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  1. AAAAWWWWWWWWW YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH The whole safe-chase thing was ridiculous tho.
  2. Marvin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I didn't miss a convo about squatting Slavs in tracksuits, did I? In other news, my father and I have raised the bar on ridiculous domestic antics and gone to planting tomato plants in the flower bed in front of the house. Farmer-dab.jpg
  3. T-shirt haul. I'm about set for summer. Behold my dated pop-culture savvy!
  4. Marvin

    Youtube reaction videos

    Hating on bad things is so much more enjoyable than people realize, though. And it makes good things even better. It's like purifying silver or gold, but if you got high off huffing super-heated metals like you do paint. It's really, really enjoyable, I guess is what I'm saying. Anyway, what's up with them kids watching videos of other kids playing video games for hours on end. Go outside! But stay off my lawn!
  5. Marvin

    Book inventory apps/software

    The SFF self-publishing scene, in particular, is WILD on Goodreads. Younger Marvin could have absolutely trolled those people to Kingdom come with practically no effort. And to be honest, they'd be better for some of that. But that's neither here nor there. I use Goodreads to inventory the books I've read and keep track of my pseudo-reviews. I don't interact with anyone, at least on purpose, though I have considered deleting my reviews since I've shared totally honest but less than flattering thoughts on work by people whose literary circles cross mine, and, well, you know how people get. Even if they're not wildin' out on Goodreads, they remember. No clue how their app does or if it even does a scanning thing-a-ma-bingie, as I'm a Luddite and type everything in via web browser. They're usually good about recognizing various editions of books tho. They're owned by Amazon now, and that kinda sucks. They totally shafted indie folks on their giveaway program here in the last year or so, but I'unno. As a cataloging system it does its do for free*, and likely don't have to worry about its disappearing in the night or anything, at least for a fair while. *Free as anything ever is; I'm sure they're collecting our data and etc. etc. etc. like everybody else.
  6. Started to talk about this last night and didn't, but here we are now, so. Here's a pet-peeve thread crossover event for the ages, the largest that's ever happened and dare I say the G.O.A.T.: I am so weary of any criticism of these movies--or any "nerd culture" movie these days, really; I actually experience this a lot more with Star Wars than Marvel--being met with a response somewhere (a) on the Fan Purity axis or (b) on the Social Justice Commitment axis. Bruh. Nah. Let me tell you. (a) Particularly around places like this, I mean, you know--consider where you are. You're on a website dedicated to painting little metal men to push around the table while playing complicated games of make-believe where bearded dwarf-ladies and talking bird-people team up to steal glowing dragon underpants from the castle of a mad baron who is actually three goblins standing on each other's shoulders and using a glamor placed on them by an evil dragon mage to fool the townspeople. When folks talk about the logical failings of a movie like this, they're probably not having trouble suspending disbelief so much as talking about its inability to keep track of and logically expand on and explore what came before it in-universe. Bad writing is a problem for some folks! I started reading comics three decades ago. Grew up on fantasy and D&D. I even convinced my mom to rent that godawful Captain America movie from 1990 or whenever on VHS from the Jitney Jungle grocery's video section in the backwoods of Tennessee all them years ago. And I loved it. I was sold at an early age. It's not a matter of not being a fan of the genre of not watching the right way; it's simply honest criticism of the moviemakers' process. I have, personally, a lot of questions and reservations about how they're being made, how they're marketed, how we take them in. It bothers me most how soulless they've become--they're horribly formulaic and without meaningful story to tell or statement to make beyond pushing the next product. Consume current product, hype the next, never stop to think. I'unno. I find it discouraging that no one ever acknowledges, frex, that Iron Man, Ant Man, Dr. Strange, and Black Panther are the same movie with a different skin slapped on: If you liked Iron Man you'll love Poor-ex-con Shrinking Iron Man and Afrofuturist Iron Man! It's more reminiscent of a collection game than the making of entertaining art, sometimes. More Pokémon's Gotta Catch 'Em All! than vibrant, urgent storytelling. It'll be interesting to see how this gambit holds up in whatever phase we're hitting now, as they try to power that machine with C-list characters. (b) I really can't even begin to express the duality of hilarity and frustration fomented in me by people's shouting some variation of "You just can't handle strong women!" at a fan base raised on Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, and Princess Leia, who've wholeheartedly embraced Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Alita, Katniss, etc., etc., etc., in recent years. It's not strong women, and it's not even feminism and all that; it's simply the execution. It's when it's AstroTurfed, when it's forced and inorganic, that people are put off it. Kind of a show-vs.-tell thing, if I were to try to break it to a core component. Ripley didn't have a PR department announcing her a hero and icon; she showed us who and what she was by total competence and badassery. Sarah Connor turned herself into a warrior and raised mankind's savior. Princess Leia choked a freakin' Hutt to death. And we loved them for it all. Anyway, it's totally fine to disagree with takes like this, obviously, and I think it's wonderful to discuss the points--seriously, right now, I'm enjoying this, it's fun--but these nonstarter arguments that dismiss technical criticism as evidence of personal failings have got to go.
  7. ^Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you. In other news, I've been watching a ton of stuff I've seen before, as usual, and it's been too much to keep up and bore y'all with, but I did watch Choke for the first time, finally. I'd forgotten how profoundly ridiculous the book was (though I'll never forget how poorly it was written). Movie was okay. In an odd connection to media folks around here actually give a crap about, this was directed by the SHIELD agent dude that died in the movies but was still on the TV show or whatever. Ta-da!
  8. Ah, recency bias. Whatever just happened is the most amazing and best thing that ever happened. Way worse in the sports world. Absolutely endless and hopelessly tiresome.
  9. Marvin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    tfw you select no-rush Prime shipping and get the digital credit but your order ships 2-day anyway
  10. Marvin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Good to know! I couldn't even begin to guess where there's a Staples near here, but I might one day return to a Hobby Lobby. But oh, wow, it must be three years now since I last strolled their fair ecumenical halls... RIP both my hobby and my marriage. (I'm guessing those notebooks are still around quite a few places, really, but Wal*Mart is literally the only store at which I ever shop irl. It's sad. Also, I never caught onto the fountain-pen wagon. Or any fancy-pen wagon. I don't know why. PILOT G2 FOR LYFE!)
  11. Marvin

