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  1. Upgraded my pledge to $26, those pieces are beautiful and will be a nice addition to my Reaper graveyard and GW Garden of Morr. Just looked at Galladoria Games website, but didn't really like the quality of the sculpts.
  2. Wow, the plundered tombs are amazing! I'm in for the $15 pledge, may change to $26 due to free SG.
  3. What I like about this campaign: - Garm - Seer Troll - Stag Clan (though there is no need for a 6th clan) - Clan Tokens The wolfwoman idea is great, but I don't really like the sculpt. Hate the giantess miniature and art. The golden gods are OK, maybe they will make nice statues for D&D, but I don't have much use for them as I already own the gods of Asgard expansion. I'm on the fence, here's hoping for some nice SG along the way.
  4. Saved for later in hopes that they change the pledge system. The undead are awesome!
  5. These are beautiful! The Old Town and the Wizarding District pledges might be worth it, but I really need grids to play =/
  6. Awesome miniature and painting! What's the base size? Ras Nsi is medium size in Tomb of Annihilation, but it's base looks like 40-50mm
  7. I've just find out about this project and it looks awesome: - Great detail - Durable - Best use of space - Easy for DM to place room by room. - Affordable I think it may be the best dungeon tile system ever made. Is there any drawback?
  8. Modular buildings with playable interior (grids on the floors), similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebQU7GipJcA
  9. Demogorgon Huge 5th edition Orcus Yeenoghu Marut (Mordenkainen's tome of foes) Nightwalker yuan-ti anathema A fallen angel  Zombie T-rex Tower Tavern Windmill More buildings
  10. Great idea, I own and love this miniature, but would like it to be bigger for a nightwalker, at least the height of Bones 3/4 giants. The Giants of Legend one is my plan B at the moment. I was thinking maybe converting a ruler of Hell from Bones 4?
  11. Well, some monsters that I love from D&D 3rd edition are back with Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. So now I need a huge Nightwalker miniature, do you guys have any suggestion? The only one I know is #72 Giants of Legend D&D Miniature. It could be a huge slender demon miniature. Using a bit of greenstuff wouldn't hurt.
  12. I pledged for the concept art of the frost giant raider and I'm also really disappointed about the sculpt with the obvious big boobs. That's not the first time it happens on a Bones Kickstarter, is there any official statement from Reaper staff about this issue?
  13. What do you guys think? Buy Wizkids T-Rex or buy Bones and cut it´s 3rd finger? Both look nice...
  14. I have only the huge giants and love them, though I think they could still be a bit taller.
  15. I was waiting since July 25, 2015 to add Behir, kobolds, temple dragon and brain in a jar to my cart. All of them part of an expansion of Bones 3 Kickstarter and finally released in January. I couldn`t afford paying $50 for this expansion when the KS was live. i hope strongly we get the last models from Bones 3 KS so I can complete my order.
  16. Do we have a picture of how BlackSting`s base and the Fantasy Scenics piece connect to DDSII?
  17. Totally agree. The duelist sculpt is gorgeous, but high heels simply put her together with dozens of female miniatures that my D&D group will never pick as their character.
  18. Just failed my will save. Backing for at least 15 gorgeous miniatures from this and previous campaigns. Wish I could afford them all...
  19. Terrain specific to race. Example: a Dwarven Temple, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins, drow buildings Temple Castle gate and walls Siege towers Huge Demogorgon (3 inches base) Jubilex (Demon Lord of Oozes) Yeenoghu (Demon Lord of Gnolls) Asmodeus Nothics Mindflayers Dragonborns
  20. Love the Dragon Turtle! It would be too bad if it is not gargantuan though.
  21. The good thing about exclusives is that if you have cash to spare, you can treat it like an investment if you end up not liking the content. Even in Brazil, where I spend $80 shipping + 60% taxes on top of pledge+shipping, I can still resell it and get my money back.
  22. Just finished inventorying everything and I`m really impressed with the overall quality of the miniatures. Love the "not so bendy" material Reaper used for Bones III and also the cemetery pieces made of hard plastic. That being said, my female frost giant is missing the arm with the staff, which is not really a problem as I don`t intend to paint her anytime soon. But I actually have an issue with 3 cemetery fences (2 large and 1 small) that have bendy grids. Will the boiling and ice water strategy work on this material? Can this procedure be harmful in any way? I can see it is a bit white on the damaged part, it doesn`t stay on the correct position when I try to fix it with a gentle push and I`m hesitant to force and eventually break it.
  23. This is indeed a beautiful Demogorgon! But I think I`ll to wait for the one that will come in Bones IV
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