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  1. D&D got canceled tonight, as the DM couldn't make it home from work in time, so I'm still two weeks from escaping Avernus. Alas! So I dropped by the F(ns)LGS and picked up some map tiles they'd pre-ordered for me back before the apocalypse happened. I was the tenth person into the small storefront, which kind of freaked me out lol. Not sure why it was so busy. Freakin' M:TG players lol. But I've been so isolated! So weird to be near people, even for a second. This really is no way to live. Also sat a while at the dam and read. Great breeze was blowing through, Tennessee River lazy, just lovely. Got home and over the course of the evening unpacked all six bookcases. Everything's stacked up and ready to start assembling. I'd've gone ahead and tapped in the pegs or dowels or whatever and got all those done, but I reckon somebody stole my hammer again. So probably do that in the morning and go from there. My health and fitness have deteriorated to the point this is all rather a struggle, I'm embarrassed to report. Don't know if I'll try to finish them solo or not. We'll see!
  2. Either that and/or new/updated PF2 iconics maybe? I've kinda been wanting to paint again lately. Kinda. Everything's covered in sooooo much dust tho.
  3. Hoo boy. I'm a moron. Those IKEA shelves arrived, and only then did the clouds of my idiocy part enough to let me realize that that seventh shelf about which I was so excited is just the "height extension unit" I saw mentioned but failed to comprehend. So I'm feelin' pretty nonplussed. But. The sixth shelf is one better, and since the top of the actual bookcase is apparently load-bearing, I don't see why I couldn't just line books all the way across with some bookends to hold 'em and call it a day without the extra trouble of the extension. So. Net win still, I guess. If I can return the extension units it's not so bad. So fingers crossed. Still. Dumb. Both it and I.
  4. Whuuuuutt......? There was talk of clothes pins. Which were these little spring clamps used in ancient times to hang wet laundry on a line to dry. Better known to modern man perhaps as a device used to close potato chip bags between feedings.
  5. I've become so bloated with the future that the very thought of hanging my clothes out to dry on a line makes me rather anxious. //
  6. Not all the packages actually get to ride inside the truck, I guess.
  7. I haven't been in Beekeepers for years now, but I'm a big ol' right-wing turd, so, sorry, I guess. I've caught some pretty good shade for it, too. All very polite, to be sure, but I'll be really honest and say that it can get passive-aggressive af around here. I think refusing to allow casual mention of certain topics actually exacerbates the issue to some extent. Lord knows nobody wants this to be r/politics or whatever, but you can't really respect someone and silence them at the same time. It's always been weird to me, but I have a really easy time not giving a broccoli about other people's disagreeable opinions, so I'unno. Anyway, all creative forums peak and decline. A base gathers, generally folks who're around the same skill level, and they learn and grow together to a point where the kind of general knowledge and basic advice that can be shared in an online forum isn't what they need anymore, so then they move on as they begin to apply all the craft they've learned in an idiosyncratic way as all artists do. If you're learning and growing, that's just what you do. If that's all you want out of a forum, you're gonna move on. It happened with the writing forum I grew up in. I just happened to land in the place at just the right time, a lot of us were at that Creative Writing 102 kind of level, and we had a great run where we were grappling with the same problems and learning to do the same stuff and it was easy to be helpful to each other. We'd examine and tear down a piece and study how it worked and find ways it might work better. But there came a point where we'd write a poem, and, you know, it just didn't need a line-by-line critique anymore. It was structurally sound and all the basics were there. We still could read and enjoy each other's work, and still offer critique, but it was a different kind of thing, specific instead of general. A paragraph where a page of feedback once went. New folks would come in, but there was a limit on how many times we could offer the same old intro advice over and over when we were trying to do other stuff. Most of us were not meant to be teachers lulz. The community was still awesome, though. Some people wandered off, like people always will, but the real value of the forum turned out to be the way it allowed us to pour our lives through a filter of shared interest. Like, writing a poem and attacking it workshop-style was great and all, but it was even better just to have a chance to shoot the breeze about what was happening at school or work or at home or in the world, and have writing and lit and all permeate it. (The forum eventually died anyway, as the site enacted changes that drove us all out, but that's a whole 'nother story.) I'm in a similar spot on with painting minis, I guess. I pretty much peaked, don't have the talent to get better but know what I'm doing wrong and all, and when I paint, which is rarely, I'm not really worried about getting better, as such. And I don't really have any insight to offer anyone else. I like looking at minis and stuff tho, and I still come here (again, sorry lulz) mostly just because I like pretty much everybody and generally find interesting the stuff y'all talk about.
  8. ...I just saw a video of a woman stopping to borrow a drill from a worker cleaning up a storefront after riots so she could pose for an "I'm helping!" selfie before hopping back in her car and driving away, and if I confirm this is legit I fr may board my soulship and finally exit this planet once and for all.
  9. Lot of personal and professional disappointment here this morning. The apocalypse is losing its luster. Or looking better. Depending how you look at it. Meh.
  10. Origins was an absolute BLAST. Loved just looking at that game. Somehow, despite the stark desert setting, it's the second most visually arresting game in the series by my ranking (behind Unity). Only knock I can make on it as that they perfected the gameplay so much with Odyssey I never could go back and play Origins for getting irritated with the controls and whatnot. ETA: Dang, I really wanna play some AC now.
  11. They're just getting started tearing stuff up in Nashville, from what I hear, but I'm too far out to have to worry about it. Y'all all stay safe out there. Lot of good people tryna do good things, but seems like an awful lot of bad actors running loose at this point too. Take care of yourselves.
  12. I'm told there are probably just two weeks of Avernus left. Don't know if I'm gonna live through it. I'd like to do something besides stare at the Internet and scroll and click, but that's about all I've managed to do this week. Can't even read, much less write. I'm about at peak uselessness. Dang lol, y'all sad-reacting reacting that, so I must be giving the wrong impression. Everything's pretty all right; I'm just ridiculously unable to get myself motivated.
  13. Started a new book tonight--yet another story collection, for those keeping track and rolling your eyes at home--and the first story featured miniatures! And it was a lovely, touching story, too. Pretty good reading so far.
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