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  1. Oh yeah, I know all about Bones and the aerosol primers. Nothing but heartbreak there.
  2. Anybody gotten anything in the mail yet? Dunno if I've got a held-up item or if packages still haven't gone out or what. Been a week since last update. I'm all geared up and ready to go on a couple of them lol.
  3. I moved here five years ago. Finally alphabetized the DVDs yesterday. It's all about baby steps.
  4. I was gonna break out the ol' Master's Touch or whatever it is for mine (or buy new; I need to check and see if my old tubes are still liquid lol), but I've been trying to decide which color would be best for the base coat. Raw umber? Burnt umber? Burnt sienna perhaps? Also, is it possible to prime that thing (without an airbrush)?
  5. Yeah, but if they're priced right that's fine for me to try them out. tbh I'm so heavily invested in Reaper I don't really need paint, such as it is. The distribution end of it with WizKids is the most interesting part to me. Like, the FLGS might actually carry these, whereas Reaper would be harder to get them to do. Or at least so it's seemed so far. Although, I say that, but they went in pretty hard on Warhammer, so they probably won't carry these either.
  6. Eh, you know they're just gonna mess up your order anyway.
  7. Oh man I'd've liked to have bought a few more Brinewind Extras. The ship needs more cargo!
  8. I went on one of those eBay jags last month. It wasn't too bad a one, but still. Think a drug addiction would be cheaper lol. Solidarity. ✊🏻
  9. Definitely try to see them in-person first. I just grabbed a bunch online the other day, and the weak detail on the faces kinda got me. I mean, they were okay, fine for the tabletop, but they consistently didn't quite get up to Reaper standards imo. RE: those paints Don't tell Daddy Reaper I said it, but I am reeeeeeeally intrigued by a reasonably priced set of Vallejo paints distributed by WizKids. Both for trying those out, since I never have # and I think the accessibility would be great for trying to gin up interest in painting around here.
  10. I am experiencing an unbelievable urge to buy those Reapercon boxes today, and I do not know why tbh. I think I only really want the paints? But I'm having to fight. Please send help. Help abstaining or help giving in either one I guess, your call. But no. I really need not to spend that money.
  11. omgosh *heat obvs. but talk about your Freudian slip
  12. I am soooooo ready for the heart to break here. Only low 90s here all week but with the humidity, blah. Been pretty gnarly. Supposed to drop down to the low 80s for a while tomorrow, thankfully.
  13. Please enjoy a delicious hard candy! They make everything seem better.
  14. Eh. That's really cool. Better than just about any of the changes Lucas made--the stuff in Jedi is the worst, that stupid alien lounge-singer scene and the Force ghost switch at the end fill me with what surely must be an unhealthy amount of rage--and probably better-executed than most of what we got in the prequels or certainly the sequels lol. But it's still the moment at the end of the fight, the glance to Luke and the sacrifice, that really gets me. Man. I wish they'd release a high-quality unaltered cut. If I still had the old VHS box set we nearly wore out in the 90s I'd buy
  15. Oh, it'll get there. But I really underestimated that jar. And how far the dice would go. It's as though I'd never seen a milk jug before. 🙃
  16. I, uh. I should've gone with the half-gallon jar. 👀
  17. In a devastating blow to my lunch plans today, I learned that the Sonic in town is closed for a week due to an outbreak. 😕 From what I've seen from employees posting about in on Facebook everyone seems to be doing fine though, so that's good.
  18. Hey frens. I wrote an "Alex Jones style lizard spaceman conspiracy theory meets Spelljammer lizard man lore" poem, and I think it's hilarious and low-key the smartest thing I've ever written, and it's out in an online mag today. I'm excited, and I'm in search of the incredibly small audience out there who also will think it's funny. Plz reed & thx.
  19. Everything feels a little weird right now. The conflicting narratives--from the same sources!--about what's working and what isn't and who's affected and who's at fault and which numbers are up and which are down are all totally tiring. I'm still laying pretty low. Been going to church, but I still haven't had a meal out lol. Went in a couple stores maskless over the last couple weeks tho. Woo-hoo, etc. But. Having said that. I just don't feel the panic this time. The hype is clearly winding up, but I've done all I can do. I got vaccinated, which was a big deal for me, and I spent
  20. I didn't get enough Bones 5 (lol) so ordered some WizKids unpainted. I'm gonna paint I'm really gonna paint I swear it's really gonna happen this time. Been wanting some warforged, and otherwise these just struck my fancy aside from the magi; one on the right is just about right for the half-elven eldritch knight (who just got a fancy one-edged poison-dealing magic sword) I'm running right now. Little disappointed with the faces on these guys tho; don't look as good as I thought I remembered previous ones from these lines looking. Not sure how they'll do up, especially
  21. I've been wanting to try printing maps via a photo printer service, like Walgreens or CVS or Amazon or whoever, but I have t gotten around to actually doing it yet. Thought it might work for tiles; might be more of a hassle with something big as a flip mat. I dunno how they're broken up.
  22. See, that's all totally adorable, but I just don't think any of it is anywhere near as cute when I do it. 👀
  23. Ooh, I like those stairs. I really like stairs and similar terrain for some reason, I think there's something wrong with me.
  24. I think the only warping I noticed on my ship was one side of that rear balcony or whatever (is there a nice seasalty term for balconies on a boat?) and maybe one side of the quarterdeck stairs a little. Hoping it's all an easy fix.
  25. I had forgotten the magnets and was delightfully surprised by them. I really wanna figure out how to rig a magnet for the bowsprit.
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