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  1. I just managed to break off a tiny little dwarf/gnome/something's tiny little sword. And then I managed to wash it down the drain. Lesson learned on that front, I think. Fixable even so (it's a very blunt sword that I shouldn't have to be a master craftsman to refashion), but still. My dear wife brought me, along with the firm toothbrush I requested, a denture brush that seems like it'll just be awesome, so hopefully some real scrubbing action will occur. Without breaking anything, this time.
  2. Alas, I lack such a tool, now. At least, I think all I have might be too heavy-duty for such an application. I've seen Dremels recommended a lot, so I'm going to start looking at my options, there. And I'll pass on asking how you know that about the Bones, lol. Sorry to hear it. I got my first Bones minis in the mail, today. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm now super-impressed with the quality of detail. Fortunately, they're all brand new so won't have to be stripped. In other news, I went and did a good round of scrubbing on all four pieces I put in the SG. A veritable poop
  3. Oh, another question: When doing multiple soaks/long soaks, should I change the Simple Green (or the acetone, if any acetone users come along) out every so often, or does it retain its effectiveness? Also, should I use an open or closed container for Simple Green, or does that matter?
  4. Whoa, holy ljlkknrgoi34ijognkdlfg. Siri's already become one of the people here whose stuff I look to, because she clearly does awesome work, but that's like she did it just for my benefit. I've got dragons coming soon that'll have to be stripped and repainted. That gives me both hope and ideas. The paint on these SOB's is just ridiculous, though. It looks like pictures of Testors I've seen, though I can't be sure. If it is, I can see why people hate it so much. I've left the ones in the acetone, though I tried scrubbing some again and didn't have muich luck, and I'm definitely leaving
  5. I went and gave the Green sample a look. It's been about an hour, hour and a half. Tried scrubbing three pieces with different color paints, and saw some better results than I had with the acetone, though still a long, long, long way from coming clean. But I seemed to have stuff coming off, which is exciting. But I'm still worried it won't get 'er done. But I'm hopeful. And flip-flopping lol. I'm going to let it keep going and will check it this evening. I may hold off on the lacquer thinner if this keeps looking promising, too. When it comes to scrubbing, should get a toothbrush with v
  6. Whoa, so you go 30-60 minutes with the Green and have it coming off? I will check my sample much sooner if so. I have heard about it staining/darkening the metal--which is why I was hesitant about trying it. I'm not happy about that prospect. But I'm digging for answers on these, heh. My understanding is that it indeed will not harm the details of the metal and will be fine for painting, ultimately. That's true, right?
  7. I will be spending time with this thread. Thank you.
  8. Hey, all. I posted before in the stripping guide but figured it'd be best not to eff it up anymore. I've started trying to strip some lead (supposedly pewter, but the models are lead, from my research) miniatures from the 80's. I was really excited about the pieces, and I got a great deal, but they were previously painted--a kid's work, from the looks of it. I've never dealt with this before, but I'm guessing they're enamel paints. They're very shiny and glossy to look out, very smooth to the touch. I was ready to blast in with acetone and strip the mothas down. Only it's not working! A co
  9. Very nice! The spare use of the green on his person really sets things off.
  10. I agree with all posted above, basically. Not terrible at all. Little work with the ta-tas and thighs, like mentioned, and it'd really smooth out I think. I like it!
  11. This is one of the iconic pictures of Seoni... Ah, very cool. That makes me appreciate the painting more, really--it's kind of like it's been brought to life.
  12. I'm not familiar with the canon, but I definitely dig what you've done. Sometimes tried and true/paying homage/etc. works out well.
  13. Thanks for the link, moon. I've been 'trolling Ebay a little, too. That's what made me wonder about more recent products, though, lol. They run up quickly. I can live without the vintage with the design alone.
  14. Probably old news, but what became of Grenadier's molds? I particularly love the "Dragon of the Month" line and would try to finish it out, at least mostly, but the originals are hard to come by. And pricey. Are they still being made?
  15. Update: Mixed white into my metallic as Grim suggested, and I think that did the trick! Thanks for the advice, Grim.
  16. It's the same stuff! The gray with which I base-coated is soaking it up or otherwise seriously muting it, I guess? What can I do about it? More coats? Mix with some white? I would try a little white to see if it shows more Sounds good!
  17. Very nice on both counts! Really love your freehand work--totally jealous!
  18. It's the same stuff! The gray with which I base-coated is soaking it up or otherwise seriously muting it, I guess? What can I do about it? More coats? Mix with some white?
  19. I think I'd like to give it a whirl, when it happens. At least in spirit. Painting along. For part of the time. Don't know if I have 24 straight hours in me, lol.
  20. Ah, okay. Darker underneath makes sense. I was worried about having everything the same color--some greater separation would definitely be good. ETA: And thanks, you guys!
  21. Another day, another attempt! I'm not happy with the pictures I was able to take AT ALL lol. I was fairly pleased with the way this turned out, at least in part. I base-coated with a bluish gray (all the armor), and then dry-brushed highlights with a metallic silver. I left my homemade wash off this time. Also, big news as per everyone's previous advice: I took a shot at lining. Just used black and hit edges/boundaries. Hopefully it's noticable. He doesn't feel AS dark in person (the purple of his under-shirt-skirt deal isn't coming through at all here, I don't think), but I'
  22. Good stuff, yes! I don't have the paint and wash arsenal to follow your instructions directly, yet, but I'll come back to it no doubt. It helps give me an idea of how to go about layering, too. Thanks!
  23. Came out great! Really shows up. I've got a bunch of Ral Partha minis about that era that I'll start painting soon(er or later). I've never worked with them before; is priming a real sticky spot with these older sculpts in general?
  24. Love the base, again. The shading/lines/whatnot are great on this guy--the details really pop despite the overall brightness. I dig.
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