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I guess they've just stopped making the Disney/Marvel journals I've been using for years now--and, really, any other kind, it seems. The hardcover with the elastic band to hold it shut? Wal*Mart ain't ever be having any anymore. It's killing me. I'm sure I've bemoaned this before. But! Went looking online again and ordered a few made by Peter Pauper Press, whoever they are. They seem to be reputable and are well-reviewed. May be a little undersized and paid too much for them but otherwise seem to match the specs I want. And! There are a bunch with Stephanie Law artwork on the covers! I'm no huge fan, but I ordered a couple bearing her work that look like they're going to be absolutely stunning. So hurray, I guess. We'll see how they write.
  12. Marvin

    How Many Books is a Lot?

    My library's broken broadly into genre--fiction, poetry, nonfiction--and alphabetized by author with books by each author arranged by date of publication and series where applicable. I have a couple shelves of D&D novels that were shunted into their own section because I couldn't find a suitable way to merge them with the other fiction, what with multiple authors' having entries in series and the trademark's honestly being more relevant than the author in a lot of ways and all. It still bugs me, but eh. If anybody wants to talk about those heathens what arrange their books on the shelf by color, let me know. I can make everybody forget aaaaaaaaaall about Marie Kondo.
  13. Marvin

    How Many Books is a Lot?

    Guindyloo about covered it, I reckon. I get loving books, truly, but I don't think they mean the same for most folks. Going by Kondo's aesthetic, simply think about ditching them if they don't really mean anything to you. If they're important keep them. Bam. Done. Totally agree it's ridiculous that people need this sort of simple advice in so many aspects of their lives, but, you know. It's who we are, particularly in this modern world of consumerism and philosophical emptiness. We're barely functioning. It's the same cultural morass that's made Jordan Peterson's "clean your room" advice appealing to so many people. The first step in sorting ourselves out is often simply understanding that we can control our immediate surroundings. And I mean, I think cat hoarders are nuts, but I'm sure there's some folks with thirty cats out there trying to understand how I got so monstrously fat, so I'unno.