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  1. Aaaaahhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhh. Inventory. Everything arrived. Wasn't unduly surprised by anything expected to love--the terrain was the name ggest attraction for me, and it looks as great as expected--but the biggest surprise were the dragonfolk. The detail on them looks fantastic. Bones Black is really doing it to it. And... the ship. Oh my gosh. Even knowing, kinda, I really didn't know. It's so amazing. Dry-fitted the big parts and staged a little just to see. If I actually get it painted, and ever actually host a game again, it's actually gonna be so much fun. Reconsiderin
  2. Oh, man. That was the foolhardiest few dollars I've spent today lol. But I've got a leg of that Eberron adventure I was planning but will never actually run that's set on a train, and, well. Yeah. It's perfect. Now if I can just finally get that printer up and running. 🙃
  3. I have no help to offer with that, but I was meaning to report that miniaturemarket has a ton of WizKids minis on sale for $3.50 a pop. What's coming in the next wave? I wad pretty happy to finally get Eberron characters.
  4. I don't think UPS delivers on Sunday at all, do they? We don't even get Saturday, out here in the sticks.
  5. He can certainly worldbuild, no two ways about that. I joined this book group on FB in which everyone's obsessed with Malazan, so that spurred me on to read this first one, see what the hype was about. And I get it. It's good. I'll be reading on. Sooner or later.
  6. RE: forum troubles I generally do fine with mobile aside from lack of spoiler tags, but typing in basic BBCode doesn't work anymore on mobile or desktop and it makes life hell sometimes lol. Anywho. Have not inventories Bones yet. I don't have a lot, but it may be a little while. I feel some painting coming on though. It's been... quite a while for me. But I'm feeling the call of the wild. Or the elder gods or whoever it is that does the calling, I dunno.
  7. Swung by the f(ns)lgs this afternoon, saw their new location for the first time. It was purty nice. Got stuff: First time buying Magic cards since about 1995 lol (or, well, bought a Commander deck a few years ago but never played, so never mind that). It was a lot of cards! I found it kind of tiresome just opening them all up and digging through. Anyway, was gonna share the cards that really stood out to me--I have no idea which are actually good; I've just been enjoying looking at the art and seeing old-favorite monsters &c. in
  8. This seems worth exploring. I need my DDS replaced! Incredibly shocked to hear weapon sprues are already tossed over tho... 😕
  9. Agreed with kristof on Mac'Neill. I like that version of the character; he's in a better place. I couldn't have survived eight season of Russell's O'Neill tbh, too dark. Season 1 is generally regarded as one of the weaker seasons, though I think it picks up toward the end. Season 2 is an immediate improvement, and the show peaks shortly thereafter. 2-5 is golden era, I guess, with 6-7 silver. ...dang, I wanna restart SG-1 now. 👀
  10. Got a couple pounds of Chessex eh. Full set in each was from the same batch, but otherwise I didn't get burned by getting two at once. Not a lot of overlap beyond those delightfully loud yellow-and-red pipped d6s. First bag was especially heavy on d10s: 9 d4 13 d6 w/ pips 17 d6 16 d8 28 d10 3 d% 2 d12 11 d20 99 total dice plus the set. Bag 2 felt a bit more evenly distributed, but really I guess the d6s ate up a lot of the shift: 8 d4 10 d6 w/ pips 25 d
  11. Wootlety woot scoot, UPS ran early today (pardon the bag on top, that's some dice)
  12. DDS2 hasn't gone permanently out-of-print, has it? Really gonna regret selling mine if I can't get it back when I'm finally ready to paint it like I planned. 😕
  13. Sad news: Just learned the elder statesman, such as it was, of the group with whom I played in the 3.x days has passed away. We were all community-college kids, and Bob was a good bit older but knew a couple guys in our circle, or was related to them maybe, and anyway he joined up with us too. Good guy. Been 15 years since I saw him last but still remember stories he told and dumb fun we had. RIP Bob. Y'all all remember to cherish your buddies.
  14. I went to Subway today! I went inside to order food! I haven't done that in over a year! Anywhere! I got chips off the rack! A drink out of the cooler! I touched things! Ah!
  15. Sleeping aid: consumed Night: fuzzy and warm Cricket: still alive and hidden in the house 😩 Posting format: meh
  16. Shipping notice from UPS here too. At long last! It's three emails with two tracking numbers. I'm unclear on what I'm actually getting. One's the ship; the rest should be just a single box, I'd think. So we'll see. Hurrah &c.
  17. PM says I'm locked. I placed my first order within hours of the pledge manager's opening, so there should be no ambiguity there. "5.5" would be the re-opening though, wouldn't it? I haven't checked with that email, as it's unrelated to this. Anyway, I just assumed they haven't gotten to me in the queue yet. I'm sure they'll reach me soon.
  18. The timing of the container's arrival was out of their control, but to be fair their execution from there was not. Still no shipping notice for me, alas.
  19. 6 hours to go! Just a few thousand shy of the $325k mark, will be adding some tokens.
  20. Still awake, can't sleep, just ordered a couple Chessex pounds for literally no good reason whatsoever but I think I might put them in a fishbowl on the shelf or something, goodnight.
  21. Those boxes... It's so much bigger than I ever envisioned. 🙃
  22. Xuan Juliana Wang's Home Remedies. Nice collection of stories focused on mostly young Chinese people at the confluence of tradition, new money, and westernization. Elaine Cunningham's Thornhold. This entry in the Harpers series, billed also as part of the Songs & Swords series, delivers another competent but less than surprising adventure that unfortunately keeps Danilo Thann relegated to the sidelines and Arilyn Moonblade offstage in favor of Bronwyn, a young Harper merchant with secret family ties involving the Zhentarim &c. Entertaining if not exactly for what I hoped. K
  23. Pixies, Wyrms, Demonicity – Three Mini Role-Playing Games Three ready-for-adventure mini-game boxed sets for your RPG game night, featuring the Tri-Stat System used in BESM Fourth Edition RPG. If you're looking for role-playing games that are concise enough to crack open and start playing right away, yet sufficiently robust and evocative to support longer campaign play as well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Kickstarter for the first three Tri-Stat System Mini-Game Boxed Sets – a new line of compact and complete role-playi
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