! So good I think I got addicted. LOL. Good recommendation! THANK YOU.
  13. Cornbread... You know, I've never made cornbread before. TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. GOOD DEAL! How often should I season them? The ones I just ordered have cast iron handles too.
  15. I'll be honest, I've heard about seasoning the pan but I don't know what that means. I need to look it up. I just ordered the pans. :)
  16. Yeah, I keep reading about how "non-stick" stuff is not really good for you and I've been wanting to do it well before I read that.
  17. So i'm thinking of buying cast iron pans for everyday cooking. They have a decent set on amazon. Also, I'm super jealous of the snow you all are getting. :( I would be nice to see some real snow around here. (Alabama)
  18. Productive weekend and productive Monday. Besides having this sickness looming over me I'm doing rather well! How was everyone's weekend?
  19. Cato's Cajoles.... added to the list. Thank you.
  20. Random request to the hive mind: A word that means to motivate or inspire AND starts with a "C" or a "K". I'm looking for a word that kind of rhymes with the last name Cato. ---Another entry of Cato's ______
  21. So I made a lofty goal for 2019: To do my best not to purchase miniatures that I am not going to use for a project as soon as they arrive. With only one exception; If Tre Manor does a KS for sci-fi or Samurai style miniatures. I've done very well for the month of January.
  22. Well done. The coloration is eye catching and the hair looks very natural. :)
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