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  1. Somehow got onto Trek, and rewatched TNG and then watched DS9 for the first time and now am rewatching Voyager. Good times, I guess. Weird how both the latter shows got so much better in season 4, in part because of an addition to the cast. DS9 got downright great in its back half too. As horrid as it was starting out, it wormed its way firmly into my heart. Started watching this Age of Samurai show on Netflix today. Couple episodes in, enjoying it so far. I've always had an interest in that era of Japan but have generally remained ignorant enough that is a nice learning opportunity. Kinda wanna watch Drifters again now tho. I got hyped up for Blown Away when it first released, but I was really disappointed in the job they did capturing the beauty of the process. Like, it just wasn't fun to look at. Also, the contestants were awful. I quit before the end of season 1 but was totally unsurprised to hear who won. It felt kinda fixed.
  2. Le sigh. Was kinda tryna talk myself into downgrading to digital, as that's what I've liked these for most, but I got in on three early bird so reckon I'll stick it out. Can always use another map lol.
  3. Oh, I finally read back far enough to see it in this thread. My apologies. Those dudes that pop in and repost content everybody's already seen a thousand times are the literal worst, and now those dudes are me. As penance and peace offering please allow me to share a vastly inferior meme I'm quite sure no one's seen.
  4. My father-in-law does that. Every meal, bite of onion with every bite of food. I... am a bit more sensative a lad, unfortunately.
  5. For some reason I ordered onion on a hamburger today, and for some reason they put practically the whole onion on it. And then, for some reason, I ate all the onion. All of it. It's been seven hours or so. Still eating that onion. Farewell forever, sweet Internets.
  6. I don't have any concerns about the fulfillment, really, though I agree it's not the best form--they're just of a size/competency level where they streamline like that, from what I understand?--but I do wish it had fulfilled first just so I could see it lol. Pirates will be my first encounter with them. I reminder'd this, will prolly back. Because, you know, D&Dy. Looks fun.
  7. Man. Every time I try to talk to the peeps on our AL Discord about doing something a little different, get outside the box a little, it is met with... deafening silence. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. If I posted about starting a game like I did today literally anywhere else I'd be inundated with responses. They don't know me well enough to know what a turd I am, so it's not that. I guess I could just holler at total strangers on the Internet, but I was trying to avoid that tbh. I think I've said something before about how this group is really hard to get interested in things beyond the Thursday-night plug-'n'-play, that even just getting a good discussion going is an uphill battle, and I guess this is simply more of the same. But it's disappointing. And kinda weird. My estranged wife said she'd like to play tho, and I've got this one fantasy where we game our way back to a happy marriage, so I guess I can fixate on that for a while now.
  8. Look, I don't want to get into a lot of details here or anything but you can basically do both these things at once, turns out.
  9. Currently scheming on how to put together regular one-shots to use some of the fluff I've got stacked up, at least.
  10. I feel like I can talk about this here and people will understand, but spoiler'd because it's kinda dark. Beware.
  11. Man. That's legit kinda depressing. They're so close to good things. I can't help but offer a totally unsolicited plan of attack: Try to make the jump from muzak to bossa nova, Antônio Carlos Jobim or Getz/Gilberto, or throw on some Milt Jackson for xylophone done right (Bags & Trane with Coltrane is killer, and I absolutely adore his later Sunflower). If they have any bent at all for an electronic/post-rock/jazz vibe hit 'em with early Tortoise (TNT or Millions Now Living Will Never Die). Honestly literally just try anything to save them from the soulless Lawrence Welk of our day and age.
  12. I think I was the only one in on this, but posting just to publicly acknowledge that they did finally fulfill, despite my concerns. Cards are okay, nice art but much too light.
  13. Over 100 random dungeon encounter cards for 5th Edition. Little slow start to this one, and they've false-started before, but I've had good experiences with Gemhammer previously.
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