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  1. Do I need to be enthused again today, or are we still in a holding pattern?
  2. If meaning ships: maybe. Otherwise: I dunno. Mine is a quite small order caught in the holdup, aside from the ship's being large.
  3. 3 days to go. Lot unlocked, couple of cool goals coming up at $300k and just after. I really want a poster. 👀
  4. Just saw, when I popped over to check for a shipping update, that there's still time if you want to slip on in:
  5. Those WizKid bases are barely even bases st all. 👀
  6. RE: waves Maybe just larger waves would be the way to go. Like, expand that first wave to cover what was the first ~3 or so. And scale it on back from there. More happy people at launch; more maneuverability at fulfillment; still maintains tiers for shipment.
  7. No good news for me today. Oh, well. And now fire-code violations! Gotta say, this fulfillment has turned into a real comedy of errors.
  8. Whew. I'm way too sweaty and worn out, but I got those three bookshelves finished. Framewise, anyway. Now just to get the pegs and shelves in, move all the books off the old shelves, settle the new shelves in, get them bolted to the wall, move more books, find a spot and move the old shelves, get the vinyl moved, and presto! My house will be... well, still a huge mess. But the gaming library will be ordered! D&D tonight, so probably will finish all that tomorrow. I'd totes play D&D with Big George. How do we make this happen? 🤔
  9. It 100% doesn't matter, so don't get me wrong, but also feeling a bit peeved, entirely as a matter of principle, not to have a shipping notice at this point lol. Definitely feeling in favor of doing away with waves if there's a Bones 6. If I wasn't sitting here on a wave 1 I wouldn't even care or know the difference.
  10. Wave 1, dragonfolk and Shav, no notice here. 😕 Are they holding off on orders with (regular) ships again?
  11. They were sending out some number of orders with dragonfolk (and something else?) with merch that had been packaged for retail or some such, add I understood it. Wave 1, dragonfolk and what's her face dragon, and ship depending how that's working out, still no shipping notice here.
  12. Well, I do box them up, which takes care of that. Just never got to singling them out since they don't share the potential delicacies of metal minis. Smashing them all together is part of the fun I guess lol.
  13. I don't think I've ever even bothered bagging Bones, come to think of it.
  14. Trying to watch FLCL Progressive again. Think I made it two episodes the first time. I'm a little broccolied up, which helps. But not much. The best comparison for what happened with it I can think of is actually the Star Wars sequel trilogy: It sometimes apes but fails to capture the tone or magic of the original, lacks a sense of artistic vision and congruence from episode to episode, offers soulless new characters and misuses the old, and looks like it's mimicking better examples of its genre instead of setting a generational standard, but the scoring is still pretty good.
  15. I want to do something fun and creative and worthwhile today, but I can't begin to guess what that would be. 🤔
  16. Still need to watch Castle. It always looked right up my alley, but for some reason it's never been streaming. Also really could use a pressure washer around here, but not at the cost of a finger. Yikes! Which reminds me that I need to get that new chainsaw out and running... 👀 It keeps raining though, which is a good excuse not to do things. I want to run my own campaign again so very badly, but I've struggled to gin up interest. Everyone's all about the AL. I remain baffled. I'll probably try running for AL again, but I struggled there too. I
  17. We are officially in the "escape the cities" portion of the decline of western civilization. It's early still tho.
  18. I'm quite set on email addresses, having been banned repeatedly from various message boards over the years.
  19. So apparently a couple of folks from our local AL made this video about a dragon playing metal music or something, idek what's going on here tbh.
  20. Oh. I'd previously missed that "early 2022" bit on the late orders, I guess. 🙃 Guessing no container as it wasn't mentioned in that update.
  21. Uh. Yeah. I missed all that and just used a secondary email. Oops?
  22. No core extras! Booooo! T'was in what I was particularly interested. Got my other dragon tho, and some Dungeon Dwellers. And a number of other things. Ahem. 👀
  23. Must confess I've never watched The Goonies or Ladyhawke, which seems shameful. 😳 His run from Lethal Weapon on through the 90s--Scrooged, Maverick, Assassins--was wildly good tho. He deserved more props than he got prolly.
  24. The waves made sense and seemed to be working fine up until this clusterbroccoli.
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