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  1. Dang. Sucks. I never did buy a Bag o' Crap, and now I regret it. I have quite a few of their washes and bases and the tiles or whatnot from the mine set that I never have gotten around to painting, of course. Always liked their stuff. Is Bryan still working over there?
  2. Started to put this in the other thread but guess it belongs here: It was Rebuild of Evangelion day at my house. Rewatched the first 3 and capped it off with the latest and last. Not as taxing as LotREE day, but perhaps more tiresome. I'm glad it's over. I guess I'm old and boring and just not the target audience anymore; or maybe Anno, like Lucas before him, just shouldn't have been allowed to keep messing with his own creation. I dunno. The closing volume hearkens back to the series in ways I appreciated, but it all still seems pretty unnecessary at about every level.
  3. I wanna make a joke about being Fatman, quite similar to Batman but neither rich nor fit, but my brain just isn't working.
  4. If y'all will forgive a bit of shameless self-promotion, I've got a very-short story out in the world today about being a neurotic hypochondriac trying to live a little bit normally in pandemicworld. Not that is have any insight into such a thing. 👀
  5. All thundery this evening. Feel like I should be adventuring with a band of warriors along the windy seaside somewhere.
  6. Same lol. My laziness is nigh insurmountable. Tho too my old DVDs have been moved and banged around so many times over the last twenty or so years I dunno if they'd still play anyway.
  7. Oh, forgot about that. The Eva rebuild is on Amazon. They just added the fourth part to Prime last night. Original series is better tho, budget constraints notwithstanding. Wish Netflix had the original dub (as I am a heathen and don't pay enough attention to things to read subs).
  8. I'll never forget moving out to Montana, coming west across the state and seeing fires along the side of I-90. It was a bad fire season, but I didn't really see any smoke at first. Just hazy. I didn't know any better and thought it was just overcast. Nobody seemed to think anything of it, so we just rolled right along. It was a solid two weeks before I figured out that I wasn't flicking cigarette ashes all over myself but that it was drifting in from nearby fires. Kind of put it a bit more into perspective. broccoli was pretty wild.
  9. Just so y'all know what power you apparently hold over me, after the talk here of SG-1, I now am sitting right at the end of season 8. It's been a fun ride. Don't know if I'll watch the Ori seasons or not. Will almost certainly watch at least a couple Atlantis seasons first. But. Some takeaways: Season 3 is the best season. 7 is probably the other best. The Jonas Quinn era really wasn't that bad, for the most part. Still weird that all the women seemed to want to bang him tho. Yu is my favorite system lord. I can't really explain why. Everybody h
  10. I fear I'll have to join the eternal rage against the machine when they try the passport stuff here. Demanding the showing of papers to access simple services is untenable.
  11. Welp. Started the Ravenloft AL material tonight. Opened with a shared character creation utilizing the Tarokka deck and then just barely got started with the adventure, set the scene for next week basically. Anyway, gotta say I had a lot of fun. I walked in with nothing but a race and sex for my character and rolled with it. Worked out really well. But I like that sort of random generation thing anyway. Others had a bit more formed idea and really liked it too. I leaned heavily into dark themes for a fallen aasimar warlock, high charisma, very much not my usual thing, so we'll see.
  12. I've had Marthrangul sitting around forever and tl;dr have decided to paint him red. Any advice on what paints to use? I was thinking about a base of Brick Red and guessing my way up from there. But then it occurred to me I might ask! Also: color(s) for belly scales, claws, horns, wings? Many big, large thanks in advance.
  13. It's been a while since I painted a mini, for years or so, yikes, but I guess a combination of Bones V's fulfillment and an incoming batch of Red Box Games minis really got me in the spirit. Naturally I leapt right to it... with a kind of random WizKids mini. But! Probably not a bad idea to start throwing off some rust on something a little less nice. Not that I'll get much better than this. But I really goofed and struggled all over the place here. If I had any shame I'd be too embarrassed to show it to anyone. Y'all deserve better. But! I had fun. He's a pretty nice f
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