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  1. Absolutely. Use a liner @Marvin BUT I WANT THE QUICK AND EASY BASECOAT oh well I kinda messed up and sprayed down that plastic base insert on my priest this morning and of course it’s a little tacky but oh well x2 It’ll take paint 💁‍♂️
  2. Welp, guy sitting next to me at D&D Thursday night tested positive for coronavirus the next morning, so I’ve been mostly holed up the last few days. Feeling fine though, so looks like I lucked out maybe. But reading a ton this weekend, and this evening got to work on a couple things: Got my mini (Bergen Sunblaze, Priest 03185) for the current Strahd campaign based aaaaaaand assembling him a crypt to explore I guess lol. It fits. Wish I’d gotten motivated a little earlier, I’d have gone ahead and gotten him primed. Which brings me at last to what I came here to ask: Anybody know if the hard Bones plastic will take aerosol primers, or does it do like the soft?
  3. There’s a surprising lot of excitement/interest here so far. We’re pretty much all pencilled in for it in August already lol. Say what you will about kids these days and their newfangled vidja games and rock-‘em sock-‘em robots and proximity to my lawn and so forth, but they’re pretty open to trying the goofier, odder things.
  4. Well. Spelljammer. My expectations are pretty low, based on the quality of recent releases, but I’m hopeful nonetheless. The box-set type format is absolutely fantastic imo.
  5. I’m admittedly not as excited for this project as I’d like to be, but I’m excited that this arrived in time for game night!
  6. Back for $1 or whatever the minimum is, and you'll have 'till the end of the year (or whenever the pledge manager closes) to make your decision. That goes for folks who feel intimidated by the upfront costs. $120 for Core is a bargain but not everyone can come up with that in one chunk. Put in what you can spare, and add to it during the months that the PM is open. This, plus the standard trader advice: Ignore the potential apocalypse, because if that happens saving the money wouldn't have done you any good anyway. Unless you're otherwise investing it in a bomb shelter et al., I guess. 👀 +1 liking this core set for the most part (though I'm also a +1 solid meh on the zombies)*. I skipped the core last time, but this is an improvement. *What I can see of it, anyway. These pictures ain't showing on my phone well at all, alas.
  7. Some new and some old and some gently used: My wife unexpectedly hopped on the Legend of Vox Machina wagon (she kept hearing about it on TikTok or something) and rushed me up on watching it. I am not a CR fan and had no real expectations beyond hoping it was okay and not too annoying. And, well. The vulgarity and forced humor were a bit much at first. But then. Absolutely fantastic. The most delightful surprise I've had in years. Its the D&D adventure I've been wanting to see on the screen since I was in middle school, pretty much. So very highly recommend. I hope all the forthcoming official D&D properties are so good. Wife's been after me to watch The Wheel of Time, too. I made the first episode the other day but haven't gotten further. Solidly ambivalent right now tbh. But! I also recently discovered Chuck! Whyyyyyyyy did I never know of this show?! Why did no one tell me?! I'm absolutely in love with everything about it. Just started season 4. So much fun. That and old episodes of the Drew Carey Whose Line Is It Anyway? have been my big downtime shows lately, with a little Space Ghost Coast to Coast thrown in for absurdity's sake (no, I am not high).
  8. Marvin

    Pirate Borg

    Pirate Borg A scurvy ridden, rules light, art heavy RPG based on Mörk Borg. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, & rum. ________ The thread for the miniatures campaign reminded me--I backed this on a complete lark the other day. Not familiar with Mörk Borg at all lol, but this was like the fifth pirate-related thing I'd seen that day and sounded kind of fun.
  9. Journal of a Lounge Lizardman: Book 1 Someone, please, convince me to back this, as it's the oddest little thing I've ever seen, maybe.
  10. I've never had any minis from Effincool. How's their plastic/what kind is it? Does their character-size stuff look pretty good in plastic or would I want them in metal?
  11. Any themes or factions seen so far that we might describe as particularly roguish or balding? 👀 I keep trying to decide if the aesthetic has shifted a bit more in the direction of cartoonish or if it's an effect of the digital renders.
  12. Kinda dig the 80s vibe. Reminds me of a few Partha dark elves I've got tucked away somewhere. Wish I could get one or two. Can't justify a whole band unfortunately, but tempted to pick up Elanor just for the free squirrel lol.
  13. Saw a preview of this somewhere a while back. I'd really like to hop in, but I'm feeling skittish tbh. Very ambitious project for a first-timer working alone.
  14. This popped up in my FB ads today, and I headed right here for the advice of the printer peeps: Is this a good get? I still never have fired up the printer I bought, but my brother keeps bugging me to try it out, and those ruins are VERY much the kind of thing I'd like to have more of. So I'm inclined.
  15. Thanks, y'all. It's good to still be here.
  16. Tim Kask's Curse of the Weaver Queen | Expanded Box Set A Classic Module Updated and Enhanced! #5e #DCC #OSE Anybody seen this? I know who Tim Kask is, but I'm not familiar with Old Guard Games. Looks kinda cool though.
  17. Yeah, I backed just to back, pretty much. CONSOOOOOOOOOOOM
  18. MAKE 100 — Bugbear P.I.: Sympathy for the Devil This looks both amazing and ridiculous. Amazingly ridiculous? The story of a bugbear PI told in 10 parts, digital or a limited edition by cards in the mail. Basically a novella in flash, I suppose. Less than 24 hours to go. Inexpensive and looks fun. Just happened to be sitting on Twitter and saw Ed Greenwood tweet about it, so I'm taking it as a sign/chance from the universe to follow my whimsy a bit.
  19. Dunno what my annoying incessant request should be this time. Technically, I didn't get the aging rogue last time. But I kinda feel like I should move on to something new. Maybe I'll shoot big and beg for an airship. That and a wizard's tower have been the two big terrain pieces on my wishlist.
  20. Coming in here all tl;dr, so apologies, but any word if they're gonna scrap or rearrange waves this time? I honestly don't even care about when my order ships, but if there's waves I'm gonna feel compelled to try to hop on a first. I know myself all too well lol. And after the cluster this last time that saw my Wave 1 among the last out the door I'm hoping they break it up more broadly or something at least. It'd be significantly cheaper than therapy for me.
  21. Yes, Vali has been lying here on her back, foot twitching along with Radiohead's OK Computer on the stereo. No, I haven't been doing drugs.
  22. Happy nearly new year, homies. This last week of a challenging 2021 I got cleared on a cancer scare and learned that I don't have diabetes, which is pretty cool. May 2022 be at least this cool for each and every one of you.
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