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  1. Aussie is sicker'n hell. Diarrhea all day, vomiting tonight. No idea what she possibly could've gotten into or a hold of, but she is one pitiful baby. I've shut her in the kitchen to sleep, which she really doesn't like, but I can't clean any more carpet. It's turned into a long day. Though at least it's only been vomit inside so far. x_x Corgi is fine, so hopefully it's nothing contagious and will pass soon. Think I'll set an alarm to take her out in a few hours. If she doesn't wake me first. Guess I could leave her out, but I hate to do that on account of there's no roof out back
  2. Siri, have you considered taking a commission or something like that? I'm sure somebody'd send you something to paint if that'd help scratch the itch.
  3. The Oracle Story Generator Tarot-Sized Cards Event based story generation with over 250 million combinations per deck for all fantasy roleplaying games, writers, and storytellers. The Oracle Story Generator is a tool for game masters, storytellers, and writers looking for inspiration when creating fantastic adventures. Its simple and dynamic design allows for maximum versatility and detail in a minimal number of cards. ... I'm beginning to think I might be a bit of a sucker for this kind of thing. 👀
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Okay. I'm in. Never played CoC, and this seems like a cool place to start. I mean, who doesn't love an old-school 80s box set. 🥴
  5. Uh oh, here comes Vatos of the Astral Plane.
  6. Today in "books for RPGs I'll probably never actually get to play": DCC is familiar-feeling, has a real old-school vibe. The KS for The Dying Earth got me to jump on into this. As much as I didn't care for Vance's writing, the world is great. This system fits it perfectly from what I've read so far. Think it'll be fun. Paleomythic is a rules-light prehistoric game, not my usual bag at all, but, oh man, it's a ridiculously beautiful book. The artwork is among the best I've seen since I don't know when. Wish there was more of it, but anyway. Haven't really du
  7. Yeah, hit the skin you think might've made contact with something like dish soap, good for removing oils. Not-hot water iirc. Get your clothes straight into the wash and consider taking a shower if it's somewhere other than on your hands. It can ride the soles of your shoes too. You're probably gonna know within a few hours anyway, but it indeed can take longer or not affect you at all. Wash up best you can and then find something else to do; otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts waiting. Or at least that's what I tend to do lol--and every time I'm sure I've got into it I turn out f
  8. Also, container is on land on this side of the Pacific? Or the other?
  9. One thing they really dropped the ball on this time around is getting pictures of actual minis into the pledge manager before they shut it down. Renders are fine and all, but there's a world of difference in seeing the real thing. ETA: or maybe more of them were in than I thought. Stuff looked funny this time around though, idk.
  10. Hmm. I had to go back and check. I didn't order a single core set or expansion. This seems unfathomable.
  11. In much less sad news, the f(ns)lgs I frequent is moving to a new, larger location! They'll be on the side of town closer to me, which will be awesome if we ever start playing in-person again; but this does put them farther from the college, so I don't know if that will be a downside or not. Kinda get the feeling nobody was walking to the store as it was, but I dunno. This is a better retail location for sure; it's right on the strip in front of Wal*Mart with all sorts of other shopping outlets and across the street from the Mal.
  12. Yeah, it sucks, but it's time. She had a good run. They got it done. Went easy, so. These were actually the first dogs we ever had live to old age. We've had extraordinarily bad luck with dogs over the years. RIP Sassy. You were a good girl. Sitting here with the Aussie in my lap, corgi in the floor beside me, just getting some love. Man's best friend, indeed.
  13. Welp. Vet's coming to put my parents' German Shepherd-husky down. She can't get up and go anymore. She'd have been 14 on the 14th. Got her out the door one last time and said goodbye, and then I got away. I had to be involved with putting her brother down last year, and I just really didn't want to do it this time. I'm fragile, you know. My corgi turns 9 this summer, so she'll be the old lady around here now. 😞
  14. I really hate how everything's Twitch and Discord now. Excuse me, need to run some kids off my lawn. But srsly tho.
  15. Unless there's been a serious change in philosophy at Reaper this is unlikely. In previous Kickstarter fulfillments they've gone as far as shipping all RoW orders before all stateside orders just to give them a headstart on shipping. I'd guess there's something more to it than these theoretical distinctly American fragile fee-fees.
  16. Anybody know what shipping's looking like? I'm three weeks out from ordering and haven't heard anything. ETA: Which I don't think is alarming, but.
  17. To update on this: Shortly after my order they contacted me to let me know one set of dice had been out of stock but not updated on the site yet and to offer either my choice of two other sets of dice in its place or a refund. They also offered to send me a free set of the ones they didn't have if I made an order later in the year when they're in stock again--which is actually way too much, honestly. I just wouldn't feel right doing that lol. So not exactly a positive w/r/t their inventory/site updating (and it was the set I most wanted! drat), but that's certainly going a lot further than the
  18. Dungeons of Drakkenheim by Dungeon Dudes A 5e adventure where malevolent monsters and rival factions clash in a dark city devastated by a mysterious meteor shower! .... Not familiar with these guys myself, but I kinda dig the vibe. Might be some nice things to pull for Eberron campaigns in the Mournland.
  19. Well, broccoli. Dragonfolk got me for sure.
  20. It's not really about getting the minis faster; it's just the excitement of the chase. Lord knows I'm not gonna paint anything lol.
  21. Ah, nice. I was much too late for the eb.
  22. Perhaps! I think I probably got one and then cooled off on buying stuff before I got the other, as I'm prone to doing. But I placed three separate orders and it still doesn't explain why I didn't get the black, which was such a great sculpt and is my favorite dragon type. Maybe I'd picked up a WizKids black dragon and decided that was enough? I dunno. Oh, well. Second chance, here I come.
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