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  1. 19 hours ago, Mad Jack said:

     Oh, it is glorious...  ::D:    Or, at least, it is if you're just a passenger on one and it's not your permanent job to sail the damn thing, lol.


    Nice! I can imagine it becomes tiresome if it's your job. 


    17 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Somehow, any time I have avocados in front of me, I end up turning them into guacamole....


    But, be warned, guacamole is not without it's dangers... especially when placed next to the wasabi....


    The Auld Grump


    guacamole is basically the only way I eat avocados. Wasabi mixed in, even just a little, sounds really good actually. :) 


    15 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

    From CNN:  “Watch Drake surprise heart patient” 


    Am I the only one that thinks intentionally surprising a heart patient might, just maybe, not be the brightest idea ever?


    HAHAHAH! I thought the same thing.


    13 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    I am baking cookies. This is the first time I've baked anything at sea level in probably a decade. 


    I await my tin full of your cookies eagerly. Sincerely - Arc 




    55 minutes ago, Flit said:

    The pumpkin spice horror  knows no bounds. I wouldn't have believed it if I haddenent seen it myself






    "when Pumpkin spice is life, even your dog's breath should smell of your craving. Greenies... Helping to further along your irrational addiction to Pumpkin spice."

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  2. 43 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    I think that some time before summer ends, I will drag Megan to see the tide in the Bay of Fundy and to see the Old Sow - the biggest whirlpool in this hemisphere.


    I honestly think that if you live in a state, you should not leave the natural wonders to just the tourists. (Then again, I am looking forward to when Brigid is old enough for Storyland... so maybe I just like being a tourist in my own state....)


    The Auld Grump



    From the pictures it looks really nice. I think you and Doug are right. I'm going to put that as one of my goals to visit more places around Alabama. Thanks.

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  3. I'm at this point in this miniature I'm painting that I'm trying something I've done before but I think I've gotten better at it. I finished a session the other night, looked at it and could not believe I just did that. It looks so much better than the last time I tried it. ::D:::D:

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  4. 1 hour ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:
    1 hour ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:



    38 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Since those kinds of things generally attend upon a product launch for us, it would probably be something like pre-launch training or pre-launch OJT if the "on-the-job" part is important to emphasize.


    For your case, perhaps something like pre-event training?



    Yes, something like a Pre-event training but I think I'm looking for a more technical word(s) to describe it. This is a good starting point thank you two for the help.



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  5. Hello all, Happy Thursday!


    I need to shoot a question out to all of ya'll!


    Trying to find the right way to word this and my having a major lapse of thought here.


    Your training in area 1, area 2 etc etc etc to get ready for the big event in which you will use all these skills and more.

    - What would you call that process of preparing for that event? 


    Example: I'm training right  now in carpentry and my mentor is showing me how to use a router in interesting way, then how to use a table saw and other tools of the trade so that when the big contract comes down I will be ready to handle the project. what is that process called. 

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Clearman said:



     )  (  (    (
                                             (  )  () @@  )  (( (
                                         (      (  )( @@  (  )) ) (
                                       (    (  ( ()( /---\   (()( (
         _______                            )  ) )(@ !O O! )@@  ( ) ) )
        <   ____)                      ) (  ( )( ()@ \ o / (@@@@@ ( ()( )
     /--|  |(  o|                     (  )  ) ((@@(@@ !o! @@@@(@@@@@)() (
    |   >   \___|                      ) ( @)@@)@ /---\-/---\ )@@@@@()( )
    |  /---------+                    (@@@@)@@@( // /-----\ \\ @@@)@@@@@(  .
    | |    \ =========______/|@@@@@@@@@@@@@(@@@ // @ /---\ @ \\ @(@@@(@@@ .  .
    |  \   \\=========------\|@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ O @@@ /-\ @@@ O @@(@@)@@ @   .
    |   \   \----+--\-)))           @@@@@@@@@@ !! @@@@ % @@@@ !! @@)@@@ .. .
    |   |\______|_)))/             .    @@@@@@ !! @@ /---\ @@ !! @@(@@@ @ . .
     \__==========           *        .    @@ /MM  /\O   O/\  MM\ @@@@@@@. .
        |   |-\   \          (       .      @ !!!  !! \-/ !!  !!! @@@@@ .
        |   |  \   \          )      .     .  @@@@ !!     !!  .(. @.  .. .
        |   |   \   \        (    /   .(  . \)). ( |O  )( O! @@@@ . )      .
        |   |   /   /         ) (      )).  ((  .) !! ((( !! @@ (. ((. .   .
        |   |  /   /   ()  ))   ))   .( ( ( ) ). ( !!  )( !! ) ((   ))  ..
        |   |_<   /   ( ) ( (  ) )   (( )  )).) ((/ |  (  | \(  )) ((. ).





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  7. 9 minutes ago, Crowley said:






    Or bacon...


    The owner and his son are coffee EVERYTHING. The great thing is we have a SUPER nice maker and really good coffee and I'm in charge of it's upkeep. Its like a perk of the job I never knew I would get! BONUS!



    3 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

    Did they add a lot of content while I wasn't looking?  It started out well but once you got a decent ship you basically went from planet to planet looking randomly for the next resource you need for the next upgrade. Then you hit the endgame succeed and do it all over again.  The ability to build and leave your own ruins and waypoints would be cool but I never saw any ability to build bases when I was playing.


    Did they make it better while I wasnt looking?  This game has so much promise and, at least when it was released, almost completely failed to deliver


    Oh yeah, No Man's Sky NEXT is what it's called on PS4 & PC and just the name on Xbox. It was a HUGE update that JUST came out like last week. Because of that update Xbox was willing to release it on their system too which is how I could play it. 


    True Multiplayer, a story line of some kind and what now. I would go back and check it out. I just started but My friend who plays it on PC says it makes the game playable all over again. Full on base building and multiple races to chose from.

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  8. So I started playing No Man's Sky on xbox 1 last night. WOW, If you like Subnautica, minecraft and survival in general you will like this game. The scope of this game is deeper than I thought. No joke. From building on a planet to taking off and going to another planet to build there this game is... expansive to say the least. More to come.


    (First Screen shot from the game)




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  9. 11 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    The water is glorious!  The whole piece looks wonderful to my eye.  Leopardpixie is one lucky person to get such a marvelous piece!

    Yeah it turned out well. Thank you.


    11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Great diorama!

    :) :) THANKS Wolf of the might Glitterness. :) 


    3 hours ago, Iridil said:

    OOO - I really like it. The skin tight cloths on the guy are great, as is his face and glowing sword. The composition is very striking with the layout and the blue of the water tied in with the women's cloths and also  details on the man.

    Thanks! I really tired for some color theory to make it look a little more balanced in appearance.


    3 hours ago, Limey72 said:

    I like this a lot Arc very well done

    Thank you Limey, I'm glad you like it. :) 


    26 minutes ago, Othikent said:

    Lovely work! I'm a sucker for dioramas. What brand did you use for the water?

    Thank you the brand of water effect is (I'll check, the name is alluding me right for some reason.)

  10. Good Morning all! 


    So I finally got mine and my neighbors yard cut last night. Did a baseball field style for the first time. It was a lot hard than I thought it was going to be. Looks nice though. 


    Started playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 this last Sat. got to say, the campaign is great. Multiplayer is pretty good. Also been playing PUBG but not doing great at it. The xbox One version is... "clunky" to say the least.

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