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  1. I dunno, Cobra Commander looking pretty cute lately. 🤔
  2. It’s all very technical but basically boils down to a certain political extremism/religious rambling/nudity ratio that only the most sophisticated AIs can calculate and identify in real time.
  3. That made me think, and I had to check: Surely enough, there’s already a d20 waffle iron.
  4. So my (modified) #dungeon23 is going all right, but last couple days I decided I was kind of light on map and heavy on description, so I supplemented with some little drawings, and, well… nice reminder that I cannot draw for squat. 😅
  5. Hiding things from ourselves is a family tradition around here, and then when we do it we like to get all paranoid and think somebody must’ve stolen what we can’t find. The less valuable the object the better.
  6. Ok, I see some drawbacks and all, but… why do I want this in my house so badly?
  7. Good afternoon! I find myself obsessed of late with Pharaoh’s magicians and that that would make either for a great subject/conceit for a novel or else a pretty kicking band name. That is all.
  8. So I’ve been selling some stuff and shopping around waaaaaay too much in a favorite FB RPG sales group, and tl;dr the other day I picked up a lot of nine old d20 modules for, like, 40 bucks shipped, which was a great deal, but there was one book in particular that made it a must-have for me: I was vaguely aware that this existed but never had seen it in person, so a neat find.
  9. Out of curiosity I downloaded the pic and tried to blow it up but the resolution isn't high enough to actually read it. The first character looks like a Letter C so the answer is "probably not". GEM Lol. Can’t remember what the name on the tag was, but I think his first name was Eugene… I also just learned Tim Russ was also the “We ain’t found broccoli!” guy in Spaceballs, which is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.
  10. Spotted a young Lt. Tuvok working security at the mall on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before he landed the position on the Voyager…
  11. Are bomb checks a new thing, or did I just never catch one? It’s been nearly 15 years since I’ve flown.
  12. Troll Lord Games is doing a flash sale to clear out their 5e stock, if that’s anybody’s bag… I’ve been divesting myself of 5e goods, but I felt compelled to snatch some stuff up.
  13. We don’t have Costco neat enough here, but this sounds perfect for my mom. She has a very restrictive diet and really likes sticky white rice, but she doesn’t have a good single-serving option.
  14. More a lack of energy and need, really. And eyesight! I still enjoy painting on the rare occasions I do it, but my days of trying to crank out dungeon fodder and NPCs and stuff for games are behind me, alas. Definitely also have too many though lol. I’ve been trying to break my habit of collecting things just to collect.
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