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  1. Damn, y'all, what an amazing and unexpected turn that all took.
  2. Big fan of the Bee's political reporting.
  3. Fire terrifies me, but mostly just because the house is full of so much paper.
  4. Scott Ciencin's The Night Parade. Ex-Harper and now ruler of a northern city heads south to the desert of Calimshan to find the teenage daughter she'd believed stillborn. The occasional good idea buried in a mound of melodrama and angst, and a plot that seems to string the reader along. Surprising amount of horror stuff happening here for the Realms, if that's your bag. James Lowder's The Ring Of Winter. Intrepid explorer Artus Cimber heads into the jungles of Chult in his decade-long quest for a magical artifact capable of great evil and destruction--or possibly good. A rather pulpy adventure held back by the dullness, or flatness, of Artus, and most the characters around him, through most of the book and the inexplicable appearance of some talking wombats. Mark Anthony's Crypt of the Shadowking. A rollicking adventure as broken ex-Harper Caledan Caldorien (all-time bad name tho), returned after seven years to the dark memories of his erstwhile hometown to find it under the hold of darker forces still, finds new life in teaming with a young Harper agent to save the city--and world beyond--from an old nemesis looking to unleash a terrible force upon the Realms. A lot of standard/familiar themes and elements executed near to perfection here.
  5. You know, nobody likes to think they'd ever be a fascist, we all love talking about muh democracy, but then you start looking around and realizing how much better off your sister or your cousin or the creepy guy selling his dying mom's household goods off at the pawn shop would be if you were making their decisions for them, and, hell, I don't know, man. tl;dr Takhisis 2020, I guess.
  6. Game night. Worst rolling night I've maybe had ever lol. 3s, 5s, a nat 1 all over the place. Oy. Group was down one member--our bossy dude lol. So we spent nearly an hour walking around outside an estate and then finally just barreled in and murder-hobo'd everything. It was spectacularly silly. And I realized I apparently lost a percentile die last week. From a set that was a gift. It's my third-string set, but still.
  7. Great collection. Been 15 years or so since I read it, but it really hit me hard back when. Never could get into any of his other work, but he captured lightning there. Never have watched the movie tho.
  8. You know if you knock out your drywall there's actually space between the studs of the frame where you can stick stuff.
  9. Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury. An "anime visual album" for Simpson's new record. Post-apocalyptic samurai &c. This was almost freakin' incredible but lost its own thread and kind of plateaued at pretty good. Scattered but fun.
  10. Mal was at $60, iirc, and I was guessing up from there, w/r/t my thinking the ship will be quite a bit larger than that, to arrive at thinking it'd have to fall around a Benjamin at least. And $100 wouldn't be terrible. I don't think. Maybe $75 ain't crazy tho. I sold my Mal and haven't seen him in a while. But he wa'n't no three foot long.
  11. It'd seem like a steal at $75, to me (I'm all for it, of course). Maybe I just have a bad idea of how much plastic it's gonna take.
  12. RE: pirate ship Absolutely no way it comes in under a hundred bucks. I mean, right?
  13. Funded just shy of $300k. Great run there. Pledge manager will be open in the next week or so if you missed out. See everybody in June or whenever.
  14. Closing in on the 24-hour mark here, and it's all gravy. Everything's unlocked as far as add-ons and expacs go. The deck is up to 180 cards I believe it is, 3 expansions, and 8 add-on sets iirc. Not bad. I caved and upped for all those. The digital value is what's truly unreal here. Digital copies of all that for a minimum of $14, I think it is. Spectacular.
  15. So. Pirate ship.