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  1. He's not getting older, he's just programmed that way. So what's your explanation for Angel getting fatter on Buffy and Angel? Corpse bloat?
  2. I didn't understand at all when I was a kid watching it, but Gates McFadden was far and away the most beautiful woman on TNG. Also, she's a couple years older than my mom and still looks like a million bucks. Also also, Data is the same age! Why is the android aging?!
  3. Wootlety woot scoot! What a great night it is. I'm loving grocery pickup. Selection indeed isn't as good, but I ain't had to go inside Wal*Mart (or Kroger) in over six months, and that's pretty noice. Tried to play the banjo once but lacked the necessary fingers.
  4. I laughed all the way through it, as I have that John McClane reflex, but it was really, really, really, not funny. I was v. lucky.
  5. Been watching all the old UPN sitcoms on Netflix. Good times. Hear they're losing The Office, prolly for a while at the very least (seriously, broccoli you, NBC, I'm not doing another broccolity broccoliing streaming service, and broccoli you too, Disney and HBO and CBS, while we're at it here, I was literally threatening just to go back to cable at this point earlier tonight lol, thank you for attending my parenthetical TED talk), so think I'll restart that again here soon. It's become one of my regular go-back-tos, so will miss it.
  6. Hitting black ice at fifty miles an hour is an amazing experience even on a flat, empty road, I can report.
  7. Thought you were talking about a real house for a minute there and was feeling the familiar swell of jealousy for people with carpentry skills lol. My envy of cartography skills is palpable but a great deal less biting, fortunately.
  8. I did it in '16--again tho, stories, which isn't quite the same--and wrote, like, 75k words in a month lol. It was nuts. I went through and gathered all my loose ends and was actually ready to back all the way out. Felt like I didn't have much of anything. But then today I did some prompts and turned out a couple starters that are totally usable, and then I checked off the collected ideas that still really interest me, and there's a good thirty of them. So. Not as hopeless as I thought, anyway. Gonna keep working on prompts through the end of the month. Put myself in good position to really do it. Murder the excuses!
  9. A'ight, I's worried, but I reckon that's not the adblocker I've been using. Phew.
  10. Yikes! Horses really are terrible people. If you're comfortable standing, a standing desk or the like can be great, I'm told (I have more trouble standing than sitting, so cannot confirm). Might look into some of those backwards-type chairs specifically designed to improve posture. Take all the PT you can get. I'm also a big believer in chiropractic care--it does wonders for my posture. With injuries you'd want to be careful and all, of course, but you know.
  11. Dang, hang in there. My dad wound up in the hospital with much the same last year and has had a go-'round or two with it since, but the good news is once they got the right antibiotic in him things got a whole lot better (fwiw, it was a dermatologist that finally got him squared away). Hope you're up and running again quickly.
  12. I'm really thinking about it. Had a couple days where I was writing a lot and was gettin' all geared up to do it, but I've been a slug the last couple days now, as per usual, and the thought of having to make myself pretend to be disciplined on a day like this sounds just miserable lol. But think I'm gonna. Doing short-stories instead of a novel--gonna skip back through all the old notebooks and make a list of the languishing ideas and half-started things I really want to work on. And break out the prompt/exercise books. And see what happens.
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