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  1. Confession: I have, like, a lot of John Irving books on the shelf but somehow never get around to reading him. Kinda feel bad about it. Ah, fedposting this evening, are we? 👀
  2. I mean, it depends? If I'm running a game I haul in all the stuff. I've played with groups where I brought extra minis &c. and we'd all bring food to share a meal. Most recently playing AL at a store I don't bring stuff to share because it's not a thing.
  3. Painted a female mini's outfit purple and yellow once. It was pretty atrocious. Did one pink and people one though and it turned out surprisingly okay.
  4. Who told you this heresy. Anyway, just rubbed me the wrong way. Opinions are great and all, but some of them are really, really, bad.
  5. Okay, so I'm not the biggest Reaper fanboy by any stretch--I think they're a well-run outfit at the very top of the mini-making game, far as quality for price and the like goes, but that's about the extent of my feelings, whatever, I ain't tryna be their homeboy or white knight or what all--but I just ran into some dumbbroccoli in a Facebook group badmouthing Reaper, saying they "abuse" Kickstarter--saying they're a "big company," implying they just use the platform as a pre-order system, which is immoral I guess--and I kid you not I felt personally broccoliing offended. The Bones projects are
  6. I've grown old and lazy and I haven't gone on a good scorched-earth kamikaze forum raid in so long. Not that I ever did such a thing at any time ever, nor have the moderators of any message boards ever dreaded having to clean up a mess I made.
  7. Sigh. Hate to admit this, but I'm kinda tired of my AD&D game. Kinda tired of most everything rn. And yet but however... been thinking lately how much I'd love to run a Pathfinder game again. So I dunno. The great thing about having no artistic talent whatsoever is that I never have to use any font except Times New Roman. And emotes. 🙃
  8. Always fun to peruse the local merchants' smoking accessories.
  9. Like. More plain-like bases or scenic-like bases? 'Cause. Uh. 👀
  10. Only one of those I've read. One of those books best read young.
  11. I smell a magic item a-brewing. 🧙‍♂️
  12. I kinda enjoy auctions. My dad always tries to make me go to them to do his (literal) bidding because I'm big and hairy and he thinks my big dumb stubborn countenance encourages people to quit bidding more quickly than they do with him. Good to be good for something, I suppose. 🙃
  13. Oh, no worries there lol. We're on baby settings fo sho.
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